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Conviser, Josh. Echelon.

CONVISER, Josh. Echelon. Ballantine. 289p. c2006. 0-345-48502-5. $13.95. SA

With a main character that could be described as a cybernetic James Bond, this science fiction adventure begins with a dangerous rock climb that results in agent Ryan Laing's death. An operative for Echelon, Laing is later resurrected with implanted drones that the National Security Agency's special department has engineered. Although the constant buzzing of the drones irritates Laing, the drones repair him when he is injured and through them, Laing is able to communicate with his controller, Sarah Peters. After a treacherous new assignment in which Ryan fails to follow orders, Laing lands in the office of Jason Sachs, the Inspector General of Echelon, who recruits Laing for a secret mission. Echelon's security has been breached and Sachs believes that a conspiracy is afoot to destroy "the most pervasive global eavesdropping network in history." Along with Sarah, Ryan sets out to find the evildoers who are plotting against Echelon and to stop them before worldwide disaster ensues.

With his sarcastic wit and cool exterior, Ryan Laing is the perfect government agent. Traveling around the world and in constant danger from those in power, Ryan Laing could become the next SF action hero. Fast paced and thrilling, this novel is sure to captivate SF readers who like plenty of action and a large dose of advanced technology. Ginger Armstrong, Prin. Lib. Assoc., County PL, Chesterfield, VA

S--Recommended for senior high school students.

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Author:Armstrong, Ginger
Date:Jan 1, 2007
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