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Coors begins its search for a new president, COO.

Adolph Coors Co. officials have begun a search for a new president of its Coors Brewing Co. division as a result of a corporate restructuring plan.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, William Coors, current president and chairman of Adolph Coors, will assume the position of Coors Brewing Co.'s chairman - a spot now held by Peter Coors. Although his title of president will be lost, Peter Coors will stay on as the brewery's chief executive officer and assume the mantle of vice chairman.

Coors officials said a search for a new brewery president and chief operating officer will take place both internally and externally. The candidate will oversee marketing, production, administration and technology. Additionally, Coors said the company will look to fill the new position of chief policy officer, who will see to environmental, legal and corporate matters.

Among the possible internal candidates, analysts reported, is Robert Rechholtz, Coors' executive vice president of marketing. Rechholtz was partly responsible for the brewery's success in the 1980s as well as its national expansion.

Earlier last week, four Coors brothers were named to key positions in AC Technologies, a holding company expected to be spun off by Adolph Coors for its non-beer businesses. The move left Peter Coors and his uncle, William Coors, as the only Coors family members directly involved in Coors Brewing Co.
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Title Annotation:Adolph Coors Co.; chief operating officer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jun 15, 1992
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