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Cookware concerns.

Thank you for your article "Don't Panic!" (Your Health, May/June 2006). It's about time that this information was disseminated more widely so we can prevent poisoning by cookware. However, a few important facts were missing from your article.

You mention that cast iron cookware deposits iron in your food due to its porous nature, however, it can overload your body with iron, which can accumulate and cause organ damage, and a variety of diseases and misdiagnoses.

Anodized aluminum cookware also has many dangers. It's prone to pitting and some coatings contain Teflon. Aluminum has been linked to ADD/ADHD, Alzheimer's disease, cancer and other medical conditions.

Some stainless steel cookware is made from the same high-grade surgical steel that is used for joint implants. It is non-corrosive, non-reactive and does not leach metals into the body. Plus it cooks food in less time and at lower temperatures, preserving the nutrition in food and reducing energy costs at the same time.

Leslie Sheridan


Via e-mail

Editor's Note: The article did examine surgical steel cookware from Kuhn Rikon.
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Title Annotation:ADVICE & DISSENT: Letters from our readers
Author:Sheridan, Leslie
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Sep 1, 2006
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