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Cooking device developed in Wawa attracts attention of distributors.

Cooking device developed in Wawa attracts attention of distributors

Capavi Inc. of Wawa, manufacturer of a steak cooking device called No-Misteak, is gearing up for mass-production in anticipation of a great demand for the product.

According to Cathy Denomme, a partner in the family business, Capavi Inc. will be signing a letter of agreement giving Shir Enterprises Ltd. the exclusive distributing rights to No-Misteak throughout Europe and the Middle East for one year.

As well, distribution companies from the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia have shown considerable interest, explained Denomme, adding that consumer response has indicated that at least some of those interested will make major orders.

Capavi Inc. is a family business led by Denomme of Wawa and sister Patt Marquis of Sault Ste. Marie. Their father, Viggo Lundhild, and brother, Viggo Jr., are also partners in the firm. Their product, No-Misteak, is a device which determines to what degree a steak is cooked.

The first prototype was built by Viggo Lundhild in October 1988. After extensive market research and product development, the partners decided to go into production in February 1990.

Originally, they hoped to produce 40,000 units for sale to Ontario barbecuers in the first year.

However, the unit's metal spring did not lend itself to mass-production and a new delrin (plastic) spring was developed. Stahle Moulding, the southern Ontario firm which made the original mould, is developing a new four-cavity plastic injection mould which will increase production to approximately one million units per year.

But even that may not be enough. One U.S. company has sent a letter of intent outlining its desire for one million units, says Denomme.

According to Denomme, if just the Canadian companies which have shown interest ordered 10,000 units each, total orders would far exceed initial expectations. Most of the large Canadian chains place their orders in July and August.

No-Misteak is currently selling at retail outlets throughout Ontario and on the east coast. Consumer response has been overwhelmingly favorable, says Denomme, she has had phone calls and letters from retailers wanting to sell No-Misteak, agents wanting to handle the product, individuals wanting to invest and others simply telling them how pleased they are with the device.

Current sales are attributed to the bulk-mailing of 4,000 pamphlets to independent hardware stores, gift shops and restaurants.

In May Denomme touted her product on CBC radio as a guest on Peter Gzwoski's Morning Side. Within days of the Gzwoski interview, Capavi Inc. had representatives of large distribution companies coming to Wawa, said Denomme.

One such distributor, from North Dakota, is making a 30-second television commercial for the purpose of marketing No-Misteak on 55 U.S. stations. Denomme said that the company will let Capavi Inc. use the commercial if it's interested.

PHOTO : Cathy Denomme and Patt Marquis are partners in Capavi Inc., manufacturer of a cooking device called No-Misteak.
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Title Annotation:News and Features; Capavi Inc.; Wawa, Ontario
Author:Smedley, James
Publication:Northern Ontario Business
Date:Aug 1, 1990
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