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Cooperative marketing program.

This program allows ADAA's state and local associations to access funds--up to $300--on a first-come first-served basis in order to conduct promotional activities in their areas.

Quite often these activities take the form of direct mail to nonmember CDAs or to the assistant or the doctor reached through mailing lists obtained from the local, county or state dental society. Less frequently, the program has funded advertising in the appropriate dental society journal or the sponsorship of a social or educational event at which membership could be promoted during the event.

But whatever type of activity you choose, while funds permit, Central Office can help.

Your program must meet the simple criterion of reaching out to recruit new members.

For instance, if you publish a newsletter for your members and want to include a pitch for membership and an application in it to be sent to nonmember assistants in your area, Central Office will fund the percentage produced and distributed to the nonmembers while you pay for those produced and distributed to your own membership.

In order to access this funding, all you need to do is plan your program, put it in writing and send it to Doug McDonough at Central Office. He'll review it and be in touch with you directly.

And for those locals extremely short of funds, money can be advanced for an approved program where receipts will be turned in after the activity is completed.

And we aren't just making suggestions here, we have materials to back up the suggestions. There's a letter you can use when inviting a dentist to enroll staff in ADAA or register them for your convention or annual meeting (opposite page). There's a general prospect letter to be signed by state or local presidents ... and it can be amended to suit your area's specific needs.

And what about those of you out there who are pretty much working alone and need all the help you can get? Well, projects of a certain size ... say up to 300 names or so ... can be handled by Central Office. They can type labels or affix adhesive labels, they can print up your one- or two-page letter and send it out with your state or local letterhead reproduced in one color, and of course they'll enclose membership information, continuing education updates and news of your forthcoming meetings, if that's appropriate.

(Note: ADAA also has a financially assisted telephone program for contacting non-renewing members. Ask about that too.)
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