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Conveying, loading and storage: product lines reviewed.



Company's hopper magnet housing provides protection against damaging tramp iron and fine iron contamination in resin flows. Two rows of 1-in.-diam stainless-steel tubes packed with permanent magnets slide easily in and out of a mild steel housing. Located directly over machinery orifices and below material openings, all materials must pass through a powerful magnetic field that attracts and holds ferrous contamination. A transparent plastic polycarbonate drawer front enables the operator to observe material flow and check for accumulated tramp iron. To clean, the slide gate is closed to stop material flow, the drawer removed, and the collected metal wiped off the tube. Mounting holes are predrilled to fit customer's equipment. Special mounting plates are also available. Heavy duty construction easily supports the weight of loaded hoppers and secondary equipment.

Company also offers plate magnets for protection against tramp iron damage and fine iron contamination in processing lines. Installed in chutes, spouts, ducts, feed tables and housings, as well as in suspension over nonmagnetic screens and conveyors, magnets catch and remove damaging iron contamination from material flows. Compact models come hinged or stationary. Hinged models are standard for installations where swinging open for cleaning is desired. Stationary models are for mounting where cleaning will be done from the face-side or where the unit will slide out of its working position for cleaning.


Provides magnetic devices used to remove tramp iron and fine iron abrasion from plastic products before granulating or pulverizing to protect machinery and equipment, in addition to purifying the product for reprocessing. Systems include plate magnets used in chute and duct work, incorporating housings for hump magnets. Grate-type ceramic, Alnico or rare-earth magnets in drawer-or wing-type, include housings of either mild or stainless steel. Other devices, such as magnetic pulleys and suspended magnets to be incorporated in conveyor systems, are manufactured for specific process needs. Both permanent and electromagnet drums are also produced and applied to specific customer requirements in recycling plastic materials.


Company's AFC Spiralfeeder is a tubular, flexible or rigid mechanical conveyor designed to move plastic pellets, regrind, dry blend, resins, and many other materials. The modular round discharge head provides unlimited discharge angles. The discharge head's molded pop-off Neoprene cover eliminates nuts, bolts, and gaskets and simplifies maintenance and cleaning. The True-Flow hopper, designed to work in conjunction with the conveyor, provides maximum unrestricted flow.

The Spiralfeeder is available in portable or stationary units, carbon or stainless steel. Eleven model sizes are available with spirals in standard, heavy-duty and bevelled edge to meet the specifications and rates of each application.


Company's Dynatrol Detector, type CL-10DJ, a bulk solids level switch, is designed for application to either high-or low-point level detection of powdered, granular, or other bulk solids materials. Suitable for a wide range of bulk densities, the level detector tolerates material buildup and can be used in vessels equipped with vibrators.


Manufactures a line of corrugated silos and its Flex-Auger Plus conveying systems. Silos, available in capacities from 147 through 7010 cu ft, are offered in diameters of 6, 7, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 21 ft. They are available in skirted and unskirted models. Skirted models provide a secured silo discharge area and offer an area for housing vacuum systems. A 10-degree sloped roof complete with perimeter guard rail and toeboard is standard. This low-profile roof maximizes storage space inside buildings, eases installation of dust collectors, crosswalks, and yo-yo or plumb-bob inventory units, and allows for safe servicing of equipment located on the deck. A selection of slide gates is also available.

The Flex-Auger Plus materials conveying system can provide automatic transportation of materials up, down, on-the-level, or around corners into work areas, including areas where space is limited. The spiral steel, flexible auger systems are available in four sizes: Model 2000 (2.95-in. tube diam. with 75 cu ft/hr capacity), Model 2500 (3.50-in. tube, 75 cu ft/hr), Model 3000 (3.50-in. tube, 150 cu ft/hr), and Model 7000 (5.00-in. tube, 330 cu ft/hr). The systems are totally enclosed and capable of full-load startups. The durable coreless auger comes in one continuous piece and is the only moving part, which reportedly offers low maintenance and easy installation in both new and existing facilities.


