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Cooled carousel reaction station.

The RDT Cooled Carousel Reaction Station range brings the benefits of low cost parallel synthesis to applications that require sub-ambient temperatures clown to -70 C. The tool fits onto a standard IKA or Carousel stirrer, and can simultaneously perform a choice of six or twelve cooled and stirred parallel solution phase or solid supported reagent-based syntheses. Vigorous stirring and efficient mixing in each of the individual tubes or flasks (with working volumes from 10 mL to 250 mL)is provided by rare earth stirring bars. A central gas inlet and radial gas distribution system, combined with gastight PTFE caps, allow cooled reactions to be carried out under an inert atmosphere. The tool's robust HDPE 'cooling reservoir' is compatible with a range of manual freezing mixtures, including dry ice/acetone for efficient cooling from ambient down to -70 C. The cooling reservoir's insulated foam core maintains low temperatures in excess of eight hours while protecting the stirrer from freezing. Brinkmann Instruments, Inc., 800-645-3050

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Title Annotation:New PRODUCTS
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Sep 1, 2005
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