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Conveying par excellence.

Conveying Par Excellence

The latest development from Kerry Handling Systems is a conveying system called Kerrytrak, offering process manufacturers a most versatile and reliable system.

The Kerrytrak conveyor system is based on a specially designed continuous aluminium profile in which a stainless steel rod type belt, either Omniflex or Omnigrid, manufactured by Ashworth runs on UHMW polyester wear strip. Only on the contour of a bend in the conveyor do the chains even rest near this hardened plastics bearer, thus permitting the belt to be run on any configuration required, including gradients, without transfer points.

The drive system is by in-line Simplatroll motors and gearboxes side mounted on the conveyor at intervals dependent on both the length of conveyor and its width. All motors are controlled and synchronised by a specially designed control panel and circuit using the Lenze invertor system. The gearbox is connected directly to the main drive shaft which in turn drives the belt via a caterpillar type track which interlocks with the belt links on either side, ensuring that at least six links on each side are constantly engaged with the drive. The special sprockets needed for this drive were developed in cooperation with Renold Chain, and ensure that jam-ups are virtually impossible.

The versatility of the conveying system is such that it can be used in special situations for proving, cooling and freezing; simply because the belt moves freely within itself and is not affected by either expansion or contraction. In a typical bakery system, the layers run in alternate directions through a figure of eight top and bottom. Similarly the conveyor can be run in a single direction throughout the system and in both cases the feed and delivery can be on the same side to ease factory planning.

The flexibility of the system means that it can be lengthened, or configured differently, the belt length can be shortened and drives added or reduced on the circuit without major rebuilding. Maintenance has been taken carefully into account so that minimum downtime is required to ensure 24 hour a day, seven day a week working.

Kerrytrak can be supplied in belt widths from 16in. to 48in., which can be mesh covered, the belt speed can be varied from 0-16 metres per minute and the system can operate in a temperature range of 40 [degrees] C to +60 [degrees] C.

Typical of recent installation are an oval configuration for proving confectionery to allow air conditioning to be positioned within the centre of the prover. With a proving time of 35-45 minutes for 20,000 pieces being achieved on equipment measuring just 11.75m long by 2.7m wide and 2.5m high. For high quality bakery products, a French producer of brioches uses a 1020m. Kerrytrak system in conjunction with three Kerry Spiral Coolers to produce 10,000 brioches an hour with a 30 minute cool. The prover measures 16m x 6m with a belt width of 760mm providing an hourly throughput of 275 trays and proving time of 200 minutes.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Apr 1, 1990
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