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Conveyor implementations in the works.

By Staff

Many Modern readers will soon install new conveyor systems or expand current installations, according to a recent reader survey.

Of the approximately 300 readers who responded to the e-mail survey, 10% said that they plan to spend $1 million or more on conveyor in the next 18 months. The average planned expenditure is about $250,000.

Sixty percent of respondents said their conveyor purchase will expand their current installation, while 40% said they are planning a new installation.

Respondents said they are planning to buy:

belt (63%)

gravity flow (48%)

accumulation (43%)

motor-driven roller (42%)

roller (41%).

Given these percentages, many projects will involve more than one type of conveyor.

Readers are as likely to invest in standalone conveyor (39%) as they are to buy conveyor as part of a larger, integrated system (39%). The remaining 22% said they plan to buy both stand alone conveyor and conveyor that will be part of a bigger system.

Most readers prefer to buy directly from the manufacturer (40%) or from a distributor (35%), while 25% said they'll purchase conveyor from a systems integrator or some other source.

Finally, respondents said they prefer to repair and maintain their own conveyor equipment:

84% assign the work to an internal maintenance crew.

4% have a service contract with the equipment manufacturer.

9% have a service contract with another third party.

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Date:Apr 1, 2007
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