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Conveyor belting & systems: the proven system with unique product processing advantages.

The Wire Belt Company's Flat-Flex belting is a unique design of woven wire belting which is positively driven by sprockets within the wire mesh so giving the system a great advantage over other types of wire belting.

By positioning the drive so that the loaded section of the belt is pulled it will ensure perfect tracking of the belt under a wide variety of load and speed conditions.

Its great flexibility allows the belt to negotiate drive shafts as small as a pencil, and the open area of each pitch size is approximately 80% making it ideal where circulation of liquids, air or gas is important around products on the move.

Flat-Flex has unlimited uses. Drying, washing, coating, cooking, cooling and inspection while products are on the move is simply achieved.

Flat-Flex is the ideal belting for the chocolate enrobing operation, and is widely used for the chocolate coating of products for either full or half coat operations, pralines, bars and biscuits requiring a sprinkling of chopped nuts, coconut flakes or rice crispies can be sprinkled after the pre-coater or the main coater chocolate deposit. The open area Flat-Flex belting allows the surplus nuts etc... to drop under the belting and to be collected in a hopper situated under the belting and, if required, returned to the sprinkler unit, or when enrobing, for the surplus chocolate passing down through the belting to be pumped back through the filter system for recirculation.


Flat-Flex is manufactured in high tensile strength stainless steel or carbon spring steel in wire diameters ranging from 0.9 mm to 2.35 mm in belt widths from 64 mm to 3600 mm. Flat-Flex is available in pitch sizes from 4.24 mm to 20.32 mm and is driven by a range of standard sprockets supplied from stock. The sprockets are either stainless steel or nylon and allow the user to build up simple conveyor drive shafts at low costs.

A technical How to Design Flat-Flex Wire Belt Conveyors leaflet is available on request which illustrates the use of grooved end rollers or the use of moulded transfer rollers which can be located on stock diameter shafting to make conveyor build up straight forward and economical.

The special compound or flighted Flat-Flex beltings have strands woven into the belting at intervals along the length to act as product push flights or to achieve product separation.

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) world wide build-in Flat-Flex belting as standard into a range of equipment, and installed conveyors are carrying products over 50 metre centres.

Some bakery plants have 3.5 metre wide beltings handling bread roll products and indeed the company supplies one of the foremost chocolate enrober equipment manufacturers with a 1830 mm wide enrober band for what is probably the world's largest chocolate enrober.

The belting lends itself to the packaging industry, being utilized for shrink wrapping and product handling. But is also ideal for battering and breading a range of fish, vegetable and meat products.

The Wire Belt Company manufacture and supply belting and conveyors to the major food producers, agents, stockists and original equipment manufacturers on a world wide basis - The applications include the general food, fish, meat, vegetable, confectionery, chocolate, packaging, bakery, canning and bottling, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, electronic, paper, plastic and general mechanical industries.


A full range of standard Wire Belt Company drive sprockets are stocked together with transfer rollers for building up the conveyor transfer shafts and belt circuits. Sprockets are available in stainless steel or nylon to suit the application. Full details available in chart form.


For those tight space situations the use of the Flat-Flex Flex-Turn makes conveying products "in-process" around corners, while keeping them in perfect alignment very simple, with no slipping or tracking problems.

Standard 90 and 180 degree turns are available in belt widths of 406, 610, 864, 1092 and 1270 mm. All units having a fixed inside belt radius of 406 mm.

Product transfer over small constant diameter end rolls eliminates external rollers, or slides, normally required with turns using large diameter tapered end rolls.

A choice of standard food quality high density polyethylene or stainless steel tops on a robust stainless steel leg frame, and hygienically designed components make cleaning both quick and easy.

The standard turns are available with variable speed motor gearbox units with mechanical hand wheel speed control and separate starter units. The units are hoseproof and chain and sprocket drives are suitably guarded.


A range of custom built conveyors, all stainless steel construction, accommodating Flat-Flex beltings can be produced to exact requirements. Compact, easy wash down frameworks with drive motors housed within stainless steel sheet metal enclosures and optional removable scrap catch trays provide quick cleaning and maintenance facility. Beltings can incorporate various flightings so catering for applications requiring inclines or descents.


The Wire Belt Company have designed, developed and successfully installed a varied selection of unique Spreader/Converger Conveyors which have proved to be the immediate solution to some long standing problems for "on the move" processors.

The necessity to spread or separate, or alternately, converge products while they are moving on a process belt conveyor is a major requirement for a wide range of food, confectionery, and industrial applications. Awkward product problems needing sudden change of belt widths for various proprietary equipment can be instantly resolved. In the food industry, meat, fish or vegetable formed products need to be separated and spread prior to being fed into freezers, coaters and processing machines, or following the frying operation products need to be converged to narrower width beltings prior to cooling and packaging. Some chocolate biscuits, cakes and bakery products also require some day light being generated between rows of products to avoid sticking during the coating processes.


Wire Belt Company's answer is a simple positively driven non-slip Spreader or Converger using narrow width strands of single space, stainless steel Belting. The Conveyor comprises rows of Belting running on a food quality polyethylene support plate and a series of small stainless steel sprockets driving within the mesh of the belt strands.

The standard principle is the "fan type" spreader an alternative to this method of spreading or converging is also available and comes under the heading of Wire Belt Company "placement" Spreader/Converger. This is used where the product is in a known discipline location and movement is achieved by feeding the product onto a series of Straight Chains carrying the product to a pre-determined position at the exit end of the Conveyor. This method is particularly used for handling chocolate covered ice-cream products being fed to packaging line equipment. Unlike the "fan type" Spreader where the product moves over the Belt carry surface, with the placement type unit the product is deposited onto the chains and does not move in respect to the chain carry surface.

The Wire Belt Company's Technical Department will be pleased to conduct testing with products to ensure 100% handling success prior to offering quotations plus a detailed specification of the equipment.
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