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Cooktop island is easy to build with cabinet components.

An L-shaped island at the center of this remodeled kitchen is practical in both design and construction. Providing plenty of storage below plus more than 28 square feet of counter surface, the island seats two at one end of its open-sided peninsula.

Ready-made modular cabinet components made construction easy for the main part of the island. Portland architect Ken Canaverro, working with Benchmark Designs, put together four different cabinet styles to make the 50- by 61-inch island base (see drawing). The bookshelf unit, shallower than the other components, left an adjacent void, convenient for bringing up the wiring and ducting for the surface-mounted aluminum receptacle and the down-venting cooktop. Blank panels covers the open space and the unfinished sides of the cabinet units.
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Date:May 1, 1984
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