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Coors Light cans will start talking.

Coors Light is kicking off its biggest summer promotion ever by introducing the talking can - a first for the beverage industry, according to the brewery.

"Last year it rocked, and this year it talks," explained Paul Leroue, Coors Light assistant brand manager. It literally tells consumers they have won a prize. There's no doubt that Coors Light will be the |talk of the summer'."

According to Leroue, this year's program will cover all three summer holiday periods with separate themes for each. Memorial Day will focus on music; Independence Day will feature "Beer-B-Que, and Labor Day will feature the dancing can football fan dressed in colors to match local teams.

"We believe this bridge or continuity promotion provides the ingredients to excite consumers and secure retain displays all summer long," Leroue continued.

More than 30,000 talking cans will be seeded in specially-marked 12-packs Coors products. When consumers pull the tab of a talking can, a light-activated voice mechanism will announce they have won and tells how to claim a prize.

"Consumer will be unable to distinguish unopened talking cans from regular cans because they look and feel like our regular beer cans," said Phil Senes, merchandising and promotions manager.
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Title Annotation:new summer prize promotion featuring innovative talking beer can
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 16, 1992
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