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Cook ajwain to mellow it's taste.


AJWAIN: Also known as carom seed, looks like a miniature cumin seeds, not a common spice, except in some Asian cuisine.

Ajwain is a seed-like fruit from same family as parsley, dill and cumin. They are highly fragrant. Smell and taste like thyme but much stronger. When chewed on its own it has peppery and slight bitter taste, but when cooked with other ingredients, its taste mellows.

In Indian cookery it's used as condiments with curry, in batter for frying, also sprinkle in breads and savoury biscuits - dishes where fat is involved. It goes particularly well with fish green beans dishes (has properties that help to reduce the gas causing effect of beans and peas).

Usually sold whole, make your own powder if required.

Bishal Rasaily is head chef at Pushkar, Broad Street 0121 643 7978,
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Date:Aug 6, 2010
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