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Cooperation Between Wheat Finance and HTICM Reveals Mobile Internet Layout.

SHANGHAI, April 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Shanghai Wheat Financial Services Group (Wheat Finance) is a leading mobile internet finance provider in China. It contains several wholly-owned subsidiaries: Shanghai Nonobank Finance Information Co., Ltd, MXD (Shanghai) Financial Technology Co., Ltd, The Landlord (Shanghai) Financial Technology Co., Ltd, Mammon Grandpa (Shanghai) Financial Technology Co., Ltd, etc. Wheat Finance, focusing on high quality assets, is a comprehensive Internet-based financial services group that provides individuals and enterprises with all-round assets management services including wealth management, share investment, and investment and financial consulting services.

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On April 8[], the press conference about the A round funding by Haitong Innovation Capital Management Co., Ltd (HTICM) for Wheat Finance was formally held at the Shanghai Grand Hyatt Hotel. The conference took the theme: Outwitting the Future of Finance. According to Wheat Finance, it has secured HTICM's A round funding. HTICM belongs to Haitong Securities, one of China's pioneering security companies. The cooperation revealed the mobile internet layout and indicated that the two companies would synergize with each other.

Wheat Finance has rolled out six special offers to celebrate the funding and to reward its customers:

A. 100 Yuan Cash Coupons upon registration (from April 8[] to May 8[]): The investment threshold is 2,000 Yuan;

B. Doubled Return Program for three months (new customers only, maximum investment 100,000 Yuan);

C. An additional 2% return for Nonobank's Selection program from April 8[] to April 15[];

D. Return of The Landlord's Products: 13% return for 10 months;

E. Fortune Mammon Grandpa's rewards: 1,000 Yuan Experience Money upon registration for each new customer, additional 1,000 for each successful referral.

F. Red Envelope Rain: 1% reward for customers who registers and invests before May 8[]. Meanwhile, if a free red envelope is sent on Wechat by customers between April 9[] to May 8th, the receiver will get an award (12-28 Yuan). Besides, customers will get 0.5% cash reward of the annualized investment if the receivers invest.

For new customers, B is certainly their first choice, then C and D for extra funds. Besides, They could use the 1,000 Yuan experience money and the 100 Yuan cash coupon together. For existing customers, F is the ideal choice. They can also invite friends to participate and get 1,000 Yuan experience money. 0.5% of the annualized investment will be awarded if their friends invest.

The cooperation with HTICM has brought a huge amount of investment and this will help Wheat Finance succeed in the Internet-based financial industry.

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