Supplies package and pallet conveyor systems for distribution and in-process manufacturing. Turnkey system responsibility from initial project planning through system commissioning is available. Management systems assist supervision in achieving desired levels of productivity and information.


Designs and engineers pneumatic conveying systems for the transfer of pellets or granular materials within a plant, e.g., from a storage silo to a mixer or molding machine. Systems can be pressure or vacuum, can be dilute-phase or dense-phase where minimum attrition of the particles is important, and can deliver from one point to several locations, or conversely, pick up from several locations and transfer to a central point. All systems are custom-designed for a specific application.

Company has designed systems for handling pellets, and also for handling additives used in formulations. A bag dump station has been developed whereby materials in bags or supersacks can be introduced safely and conveniently into systems.


Offers engineered products and systems for high-accuracy, high-throughput metering, conveying, feeding, packaging and control of carbon blacks, oxides and most difficult-to-handle powders.

Low-pressure, high-density, fluidizing pneumatic system transports from bulk unloading, sacks (emptied by automatic sack splitter Model J11), or from storage. Remote adjustable DCV transmitter maximizes conveying rates on the widest range of blacks, with minimal fines generation for optimum dispersion in mixer.

Air-slide feeder with fluidized bed and precise dosing valve provides accurate batch/transfer with low fines.

For prepackaging small additives in low-melt poly bag for direct addition to mix, company's Small Powder System has accurate batch control of 16 bins in multi-formation with auto-bag form/fill/seal.

Total plant process control from bulk intake through weighing, mixing, and downstream routing control to finished product storage is provided by Select-O-Weigh 900 computerized system with color graphics.



Offers both vacuum loading systems and pellet feeders. Vacuum loading system is microprocessor-based and is programmable for up to 24 stations and 3 pumps in any configuration. Sizes range from 3 ro 25 hp, consisting of positive-displacement pumps, v-belt drive motors, motor starters, muffler and pump protective devices. System utilizes large-capacity, pleated fiber filters to protect the vacuum pump from contamination. Optional sound enclosures allow a quiet operation of 80 dbA.


Provides a full line of vacuum loaders, central-vacuum conveying systems, silos, proportioning valves and controls. Company's single loaders are available for throughputs up to 2500 lb/hr and can handle both pellets and powders. Central-vacuum system loaders are filterless and come with one central self-cleaning filter. All loaders are stainless steel and therefore corrosion- and wear-resistant.


Company's central-vacuum conveying systems fully automate the conveying of material from storage to the processing machine with manual intervention. Filterless vacuum receivers are made of high-quality stainless steel to guarantee longer production life. The microprocessor control scans and loads up to 32 vacuum receivers and is user friendly. The systems are easily expandable for future integration of scrap granulators, dryers, and blending systems.



Provides a wide range of performance guaranteed components for material and processing needs, including railcar or bulk unloading systems, a wide variety of bulk storage silos, and in-house project/installation crews to plan, deliver, and install.

Offers the simplest of all vacuum loading systems: a self-contained integral motor vacuum loader used for pellets and free-flowing regrind materials. The DustBeater series features a combination dump valve/level switch that provides smooth operation with even the most troublesome materials. Rugged construction, solid-state controls, and vacuum tubing/pick-up wand are standard features. The unit can also be equipped with a valve for automatic ratio loading of two materials.

Company also offers central loading systems using either local machine control or remote central control. Either system switches vacuum power from one loader to another when material is needed. Central systems also eliminate the need for filter maintenance at each station and reportedly prolong individual loader uptime dramatically. Multiple loading stations also benefit from a central vacuum system by using one three-phase pump to service all loaders rather than separate motors at every loader as with integral motor loaders.

Reportedly unique to the industry is the company's Selectronic 4 central system, which offers the maintenance benefits of central vacuum systems without the inconvenience of a centralized control panel. Individual controls are mounted at the machine, avoiding problematic back-and-forth adjustments. Company's CLC version is also available with centralized controls for 5-, 10-, 15-, and 20-station controls.


