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Coors, Stroh reach final agreement.

Coors, Stroh reach final agreement

Coors Brewing Co. and The Stroh Brewery Co. announced last week that the sale of Stroh's Memphis, TN, brewery to Coors is now final. Stroh will continue to operate the facility through August, and Coors will assume responsibility for operations September 1. However, the purchase price of the plant was still not disclosed by either party.

Coors is currently finalizing plans for the Memphis facility. The company plans to retrofit packaging operations as soon as possible and will begin packaging Coors products at the plant next spring. Potential brewing operations are currently being evaluated, a Coors spokesperson said.

"We're excited to be in Memphis," explained Peter Coors, president, Coors Brewing. "I've visited the plant and I'm impressed with the facility and the employees. It's a quality operation and it will enable us to expand our operations and keep up with consumer demand for Coors products."

Stroh president, Peter Stroh, added, "This transfer will permit us to efficiently consolidate our production into our remaining five breweries. We are delighted that the operation and the long-term employment opportunities at the Memphis facility will continue.

"We feel this will create a most beneficial outcome for our employees," Stroh continued, "both in Memphis and nationally."
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Title Annotation:Adolph Coors Co. buys Stroh Brewery Co.'s Memphis, Tennessee brewery
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 16, 1990
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