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Cool spring and heat in August.

How many times does this happen?

Anxiety and dread in the spring turn into a better-than-expected start to the fall, all courtesy of a little heat.

When spring began, concerns were widespread that tillage and planting were behind, that rains fell in abundance and at the wrong time, hindering spray application timing, and creating questions in the minds of many about the health and yield potential of Ontario's main crops.

From a market perspective, two recent developments are worth keeping in mind for the future. Early on this past spring, it was reported that Eastern Ontario soybean growers were being offered IP contracts with premiums of $2.00, and in some cases, even higher than that. For the most part, they attracted a sufficient number of takers, (with the quality yet to be determined) but as fall turns to winter and then to spring, the question will be: Are higher premiums here to stay?

Another interesting development for growers in Eastern Ontario is a recent news report that a canola crushing facility is being built in Quebec. Some believe that could drive greater interest for canola in Ontario, where growers tend to fluctuate in their willingness to grow the oilseed, from year to year.

by Ralph Pearce, Top Crop Manager
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Title Annotation:Industry Update
Author:Pearce, Ralph
Publication:Agri Marketing
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Date:Oct 1, 2009
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