Manufactures a full line of dense-phase conveying equipment and related accessories. Specializes in hard-to-handle or abrasive materials, railcar unloading of bulk materials, or in-plant batching or weighing. Systems can be adapted to existing processes or designed from scratch.


Designs and manufactures complete custom materials handling systems, both bulk-handling and in-plant, and can provide individual equipment or completely integrated and automated systems for a wide range of processing functions.

For storing, blending and weighing products prior to use, company offers its plasticizer tanks. Agitation provides thorough blending and keeps solids from settling out. Jackets are available for heating/cooling.


Manufactures a complete line of customized conveyors and conveying systems including belt conveyors, weigh scales, and part/runner separators.


Company offers metal-detection and vibratory products.

* E-Z Tec III metal detector: A closed-aperture model to detect metallic contaminants of 1% of minimum aperture dimension. Unit accommodates a wide range of product speeds. Product velocity extremes down to 5 ft/min and up to 8800 ft/min are available. Features include solid-state electronics, crystal oscillator for stable drive frequency reference, and variable-oscillator drive voltage that optimizes product phasing and sensitivity.

* Rare-earth magnetic separators: Magnetic grates, traps, plates, rolls and tubes remove weakly magnetic or very fine iron contaminants from dry bulk or liquid products, utilizing company's Erium 3000 permanent magnetic power source, which is said to develop up to 25 times the pull of conventional materials. Separators can be designed into new processing lines and equipment flowsheets, while existing housings and bodies can be retrofitted with RE assemblies.

* Single-mass mechanical conveyor: Model SM mechanical conveyor utilizes gentle, oscillating motion to move light loads of free-flowing materials at capacities to 18 tons/hr. Units come in sizes from 8 to 36 in. wide and 5 to 10 ft long, and operate at a low hp.

* Electro-permanent magnetic bin vibrators: Twelve models that move sticky, hard-to-handle bulk materials in bins, hoppers and chutes are available. Designed to apply concentrated vibration and a positive drive in both directions for superior action on bin walls. Units feature dust- and wear-resistant housings with no sliding or rotating parts.

Other products include magnetic drums with either crisscross or agitator-type magnetic fields, and magnetic humps for removing tramp iron from free-flowing materials conveyed by gravity. Company also offers its HI-VI vibratory feeders.


Product line includes tabletop conveyors, steel and nonmetallic belt conveyors, indexing and fixturized conveyors, pallet and puck systems, mass-storage and in-line accumulators, power and free systems, part elevators and lowerators (side-grip, blade, bucket, etc.), gravity fittings, gravity storage helicals, chain-driven live-roller conveyors (CDLR), parts storage and retrieval systems, robotic and other automated materials handling devices, and both synchronous and nonsynchronous concepts. Company offers full CAD and CIM capability in developing systems. Systems are set up and tested at its facilities in Cleveland, Ohio.


Offers its Hurricane hopper loader, a closed-loop, filterless, multistage pneumocyclone.

The unit has not filters and requires no compressed air. Closed-loop air system eliminates dust in the working environment and ensures conveying of dried hygroscopic materials with dry air.

Standard equipment includes remote programmable controller with security to inhibit tampering, stainless-steel pickup tube, heavy-duty grounded vinyl hose, low-level hopper alarm, remote shut-off to prevent loading while pick-up tube is out of material, high-temperature shut-off valve, all stainless-steel hose clamps, and rugged construction of 0.080-in. spun aluminum and assembled with sock-cap screws.


Designs and manufactures materials handling systems for any and all bulk solids. Complete systems from storage to process, as well as reclaiming systems, are supplied.

The system does not utilize air, filters or cyclone separators to transfer. It is a flexible screw conveyor with the flexible screw as the only moving internal part. The conveyors are reportedly efficient to operate and maintain, and are able to convey materials in any direction.

Company's engineering department can design materials handling systems to customer's specifications.


