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Coors Dry targets African-American groups.

Coors Dry will launch a comprehensive marketing effort targeting the African-American community in the Fort Worth/Dallas areas, according to a recent report from a Coors Brewing Co. spokesperson.

"The African-American community is very important to Coors and very important to the long-term growth of our business," said Sally Rivera, Coors Dry assistant brand manager. "Targeted marketing is a highly effective tool for generating awareness and positive interest in our product among this consumer segment.

"And, we believe," Rivera continued, "we've developed an aggressive, impactful campaign to maximize our chances for continued success."

Rivera went on to say the brand is introducing an African-American ad campaign that includes outdoor, print and radio advertising, all of which communicate the brand's "Double Chilled" tagline.

"This advertising campaign, which represents our most aggressive commitment to the African-American market to date, is designed to increase awareness and trial of Coors Dry during the key fall selling season," Rivera reported.

Coors Dry's marketing scheme will also include sponsorships of the Al Liscomb Football Classic, and the annual Willow Award Banquet, which honors black community leaders.
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Title Annotation:Adolp Coors Co.'s marketing
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 5, 1992
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