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Coors' George Killian's brand sees red in fall promotion.

Coors' George Killian's brand sees red in fall promotion

Coors' Killian's Red continues its heady momentum with a new promotion entitled, "Time Out for Red," which will premiere in September and feature model Donna Speir as the brand's red-headed referee.

According to Vinny Prattico, assistant brand manager for Killian's Red, the annual promotion is designed to enhance Killian's sales during the traditionally strong fall months. Sales in 1989 exceeded 1988 sales by more than 20 percent for the promotional period, Prattico said, and the goal for 1990 is set 20-percent higher than 1989.

"Fall and winter months are typically good periods for Killian's Red," said George Mansfield, Killian's brand manager, Coors Brewing Co. "The `Time Out for Red' adds extra excitement and visibility during this prime sales time."

The promotion will be supported by point-of-sale materials including a five-foot stand-up card of Speir. Other items include counter cards and price cards.

In order to reward those distributors and field sales people that continue to show spirited enthusiasm for Killian's, the brand will award trips for two to France to the best performers during the fall promotion.

"Other than St. Patrick's Day, this fall period is the most important time for Killian's Red," Mansfield continued. "With the point-of-sale materials, we have given the wholesalers exciting materials to work with and the trips to France should provide an excellent incentive."

Wholesalers winning the fall 1989 promotion recently returned from their incentive trip, a tour of Ireland. A highlight of the trip was a visit to the Lett Brewery, home of George Killian Lett, in Enniscorthy, Ireland.

PHOTO : SEEING RED--Coors Brewing Co. has announced plans to feature model Donna Speir as

PHOTO : Killian's Irish Red red-headed referee during the brand's "Time Out for Red" fall

PHOTO : promotion.
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Title Annotation:Adolph Coors Brewing Co.'s fall promotion of Killian's Red
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jun 25, 1990
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