Materials handling capabilities range from the simple, self-contained vacuum loader to the custom-engineered, fully integrated plant system designed, built, and installed by the company. Supplies automated turnkey systems utilizing vacuum, pressure, or combination vacuum/pressure units. Detailed CAD layouts are supplied with each system quotation. A full graphic control panel with a programmable controller initiates and monitors the completely automatic process. Laboratory and testing facilities are available for product evaluation.

Equipment provided includes silos, railcar unloaders, pneumatic conveyors, gravimetric and volumetric feeders, granulators and belt conveyors, metal detector and separator systems, resin dryers and recycling equipment.


Manufactures natural frequency vibrating conveyors for horizontal conveying of all types of plastics. Conveyors can also be equipped with screens for fines and oversize removal from regrind or pellets. Additional features include a counterbalance system for installation on mezzonines or other elevated structures.


Company's venturi eductors with no moving parts are used to transport plastic pellets and powders. They can be installed in conventional, positive conveying systems and can be used to replace rotary airlocks. Using motive air at 3-14 psig, depending on conveying distance, they can entrain and transport plastic materials with less wear and product degradation than airlocks. Production of angelhair, threads, and fines are reduced, or eliminated, when eductors are used in place of airlocks. They are particularly useful when handling regrind, which is rough on airlocks; or glass-filled resins, which can erode air-locks. Company reports 2000 eductors currently in service, handling plastic materials.


Offers its FerroFilter electromagnetic separators which remove fine magnetizable particles (down to submicron size) from dry materials or fluids. Standard units are designed for removing fine ferromagnetic particles. Special units can be provided for separating paramagnetic particles. Separators for processing granular materials or powders include a vibrator to aid passage of material. Separators for processing liquids or slurries are of several designs, including units for pipeline installation and others for gravity feed.

All units can be cleaned in place by de-energizing the electromagnet and shaking or flushing out collected contaminants. Automated systems with all controls required for timed processing, cleaning cycles are available.


Specializes in solving bulk materials handling and process problems. Can design a complete system to fit specific applications. Company researchers for new and improved methods and systems.


Produces a line of vacuum-conveying machinery to suction dry free-flowing powders, flakes, chips, granules and pellets from boxes, drums, etc. to final destination points. Four models are available, including one completely automatic unit that uses compressed air. No electric motors or electric circuits are used. All machines are explosion-proof and constructed with stainless steel. Conveying rates up to 8000 lb/hr at distances up to 60 ft are available. All models can be taken apart for cleaning in less than two minutes. All machines operate quietly. Most models are in stock for immediate shipment. Automatic reverse blow-back internally mounted filters are part of the conveyors, and filters can handle down to 0.3 micron products.


Offers a basic range of integral-motor hopper loaders, supplemented by a complete line of remote vacuum-pump loaders and systems. The self-powdered, integral motor models include solid-state controls and range in capacities from 250 lb/hr to over 2000 lb/hr. All models include automatic filter cleaning after each load. Ratio models for virgin/regrind conveying are available.

Company's Command 2000 central vacuum systems and loaders are designed for higher capacities over longer distances, using a floor-mounted vacuum pump to provide power for all the loading stations. A central dust collector eliminates on-machine filter maintenance. Pump sizes range from 3 through 25 hp. Special twin-cyclone powder loaders are also offered.

Company specializes in weigh-loading systems using the Command 2000 equipment by adding weigh cells to each vacuum hopper and supplying special microprocessor controls with CRT messages. Optional printers can record each pound conveyed.

Company also provides welded steel storage silos and continuous level-sensing systems for electronic silo storage monitoring.


Builds a line of bulk materials handling equipment for plastics. Mechanical product line includes flexible screw conveyors, tubular drag conveyors, and oscillating conveyors. Pneumatic conveyor line features high-efficiency vacuum conveyors and ancillary equipment. A line of plastic bulk containers, super-sack unloading stations, and manual bag-dump stations with integral dust collectors are also available.


