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Cooperation between Macedonia and Albania to improve via joint tourism offer.

Businessmen from Macedonia and Albania discussed how to improve cooperation in tourism, trade and agriculture. Concrete policies were also presented at the meeting that would contribute to strengthening business cooperation and trade between the two countries.

The President of the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce, Daniela Arsovska, stressed that the analysis of the real needs of the business sector showed that sharing information about economic and trade activities in the two countries and enhancing activities for promotion of Macedonian exports to the Albanian market was necessary.

The issues tabled at the meeting also included the shared tourist offer of the border zone region, reinforcing quality control and supporting innovations in the sector of small and medium enterprises.

Economy Minister Beqim Neziri and Tetovo Mayor Tetuta Arifi emphasized that effort would be made to intensify cooperation between the business sector and the local and central authorities so they would jointly work to create and improve business conditions.

This activity is carried out with support from the IPA Programme for crossborder cooperation with Albania.

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Title Annotation:TOURISM
Publication:Macedonian Business Monthly
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Date:Dec 1, 2014
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