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Conveyors ready to serve from start to finish: Hustler Conveyor's durable, reliable conveyors are built to stand up to harsh recycling environments.

For more than 45 years, Hustler Conveyor Company has been designing, manufacturing and installing rugged, economical and cost-effective conveying equipment to the scrap metal, recycling and solid waste industries. Purchased by American Pulverizer Company in 1979, Hustler Conveyor (formerly Iron Hustler Company) offers a line of conveyors that includes track, belt and chain conveyors of several varieties, as well as idlers, stackers, oscillators, vibrating feeders, screening equipment, Flexwall conveyors and bi-metallic classifiers to move any and all secondary commodities.

Hustler Conveyor Company also manufactures eddy current separators, magnetic separation equipment and bale breakers suited to the applications of its recycling industry customers.

The company is praised by its customers for its willingness to custom-build and install precisely what is needed to fit in with the unique layouts and applications that exist in the recycling industry.

Experienced Hustler Conveyor engineers use computer-aided design (CAD) to take a project from concept to reality. The engineering department works closely with customers to design one specific piece of equipment or a larger system containing several pieces working in tandem.

Its 100,000-square-foot production and office complex enables Hustler Conveyor to fabricate a complete line of conveyors and to perform quality testing of our equipment before it ships, assuring customers of a smooth running system. The company also produces a complete line of replacement belts and parts for its equipment and for other OEMs.

Companies like Smurfit-Stone benefit from working with Hustler Conveyor on key projects. "Our working relationship started in 1994," recalls Ricky Byers, a regional engineer with Smurfit-Stone, one of the nation's largest handlers of scrap paper. "Since that time, they have bid on numerous projects, supplied equipment [and] have always listened to what the customer wants," states Ricky.

Greg Janson of QRS Recycling, another major paper recycling company with plants in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Tennessee, says Hustler Conveyor has distinguished itself as a company with which it prefers to work. "Nobody in the industry who works with Hustler has anything but positive things to say about them," says Greg.

He remarks that this also includes other equipment suppliers, since Hustler does not insist upon being an exclusive vendor, but will "put its ego aside," according to Greg. "I am impressed by Hustler's ability to work with other suppliers--whoever we as a customer request."

Shawn Guttersen of BLT Enterprises, which operates MRFs in Sacramento and Fremont, Calif., sees the same qualities. "They are somewhat unique in today's business environment in that a handshake or agreement from them to make a system right is a real commitment," says Shawn, who also credits Hustler Conveyor's team from Paul Griesedieck on down. "They have a fantastic team from engineering, product development and up to the ownership."

"This company takes the time to understand their customers in an ever-changing environment, and then they deliver" says Bruce Allred of Smurfit-Stone. "They are an absolutely first-class organization; they make it look easy and they are low key about it."

Within the scrap metal industry, Hustler Conveyor often works in tandem with American Pulverizer in the creation of shredding plants. But as it does with paper recyclers, Hustler Conveyor considers its primary task as listening to customers for what they need, and then delivering.

At Glenview Iron & Metal in Smiths Falls, Ontario, Chris Cassell says his combination American Pulverizer-Hustler Conveyor system "went together just the way it should--the whole system like a model kit. Not one bolt that didn't fit like it was supposed to."

The two companies supplied the contractors working on his plant with "drawings that they could follow perfectly," says Cassell. "We had a good experience, and didn't have a conveyor that didn't match perfectly. The two companies did a good job of that."

Now that the conveyors are serving within the harsh scrap metal environment, Cassell is even more impressed. "They are rugged conveyors. The infeed conveyor is a piano-hinge steel conveyor. with Hustler Converyor." You can drop a motor block on it from 20 feet, and it won't flinch."

Long-time customer Ricky Byers of Smurfit-Stone says the Hustler Conveyor equipment, once in place, will be prepared to serve for a good long time. "The first unit we bought from them in 1994 is still in service at the Louisville, Ky., plant with no major repairs," he states. "We have been extremely satisfied with the durability of their equipment." The consensus of current Hustler Conveyor customers is that recyclers of any secondary commodity--metal, paper, mixed materials, C&D debris--will find a gem of a supplier to work with once they call upon Hustler Conveyor.
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Publication:Recycling Today
Date:Apr 1, 2007
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