Offers a line of flat-top chain and belted variable-speed conveyors and a series of variable-speed metering bulk elevating conveyors in size ranges of 1 cu ft through 80 cu ft capacity in painted or stainless-steel finish.


Line of equipment consists of gaylord tilter, hopper loaders, storage drums and hoppers. Both large-capacity, electrically operated tipsters and easy-loading, air-operated models tilt gaylords automatically as pellets are removed, assuring an uninterrupted flow of materials to the press.

Three types of vacuum hopper loaders - standard, standard with automatic filter cleaning, and proportional with automatic filter cleaning - come in two capacities. The "Whisper" loader is reportedly fast, fully automatic, and trouble-free. A low-cost, energy-efficient pneumatic loader is also available.

For large-capacity material storage, portable hoppers that are stackable up to three high are available, as well as smaller capacity 5-, 30-, and 55-gal, stainless-steel and lower-cost plastic drums.


Offers a complete line of tramp metal separation devices designed to protect critical areas of injection, blow molding, extrusion and regrind equipment from stray ferrous metal found in resin. Rare Earth magnet material is available for enchanced product purity. A complete line of demagnetizers for reducing residual magnetism in molds is available.


Engineers and manufactures air conveyor systems. Systems use low-pressure centrifugal fans and operate at approximately 1/8 psi, and are custom-designed for handling plastic parts and scrap. Systems have virtually no moving parts other than the centrifugal fans powering the system, resulting in operator safety, as well as minimizing maintenance; and also allow for flexible layouts, rounding turns or overhead with no transfer points to fit in with the the constraints of the plant, while maximizing usable floor space.


Designs and engineers blenders (volumetric and gravimetric), feeders, materials handling systems, scrap reclaim systems, silos, railcar and unloading, and extrusion control systems.


Manufactures materials handling systems and components: controlled speed gravity flow conveying and storage systems for material on pallets; metal belt conveyors for heavy-duty application; vertical conveyors for deck-to-deck operations; all plastic snap-in wheel and bracket units for light-weight gravity conveying; anti-friction skatewheel-size all-plastic gravity conveyor wheels; and multidirectional plastic wheels for multi-directional movement.


Offers the following equipment:

* Mini-feed hopper loader MF95 is air-powered with a capacity to 200 lb/hr.

* Mini-feed hopper loader MF98, 110 volt, single-phase vacuum loader with a capacity to 400 lb/hr.

* Con-Evator hopper loaders have 3-phase motor driving high-efficiency turbine, reversing each cycle to clean the large polyester filter. Six capacities from types PGT4 at 570 lb/hr to SF4 at 3700 lb/hr. Types PGT4, PGT61, and PGT9 have adjustable suction time and a filter for reverse air flow.

* Ratio-Selector (RS) for metering of virgin/regrind; the RS is attached to the vacuum hopper loader inlet. Feed oscilates according to the adjustable preset ratio.

* Scanning System - Centrally controlled automatic materials handling for systems, designed to suit requirements. Basic solid-state, 24-v controls for 8 or 16 feeder bowls can be extended in multiples. High-quality cast-aluminum feeder bowls come in two sizes.

C.A. LITZLER CO., INC See Quickdraft Div.

M-D PNEUMATICS DIV. See Tuthill Corp.


Manufactures a complete line of dilute-phase and dense-phase equipment for pneumatic conveying of pellets, resins and compounds. Systems can be designed for vacuum or pressure service, or a combination of both.

Components available include vacuum loaders, pressure and vacuum blower packages, dense-phase pressure vessels, rotary airlock valves, blade-line diverters and parallel-tunnel diverters, scale valves and scale hoppers, and complete process control capabilities.

Typical applications are for rail unload systems, storage of in-plant processing, regrind conveying systems, and complete PVC compounding systems. Transfer rates range from 500 lb/hr to 50 tons/hr in 2- through 14-in. diameters.


Jet Loader series of vacuum hopper loaders includes the Jet Loader VC with a cyclone separator to collect dust and fines; and the Jet Loader V with a dual dust-collection system, consisting of one filter in the hopper and one in the suction unit. Both systems are said to provide trouble-free operation for extended periods.

