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Coors' Killian Red soon to be packaged in quarter kegs.

Coors' Killian's Red soon to be packaged in quarter kegs

George Killian's Irish Red will soon be available to consumers in quarter barrels.

The July 9 introduction of Killian's quarter kegs will make the brew the first specialty brand available nationally in this "convenient package size," according to George Mansfield, the product's brand manager.

"We tested the package during the St. Patrick's Day period and received tremendous response," Mansfield explained. "It is a popular and manageable package for many accounts that suit the Killian's Red consumer."

The new quarter barrel will also give consumers the option of serving Killian's on draft. Previously, their only option would have been bottles.

Killian's in the quarter kegs is now a permanent, year-round addition to the brand's packaging, and closely follows the recent nationwide introduction of 12-oz. six-pack cans during the summer.

"The consistent record-breaking growth and escalating consumer popularity of Killian's Red have enabled us to explore new opportunities in bringing the brand to the consumer," continued Mansfield.

Killian's quarter barrels will be offered to distributors in all states except Delaware, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Utah.

PHOTO : GETTING A "KEG" OUT OF LIFE - George Mansfield, brand manager, Coors Brewing Co.'s Killian's Red, hoists the first quarter barrel for the product after the company announced the product will soon be available to consumers in quarter kegs.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 9, 1990
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