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Coors begins exports to overseas military bases with special cans.

Coors begins exports to overseas military bases with special cans

Coors Brewing Co. has begun exporting Coors and Coors Light beer to United States military bases around the world. Shipments were expected to reach many of the targeted 250 overseas military bases by Christmas, a Coors spokesman said.

"We're pleased to be able to bring two favorite American products to our troops in time for the holidays," said Mark Stankovic, international marketing manager, Coors Brewing Co. "This move also advances our position as an international brewer, building on past exporting and licensing agreement successes."

The products, brewed and packaged at the Golden, CO-based brewery, will be specially labeled "Export." Initially, only 12-oz., six-pack cans will be exported to military bases abroad, with 12-oz., long-neck, non-returnable bottles to follow in early 1990. The products will be transported from Golden to major redistribution centers and then loaded onto contracted container ships bound for bases abroad.

Coors appointed two international brokers to merchandise its products and maintain the company's strict quality assurance practices on U.S. military bases. Associated Brands International will represent Coors in the Pacific and Far East, and The John K. Kealy Co. in Europe.

Major military export markets include West Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Guam, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, among others.

Coors and Coors Light export beers will contain the same ingredients as their domestic counterparts. However, an additional filtration step and special export packaging allows the beer to be shipped and stored under ambient temperature conditions, a move necessitated by limited refrigeration conditions and handling extremes in many foreign markets.

"We're confident that the popularity of our brands among domestic military base personnel will carry over abroad," Stanovic said. "For years we have looked forward to extending our brands, as well as our support of military programs, abroad."

This latest export venture follows the introduction of Coors and Coors Light into the Virgin Islands last month. In 1985, Coors signed its first licensing agreement with Molson Breweries Ltd. to brew and sell Coors and Coors Light in Canada. In 1987, a similar agreement was made with Asahi Breweries Ltd. of Japan.

Bud sponsors ice racing

The Inaugural Budweiser Ice Racing World Championships were held recently at the Tucson Convention Center Arena, Tucson, AZ.

The unique event featured mototcycle ice racers from all over the world, including: Russia, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Canada, Poland, United States, England and Wales. Bill Brooks, the only Tucsonan ever to win an ice racing championship, also participated.

It turned out to be the U.S. versus the world in a wheel to wheel duel on nitro-burning speedway bikes that hit speeds of zero to 60 m.p.h. in less than three seconds. Additionally, all bikes were equipped with steel-studded tires, and no brakes.

Coors creates Orange Bowl commemorative can

The 1990 Federal Express Orange Bowl between the University of Colorado and Notre Dame will not be remembered only by its gridiron glory or the Irish domination of the Buffaloes, but also the multitude of souvenir items that were worn and cherished long after the final down was played.

While sales of Orange Bowl paraphernalia have been swift in retail outlets across the country, another item has been creating quite a brew-haha among football fans and collectors alike - the Coors Light Orange Bowl commemorative beer can, featuring the official Federal Express Orange Bowl logo.

"When the University of Colorado won its berth in the Orange Bowl, Coors Light decided to produce a special can to express some regional pride in the fact that CU was playing Notre Dame for the national title," said Bob McBride, Coors Light brand director, Coors Brewing Co. "Since Colorado is Coors' home turf, we wanted to honor the CU Buffalos' accomplishments both on and off the field. This football team has made Colorado proud."

The Coors Light Orange Bowl cans were shipped to Coors distributors in Colorado, selected cities in California, and, of course, Miami.

Commemorative beer cans have been designed for certain historic occasions in the past at Coors. Most recently, Coors Light developed special cans honoring the 100th anniversary of the University of Colorado's football program and the Idaho/South Dakota Centennials.

PHOTO : Coors Brewing Co.'s specially-created Orange Bowl can
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