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Sexual Violence, the Principle of Legality, and the Trial of Hissene Habre. Seelinger, Kim Thuy; Fenwick, Naomi; Alrabe, Khaled Aug 15, 2020 6356
Court splits on search of covered motorcycle. Vieth, Peter Apr 10, 2019 1080
Felony conviction nixed in threats to prosecutor. Vieth, Peter Apr 1, 2019 844
One sale not enough for maintaining dwelling' charge. Chaney, Matt Mar 27, 2019 636
Precise cause of death was not needed for conviction. Mar 17, 2019 968
SJC rejects abatement ab initio, reinstates convictions of Aaron Hernandez. Olson, Kris Mar 13, 2019 536
SJC clarifies withdrawn consent in rape cases. Berkman, Eric T. Feb 21, 2019 1537
Murderer's conviction not affected by Supreme Court decisions. Feb 15, 2019 728
Credibility Interrogatories in Criminal Trials. Grigel, Kyle B. Feb 1, 2019 24639
Conviction affirmed despite counsel's suspension. Jan 28, 2019 858
Constitutional violations require new murder trial. Bridges, Barry Jan 17, 2019 1987
Right to confrontation compromised, murder conviction vacated. Bridges, Barry Jan 10, 2019 435
State Supreme Court upholds child abuse conviction. Stephenson, Correy E. Dec 13, 2018 1342
Pontiac lawyer disbarred after felony conviction. Dryden, Lee Dec 10, 2018 821
Facebook drug offer admissible at sentencing. Vieth, Peter Dec 10, 2018 711
Evidence of possible robbery prep won't support convictions. Oct 28, 2018 674
1st Circuit rejects former lawmaker's third collateral attack on convictions. Olson, Kris Oct 25, 2018 905
Criminal Sentencing Kidnapping. Miller, Natalie Oct 16, 2018 994
A PRIMER ON DIVORCE IN LOUISIANA. Wallace, Monica Hof Sep 22, 2018 21616
4th Cir.: No late substitute for unconstitutional predicate. Lightle, Rebecca M. Aug 24, 2018 800
Gov. Northam pardons fetus defendant. Vieth, Peter Aug 21, 2018 503
4th Cir.: Longtime resident removable based on old drug offense. Lightle, Rebecca M. Aug 17, 2018 1004
4th Cir.: Corrupt city councilman's bribery convictions stand. Lightle, Rebecca M. Aug 17, 2018 1334
EDVA: Terror convictions lack predicate, vacated. Lightle, Rebecca M. Aug 3, 2018 1155
Espionage convictions tossed over venue issue. Lightle, Rebecca M. Aug 3, 2018 888
CONSTITUTIONAL LAW - Case-By-Case Test Applies to Determine Whether Mandatory Detention Violates Due Process Rights - Sopo v. United States AG. Dimauro, Michael Case note Jun 22, 2018 8573
A game of craps: Law school, bar admissions a gamble for applicants with records. Hamacher, Heath Jun 13, 2018 2250
4th Cir.: State drug convictions defeated court's jurisdiction. Lightle, Rebecca M. Jun 3, 2018 1107
AG flips position after prosecution of woman who hid fetus. Vieth, Peter May 31, 2018 1384
Conviction affirmed for murder of state trooper. Lightle, Rebecca M. May 29, 2018 3284
CAV: Convictions for spitting at officers upheld. Lightle, Rebecca M. May 8, 2018 1229
Drug conviction stands despite tainted warrant. Vieth, Peter Apr 20, 2018 950
Appeals Court extends fingerprint rule to DNA. Olson, Kris Apr 19, 2018 1655
Two manslaughter convictions violate double jeopardy. Chaney, Matthew Apr 18, 2018 735
4th Cir: Attempts to confuse witness supported tampering conviction. Lightle, Rebecca M. Apr 16, 2018 1478
THE JURY'S OUT ON NON-UNANIMOUS VERDICTS. Brief article Apr 1, 2018 108
Policeman's testimony over Skype Improper. Donovan, David Mar 22, 2018 983
4th Cir.: Conviction, sentence affirmed for bank fraudster. Lightle, Rebecca M. Mar 19, 2018 1762
4th Cir.: Prior wounding offense merited enhanced sentence. Lightle, Rebecca M. Mar 19, 2018 557
Conviction nixed over bad deportation advice. Chaney, Matt Mar 14, 2018 582
The Importance of a Conviction Integrity Unit. Dougherty, Michael Editorial Mar 1, 2018 662
Secure in Our Convictions: Using New Evidence to Strengthen Prosecution. Hamann, Kristine; Brown, Rebecca Rader Feb 1, 2018 8846
Prosecutors obtain extortion conviction using Mafia expert. Murphy, Pat Jan 4, 2018 723
Conviction reinstated for alleged meth cook. Vieth, Peter Jan 3, 2018 845
Conviction upheld in no body case. Vieth, Peter Dec 20, 2017 1050
A means to an element: The Supreme Court's modified categorical approach after Mathis v. United States. McGivney, Michael Jun 22, 2017 9908
Global law enforcement data. Statistical data Jun 1, 2017 619
PROSECUTORIAL ANALYTICS. Kreag, Jason May 1, 2017 24915
Preclusion and criminal judgment. Kovarsky, Lee Dec 1, 2016 27006
Global law enforcement data. Brief article Jun 1, 2016 273
Charging on the margin. Crane, Paul T. Feb 1, 2016 5348
Charging on the margin. Crane, Paul T. Feb 1, 2016 22227
Collateral consequences of a criminal conviction: impact on corrections and reentry. Forrest, Catherine E. Jan 1, 2016 1163
Collateral consequences and the preventive state. Mayson, Sandra G. Nov 1, 2015 8177
Collateral consequences and the preventive state. Mayson, Sandra G. Nov 1, 2015 24618
Global law enforcement data. Statistical data Jul 1, 2015 231
Erasing the big mistake: sealing records of criminal convictions for licensed professionals. Stiller, Sharon P.; Indusi, Joseph L. Jul 1, 2014 1751