Also provides special "non-contaminating" materials handling systems for optical-disk manufacturing.

An unusual offering for small machines is the MultiJet II combination hopper loader, dehumidifying dryer, and mold-temperature controller in one compact, mobile console.


Makes level controls for dry bulk materials in storage. Available products range from electronic proximity sensors, capacitance level controls, vibrating probes, to electromechanical plumb-bob continuous-level sensors and paddle-type, point-level units. Also manufactures a solid-flow detector, based on proven microwave technology and designed to detect plug conditions in pneumatic conveying lines.

Under the Alphatron logo, company also manufactures load cells and gauges for bin and bulk weighing, batching, and check-weighing of materials.


Makes drum handling equipment for fiber, steel and plastic drums. Drum handlers offer productivity and safety advantages in applications such as moving, positioning, and pouring drum contents. There is a broad selection of products including drum hand trucks, dollies, cradles, drum bung wrenches, drum lifters for use on hoist hooks, wheels and on fork trucks. Hoist attachments for moving upright drums and for raising drums for controlled pouring are available for various size drums. Fortruck attachments for moving upright drums and others for controlled pouring are available as ready-to-use accessories which do not permanently occupy the lift truck. Wheeled lifters with simple mechanical action are designed for low-height pouring. Lifters with manual hydraulic lift are made for controlled drum pouring at heights up to 5 ft and over. Power options with a choice of air, battery, or a-c motors are available.


Manufactures complete lines of conveying and blending equipment:

* Vacuum conveying lines include central systems featuring a patented filterless vacuum receiver design, machine-side loaders for single stations, and a new line for smaller machines called MiniLine. New introductions include a double-port, positive-seating proportioning valve. Company has also introduced and marketed a design combining a filterless vacuum receiver with a machine hopper to create a unit without discharge valve, which mounts directly to the machine throat.

* Blending and additive feeders include central and machine-mounted models. Exclusive 100-pulse countback feature reportedly guarantees accurate repeatable performance from these auger-style units. Complete installation available, featuring all equipment necessary for handling of resins from bulk state of the molding machine.


Manufactures a complete line of vacuum, pressure, and vacuum/pressure conveying systems, together with blenders, additive feeders and mixing chambers. In addition, company designs and builds custom weigh-scale systems, weigh hoppers, and in-plant surge bins. To complete the line, outdoor storage silos can be included in either welded, bolted or corrugated form. All equipment can be purchased individually or as a complete system with all interconnecting piping, fittings, hangers, etc.



Markets and installs a complete line of bulk storage, materials handling and proportional control systems, including railcar and truck unloading facilities, silos, conveying systems, customized bins and hoppers, and a wide range of specialized manufacturing equipment and repair services. Lines include conveying systems, both mechanical and pneumatic, blenders, and pelletizers.

Company will design, engineer and custom build components for the system or retrofit existing systems. Proprietary units include Micro Ingredients Controller (MIC), a weighing and feeding system for minor ingredients.


Builds and installs a full range of pneumatic materials handling equipment.

For railcar unloading there are vacuum pressure systems with ratings to 100 hp, which move pellets to outside silos or large surge bins.

Inside the plant, vacuum power units to 25 hp with state-of-the-art microprocessor controls, convey materials through vacuum loaders to drying hoppers, blenders and/or process machines. Vacuum loaders and chambers are available in several models. All are self-cleaning, proportional mixing loaders with adjustable load, dump and air pulse cycles, and solid-state controls.

A multiplexing system is offered as an option on the company's vacuum power units. Multiplexing reportedly reduces installation time and costs by eliminating expensive point-to-point wiring as vacuum loading stations are added to the systems.

Company's RB (regenerative blower) for moving pellets generates pressure through a centrifugal blower and features a brushless motor and quiet operation. The RB can be mounted on a vacuum chamber lid. The RRB model is for remote mounting.


