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Cool fan PM.

Operators, the radiator in your compactor needs some cool relief during construction operations. Keep these PM pointers in mind during PMCS.

Grease Fitting Reminder

One grease fitting that's often overlooked during scheduled services is the one that lubes the fan pulley bearings. It's hidden behind the fan blades. See Page 111 of the TM 5-3805-380-10.

Without lube, the bearings seize up. Then the blade stops turning freely, letting the engine and transmission overheat.

Keep the fan pulley bearings lubed. During scheduled services, lube all fittings and wipe off any excess that gets squeezed out.

Open Air Flow

Any dirt or mud caked on the compactor's fan blade screen stops the air flow that carries away heat from the radiator. Blocked air flow also leads to overheating of the engine and transmission,

Clean off dirt, mud or debris.
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