Global law enforcement data. Statistical data Jun 1, 2014 269
The tiers. Statistical table Jun 1, 2014 990
Justice conundrum. Cain, Margaret Jun 1, 2014 1016
An anniversary the media would rather forget: the conviction of abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Gallagher, Maria May 1, 2014 814
Indian court convicts rapists. Mar 28, 2014 175
Guatemalan court annuls conviction of former dictator. Jun 7, 2013 344
Kuwait opposition leader jailed for five years for insulting emir. Brief article Apr 15, 2013 147
1993 Mumbai Blasts Case: CBI Urges SC for Sanjay Dutt's Conviction. Brief article Aug 23, 2012 323
Law no. 221/2009 on convictions with political character and administrative measures related, sentenced between March 6, 1945 and December 22, 1989. Grounds for the law and its applicability. Rotaru, Raluca Report Jul 1, 2012 2188
Is Taylor guilty as charged? Boateng, Osei Jun 1, 2012 6468
Convictions put spotlight on need for change. Linsky, Marty Jan 1, 2012 1508
A view through the looking glass: how crimes appear from the immigration court perspective. Marks, Dana Leigh; Slavin, Denise Noonan Nov 1, 2011 12937
Lyin' eyes: it turns out eyewitness IDs are often unreliable. When the Supreme Court considers the issue next month, it could give judges more authority to challenge them. Liptak, Adam Cover story Oct 24, 2011 1748
Husband's jealous rage over wife's education leaves her nose bitten off and her eyes guaged out. Jun 25, 2011 455
Blagojevich's conviction fits pattern of white-collar retrials. Freivogel, William H. Jun 22, 2011 865
Convictions 'Very Strong' for Wisconsin 14 as pressure grows. Brief article Mar 4, 2011 177
A mind is a terrible thing to waste--except in Ohio? Ohio case calls attention to resegregation of public schools and lack of parental choice. Dawkins, Marcia Alesan Mar 3, 2011 858
The politics of convict control in colonial New South Wales--'the notorious OPQ' and the clandestine press. Walsh, Brian Report Dec 1, 2010 8219
New York v. Kent: using temporary Internet files to prove possession of child pornography. Pendle, David Oct 1, 2010 2285
Foreseeing the "four C's" (collateral consequences of criminal convictions): increasingly, the collateral consequences of a criminal conviction are more grave than the direct penalties. Judges and lawyers must do their part to keep defendants apprised. Spears, Ronald D. Aug 1, 2010 1108
Reflections and perspectives on reentry and collateral consequences. Pinard, Michael Jun 22, 2010 5011
A question of character: convictions for minor crimes can derail students' job prospects in a hyper competitive employment environment. Stuart, Reginald Apr 1, 2010 1788
Sheftel: Judge Shadmi Should Be Sacked. Brief article Nov 13, 2009 86
Impeachment of a civil litigant with criminal convictions. Rubin, Robert I. Nov 1, 2009 2937
Eva and her baby (a story of adolescent sex, pregnancy, longing, love, loneliness, and death). Oberman, Michelle Aug 1, 2009 5385
Constitutional law - First Circuit rules constructive amendment of indictment not a structural error - United States v. Brandao. Patwardhan, Kimberly L. Mar 22, 2009 4549
Sierra Leoneans, Liberians Want Charles Taylor Convicted; One-third of Liberians support acquittal. Tortora, Bob Survey Dec 19, 2008 347
Those who fail to report convictions can expect more serious sanctions. Dec 1, 2008 475
Australia's highest court affirms drug conviction of U.S. Citizen. Jun 1, 2008 258
Conviction for arson for ex-flight attendant. Brief article May 15, 2006 122
Questionable uses of canons of statutory interpretation: why the Supreme Court erred when it decided "any" only means "some". Engel, Anthony L. Mar 22, 2006 14442
Status of a member of the house who has been indicted for or convicted of a felony. Maskell, Jack Jan 1, 2006 6239
Immigrant has right to counsel, says Washington court. Sileo, Carmel Jul 1, 2004 369
A soldier's road to U.S. citizenship - is a conviction a speed bump or a stop sign? Herring, Michael Kent Jun 1, 2004 9681
Avoiding deportation by vacating state court convictions. Amsel, Robert G. Feb 1, 2004 3827
Determining the retroactive effect of laws altering the consequences of criminal convictions. Morawetz, Nancy Jul 1, 2003 7341
State can't charge $20 million for records. (Odds & Ends). Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 192
Memory faults and fixes: research has revealed the limits of human memory; now the courts need to incorporate these findings into their procedures. Loftus, Elizabeth F. Jun 22, 2002 6894
May issue of Focus. Williams, Stephanie Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 152
Innocent on Death Row. VILBIG, PETER Sep 18, 2000 2960
An Experimental Study of Jury Decision Rules. GUARNASCHELLI, SERENA; McKELVEY, RICHARD D.; PALFREY, THOMAS R. Jun 1, 2000 14230
The offense: interpreting the indictment requirement in 21 U.S.C. [sections] 851. Serkin, Christopher Dec 1, 1999 9882

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