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Coors calls for a unified industry.

Coors calls for a unified industry

During the recent California Beer and Wine Wholesalers Annual Convention, held April 18-20 at the Waikiki Sheraton, Honolulu, HI, Peter Coors, president, Adolph Coors Brewing Co., challenged the brewing industry to change its ways and "go on the offensive, in order to turn challenges into opportunities."

"If we continue on the same track in the 90s as the 80s," Coors stated, "we should look for other work. We are losing the battle, let's not lose the war."

He added that the industry should get behind a program that the brewing community could all support--like mandatory recycling--and promote it on a national basis. In addition to eliminating the patchwork quilt of state laws blanketing the subject, such a move would further the cause of recycling, Coors explained.

Coors also reported that his company will continues to take a positive stance on alcohol labeling, noting that consumers are intelligent and given the proper information, can make their own choices.

In a show of total support for such a campaign, Coors said his company prepared to offer both staff and resources to back the program.

Additionally, the industry must take the high road where advertising and marketing are concerned, Coors said, in order to maintain impeccable standards.

"Half-way there is of no use," he said, citing a company at spring break in Florida that promoted responsible consumption with a billboard, but which also erected huge six-pack balloons.

"I am tremendously excited about our industry and its opportunities," Coors concluded. "And it's time we gave Congress something to chew on."

PHOTO : PETER COORS calls for industry unity while speaking at the California Beer and Wine

PHOTO : Wholesalers Assn. annual meeting recently n Honolulu, HI.
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Title Annotation:Peter Coors address to California Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 14, 1990
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