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CoolBrands upgrades and expands.

CoolBrands International has upgraded Eskimo Pie, the original frozen novelty launched over 80 years ago, through the use of a new technology that extrudes the ice cream rather than molding it. The new bars also feature the first extruded dry coats in the category. In addition, the company reports that it that it has received nationwide authorization from Southland Corporation to distribute five new CoolBrands frozen snacks to the approximately 6,600 U.S. 7-Eleven convenience stores. Discussing the new extruded bar, David J. Stein, president and co-CEO of CoolBrands, said: "You don't reinvent a classic lightly, but our customers demand premium taste, and the new Eskimo Pie Premium Bars are superior to any molded bar on the market. Being the first to produce an extruded premium line puts Eskimo Pie at the front of the pack, where it belongs."

CoolBrands claims that the unique extruded manufacturing process used to make the new bars creates a product superior in quality to molded bars. As opposed to molded bars, where the ice cream begins in liquid form, extruded bars are made with ice cream in its solid state. The "real" premium ice cream that results from the extruded process is richer and creamier, with better body and superior texture. In addition, according to CoolBrands, the sorbet-like core of its dry coats are higher quality than ordinary molded bars, resulting in bars that are "richer, more flavorful, and with better body."

The varieties include the Eskimo Pie Premium King Size Strawberry Shortcake Bar, Premium King Size Toasted Almond Bar, Premium King Size Chocolate Eclair Bar, and Premium King Size Vanilla Milk Chocolate Bar. CoolBrands also announced the introduction of a Premium No Sugar Added Cookie & Cream Bar and a Premium No Sugar Added Dark Chocolate Bar. The new Eskimo Pie Premium bars are being offered in six-packs at grocery stores across the U.S.

The new products for 7-Eleven are a 6 fl.oz. Eskimo Pie Giant King Size Vanilla Ice Cream Bar with Dark Chocolate Coating which, according to CoolBrands, is the biggest ice cream bar in the freezer case; two flavors of Atkins Endulge ice cream bars; two flavors of Tropicana Swirls; These new products join Chipwich, CoolBrands' number one product line for small format retailers.

"Acquiring the Haagen-Dazs distribution system from Nestle gave us strong access to small format retailers across the U.S.," said David J. Stein, President and Co-CEO for CoolBrands International Inc. "We are combining this distribution clout with our powerful brands and cutting edge manufacturing resources to bring new and exciting frozen snacks to consumers and build market share for CoolBrands in the out-of-home segment of the ice cream category."
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Date:May 20, 2004
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