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Cool finds for the new parent.

Byline: Beth Earnest Daily Herald correspondent

If you are a new parent or are about to become a new parent, you might find your house is rapidly filling up with "stuff." Bottles, diapers, gear, toys, bathroom gadgets you can spend thousands of dollars if you so choose. But what's the coolest stuff out there?

While there are plenty of internet resources for the latest and greatest in baby gear, two we particularly like are and Here are a few of the interesting items available right now:

RockerMama Ready Rocker

If you have a baby who loves rocking, it can be a challenge to lull your little one to sleep when there's not a rocking chair available. The RockerMama allows you to rock anywhere and everywhere. Just set it against an immovable, supportive object, sit in front of it, and shift your weight against it. It will rebound you forward. $149, available at

DermaFrida The Flakefixer

Cradle Cap is the bane of some parents' existence. It's that crusty stuff that appears on your baby's head, forehead, face, and sometimes other skin folds on the body. Fridababy's DermaFrida The Flakefixer gets rid of cradle cap with a three-step system: Lather with a sponge, loosen with a brush and then lift with a comb. $14.99, available at

Skip Hop Cry-Activated Soother

When your little one wakes up in the middle of the night, he or she wants to be comforted right away. The Cry-Activated Soother is programmed to respond to your baby's cries with music, nature sounds or even the recorded sound of your voice. It's easy to attach to the crib and becomes a loved stuffed animal once your baby grows older. $40, available at

PopYum Bottle

Formula feeding can be particularly tricky when you're on the go, because you have to tote around bottles, water and powdered formula. The PopYum bottle is designed to help you make fresh formula with one hand, so you can hold your baby with the other. Dry powder formula is stored in the top, and water is stored in the bottom. Just press a button to mix the two together! $12.99 for one 5-ounce bottle, available on

Milestone Baby's First Year Cards

Want a fun and unique way to mark your baby's growth? Use these cards when taking pictures for your scrapbook. Each card marks a milestone in your baby's first yearall 12 months, first time sitting up, first time crawling, first smile and many more. $24 for one set of 30 cards, available on

Wash.It.Later. Emergency Soak & Save Bags

When parents are on the go, it's inevitable that they will experience baby blowouts, spills and spit-ups in the worst possible places. These bags are designed to contain both the mess and the smell. Each recyclable bag contains a single-serve, hypoallergenic soaking pad. Just place the clothing inside the bag, add water and seal. $14.99 for three bags, available at

Beaba BabyCook

For the moms and dads who like to make their own baby food, this baby food maker steams and blends baby food. Just put fresh vegetables, fruits or meats in the bowl, blend, serve, refrigerate or freeze! $149.95, available at

Moms MamaRoo Sleep Bassinet

There's a reason why new parents are so sleep deprived and this bassinet aims to fix that. It boasts five unique motions car ride, kangaroo, free swing, rock-a-bye and wave that will help lull your baby to sleep. It also includes a variety of speeds and sounds, as well as vibration and a timer. $329.99, available at
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Date:Mar 15, 2020
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