Designs, manufactures and installs plant-wide air systems to remove trim waste during production. Materials handled include a wide range of densities, shapes and types of plastic flash; film, foam and sheet trim; and rejects. Company offers automatic systems to handle empty bags from compounding stations. The empty bag is lifted into a hood where a proximity switch vacuums the bag and surrounding fugitive dust. The bag is transported through closed overhead pipes to a separator where air can be directed to a filter stage or the atmosphere. Bags can be directed to a horizontal baler or a collector for recovery or refuse pickup.


Custom builds and designs enclosed bucketless conveyors to move any 3/8-in.-mesh granulate, powder, slurry or liquid quickly and economically. Typical applications include: loading in and out of silos, in-plant transfer, railcar loading and unloading, truck loading and unloading. Conveyors are totally enclosed and constructed and dust-tight for protection of the individual and the environment. Housing can be built, using carbon steel or stainless steel for conveying chemicals or any abrasive materials. Conveyors are sized to specifications in inclines, including vertical, top or bottom doglegs, and "Z" configuration. Belt specifications include standard black, high-temperature, and FDA white.


Provides engineering services for manufacturing and installation of state-of-the-art turnkey pneumatic handling systems for granulates, powders, and other nonfree-flowing materials such as regrind, pigments, [TiO.sub.2] and calcium carbonate. Systems range from simple hopper loaders to complex microprocessor-controlled distribution and batch-weighing systems for up to eight ingredients with an accuracy rate of [+ or -]0.25%. Metering occurs on a signal from either the controller, the injection blow molding machine or film line, or in conjunction with extruder speed. Vacuum or pressure systems for rates up to 175-200,000 lb/hr and size ranges from 1 to 500 hp are available. Company offers Phillips-style blending silos with capacities up to 250,000 lb, as well as welded and bolted silos to 1 million lb capacity.

Also provided is a wide range of filtration devices, using various filter media and pulse-jet blowback for maintenance-free filter cleaning. Automatic bulk-bag unloading systems, bag-dump stations, surge bins, and various types of receivers are available.

Full controls for SPC and SQC are available with RS232 and IEEE488 interfaces. Systems may also include a centralized production control at various locations throughout a plant, as well as outside via modem.


Offers engineering, design and installation of pneumatic conveying components and systems. Rotary positive blowers and vacuum pumps are available in a variety of sizes. Components such as airlocks, diverter valves, scale valves, and control panels are offered as component sales or are available integrated into custom systems. Railcar unloaders and in-plant transfer systems are typical types of systems offered. Filters and filter receivers, using porous polyethylene filter tubes, are said to help reduce the size and cost of components. Bin dischargers are used to remove air-activated powdered materials out of silo bottoms. Noise enclosures are available to reduce objectionable noise from positive displacement blower installations.


Offers a complete line of Transitube auger system materials handling equipment, including flexible hopper loaders particularly suited for powders and mixes of virgin/regrind/additives.


Manufactures a full line of pneumatic materials handling equipment. Standard products include vacuum and pressure systems covering a range of throughput from 200 to 30,000 lb/hr. The standard range of pumps are complemented by a full line of accessories, including vacuum receivers for pellets, regrind, and powders; cyclones; and standard and customized pipe fittings. Company manufactures both standard and custom control panels using relay logic or programmable controllers and specializes in custom-engineered systems to fit customer's needs.

Whole plant materials handling systems are available using standard or custom-designed components. Resins are moved from railcars to storage facilities and from storage into multiple plant locations for further treatment such as blending, and then delivered to the use point. All systems can be integrated to fill customer's requirements.

Individual self-contained loaders in a variety of sizes are also available.

Recently developed components enable the company to handle some historically difficult materials. Testing facilities are available for establishing the conveying characteristics of problem materials.



