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Cool New Reasons to visit Lampang and Lamphun.

Not to be outshone by Chiang Mai, Lampang and Lamphun are about to start wooing and wowing visitors with exciting new offerings this year. Lampang and Lamphun Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) recently invited Citylife for a visit and we must admit we were pretty impressed.

TAT's ambition for 2020 is to attract day trippers and visitors throughout the week. The goal is to increase the number of tourists and tourism revenue in 2020 by 8 to 10%. In 2018, Lampang's tourism revenue was four billion baht and Lamphun's about one and a half billion baht. Now the two provinces will work together, combining resources and marketing efforts to attract visitors under the 'Two Provinces one Travel Destination' slogan.

Wisut Buachum, Director of TAT Lampang and Lamphun, took us on a three day tour of the two provinces. The '60 Cool Places to visit in Lampang' include clusters of destinations according to interest. You can check out the fun destinations which include the pretty Boon Khua Tae Bridge, the walking street and even the controversial Mae Moh mine! Then there are the faith-based temple visits to some of the most sacred, beautiful and historically fascinating temples in the province. Nature lovers can visit ten spectacular natural destinations including those in national parks, and mountain tops with lovely views, or dams for leisure activities. Interested in learning? Lampang's TAT has selected ten destinations which will enrich your knowledge, including a fossil museum and Baan Sao Nak, an architectural landmark. Ten selected destinations are all about health and include hot springs, spas and conservation centres. Whatever your interest, you can simply contact TAT for details and you can go and explore Lampang's offerings.

Lamphun's faith-based tourism is aimed more at Thai Buddhists than westerners, but is still of great interest as it covers a long stretch of the old highway 106 which used to be the main route from Bangkok to the north. Not only are there important and sacred temples well worth visiting along this route, there are other points of interest including viewpoints, waterfalls, and communities.

The main highlights are in the Li District and include three very important destinations for any Buddhists - shrines dedicated to three great religious teachers of the past; Kruba Sri Wichai, Kruba Apichai Khao Pi and Kruba Chaiyawongsa Phatthana. You can even see the mummified body of Kruba Apichai Khao Pi packed in a glass coffin at Wat Phraputthabat Pha Nam, Li District.

Have a free afternoon? A spare day? Feel like getting away for a few nights? Lampang and Lamphun provinces are a mere hop and a skip away, so why not get in touch with TAT and go off on an adventure?

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Date:Jan 31, 2020
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