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Cookies: strong sales of everyday cookies drive the in-store bakery cookie category upward.

THE COOKIE CATEGORY has fared well over the past year as consumers continue to seek inexpensive indulgences. Average cookie sales increased 3.1% ($29 per store per week) to $964 in average weekly per-store sales during the 52-week period ended Aug. 28. Cookie contribution to total bakery department sales averaged 9.9%, an increase from 9.7% last year. The cookie category is broken out into everyday cookies, iced cookies, specialty cookies, cookie platters, other cookies, message cookies, mini cookies, filled cookies, assorted variety bulk cookies and cookie dough mixes.
Cookies average weekly dollar sales per store by region

 52 weeks ended 8/28/10 52 weeks ended 8/29/09

CENTRAL $1,294 $1,246
EAST $1,301 $1,280
SOUTH $660 $646
WEST $1,056 $1,014
TOTAL U.S. $964 $935

Note: Table made from bar graph.


Everyday cookies represented the largest portion of all dollar sales with 57.9% share. Iced cookies had the second largest dollar share of 15.6% in the total U.S. Specialty cookies and cookie platters accounted for 7.2% and 4.9% of category dollar share, respectively, while other cookies and message cookies both held 4.5% dollar share. Mini cookies' dollar contribution to the cookie category was 4.0%, while filled cookies and assorted variety bulk cookies contributed 1.0% and 0.4% to category sales, respectively. Cookie dough mixes' dollar sales rounded out the category.
Cookies average weekly contribution to total bakery sales by region

 52 weeks ended 8/28/10 52 weeks ended 8/29/09

CENTRAL 12.4% 12.0%
EAST 9.4% 9.2%
SOUTH 8.4% 8.4%
WEST 10.9% 10.7%
TOTAL U.S. 9.9% 9.7%

Note: Table made from bar graph.

The year-end holidays generated above-average sales spikes for the latest 52 weeks. Everyday cookies had the highest dollar sales performance, while iced cookies and cookie platters drove the cookie category during holiday peaks. Everyday cookies had the most success the week of Sept. 12, with $662 per store per week. Iced cookies' dollar sales peak occurred the week of Dec. 19, 2009, with $459 per store per week. Cookie platters and specialty cookies had top sales during the week of Dec. 26, 2009, with per-store sales of $322 and $76 respectively.
Dollar contribution to department by subcategory

Assorted variety bulk cookies 0.4%
Everyday cookies 57.9%
Iced cookies 15.6%
Specialty cookies 7.2%
Cookie platters 4.9%
Other cookies 4.5%
Message cookies 4.5%
Mini cookies 4.0%
Filled cookies 1.0%

Note: Table made from pie chart.

Everyday cookies posted the highest sales increase of 4.9% for the total U.S. Message cookies also increased dollars per store per week, up 4.8%. Other cookies and mini cookies increased 4.2% and 1.7%, while sales of specialty cookies, iced cookies, cookie platters and filled cookies decreased 1.1%, 1.1%, 2.3% and 6.7% respectively.

Cookie sales were greatest in the East, with $1,301 average sales per-store per-week, up 1.6% compared to a year ago. Yet this was the smallest increase of any region. Cookie sales in the region outperformed the national average by $337. Overall, cookie sales in the East region accounted for 9.4% of all bakery sales.

The Central region sold $1,294 per store per week, an increase of 3.9% compared to a year ago. The region performed better than the national average with $330. Cookie sales in the Cental region accounted for 12.4% of total bakery sales, the highest department contribution for all regions.

The West posted cookie sales of $1,056 per store per week, an increase of 4.1% compared to a year ago and the highest increase of all regions. The cookie category's total contribution to department in the West region was 10.9%.

Cookies continued to face tough competition in the South, where cake is the preferred dessert. The South region sold the least cookies of all the regions with $660 per store per week, an increase of 2.2%. Although the South had the lowest weekly sales, the region increased sales compared to last year in all but three of the subcategories. Everyday cookies had 55.7% category dollar share and a weekly dollar increase of 4.0%. Total cookie sales for the South region rep resented 8.4% of bakery sales.

This sales review is provided by the Chicago-based Perishables Group, Inc., an independent consulting firm focused on innovation and creating value for clients in the fresh food industry. Reported results are for Sept. 5, 2009, through Aug. 28, 2010, representing approximately 62% of national supermarket ACV share. For more information, contact Kelli Beckel at 773-929-7013 or
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