Provides standard units and total systems for capturing, conveying and depositing trim and waste materials. A unique venturi-type eductor unit allows for handling continuous ribbon, while a variety of choppers, shredders and inline fans permit material to be transported in broken pieces. Air/material separators are custom engineered for the application in order to achieve optimum performance. They include traditional products such as cyclones and perforated elbows and new developments such as the high-efficiency QCR (Quickdraft Cylindrical Receiver) and the ultra-low energy Trimvac separator.

Company provides a complete line of draft inducers suitable a complete line of heating and/or incinerating applications and exhausters, which are specifically designed for corrosive or otherwise deleterious atmospheres.


Offers a line of screw conveyors, drag conveyors, bucket elevators, screw feeders, inclined tubular screw conveyors, screw lifts and hydraulic truck dumpers. In addition to carbon steel, company can produce products in glavanized steel, stainless steel, Cor-Ten, Monel or Incolloy. Product and application engineering support are available at headquarters in Hammond, Ind.


Offers complete design and manufacturing capability in the area of pneumatic loading, conveying, and storage. Manufactures blower packages, rotary valves, diverter valves, weighing and batching systems, storage silos, and many other components which are combined with the appropriate controls to provide a complete operating system, from high-capacity rail unload to storage, to individual extruder feed systems. Company provides sole-source responsibility from concept, testing, design, manufacturing, installation and after-sale support.



Designs and manufacturers air handling systems. Produces all components and controls every aspect of the system from initial design to fabrication.

Complete systems have been designed and manufactured to handle regrind, pellets, bottles, tabs and tails, finished parts, vacuum form skeletons and continous edge trim.


Manufactures magnetic housings that are designed specifically to entrap and separate ferrous fragments from any nonferrous material. The housing protect machinery by filtering out undesirable contaminants and producing a purer, cleaner product. They are ruggedly constructed to support the weight of material hoppers, dryers, mixers, etc. Company also manufactures other related magnetic purification equipment.


Manufacturer of filterless, closed-loop pneumatic materials handling systems. Patented design reportedly provides: 1) improved product quality by eliminating exposure to moisture and other contamination in ambient air; 2) improved profitability by eliminating filters and their associated costs, by reducing energy consumption, and by reducing maintenance with brushless motor; 3) improved working environment by eliminating dusting, contamination, and by reducing noise levels; and 4) improved flexibility through modular design and full line of accessories.

The B Series of loaders are specifically for pellets and granulates; the C Series are specifically for powders and dusty materials. A wide range of models are available from economical, low-capacity, 100-lb/hr units to high-capacity, 10,000-lb/hr systems.



Provides floor and highload vacuum autoleaders in varied conveying capacities. Units are available with or without automatic filter cleaning and are used for granule and powder materials.


Manufactures automated bulk storing, pneumatic handling, conveying, blending, drying and loading systems that unload rail cars or trucks and end up feeding the blended, dried, and pre-heated raw material directly into the molding machine or extruder hopper.

A large variety of dryers in various types and capacities are available with microprocessor or standard controls. Blending systems vary from mini-blenders that blend small amounts of material in preset proportions, to huge machine or floor-mounted blenders that blend up to 20,000 lb/hr.

Company also manufactures belt conveyor systems, pellet tilters that tilt automatically when the center of gravity shifts to help draw the last bit of material from a container, and beside-the-machine self-contained material loaders.


Offers a line of stocked conical hoppers using a draw/spin process for manufacturing. Standard diameters are 14, 16, 20 and 24 in., with various straight-wall heights, including a 0.5-in. flange and a 60 [degrees] angle. Construction materials include various gauges of stainless steel, aluminum and RS steel. Additional fabrication options include a brush-polish finish, custom trimming the small-end opening, plasma or laser-cutting of holes/slots, and rolling and welding cylinders to basic cones for greater wall heights.



Manufactures and assembles rotary-positive displacement blowers for pneumatic conveying. Sizes range in flow from 50 to 10,000 cfm in vacuum or pressure applications. Custom blowers made from exotic materials such as stainless steel and aluminum can be designed and produced for specific needs. Complete packages, including the base, drive components, silencers, and accessories are also available.


Provides a full range of materials handling products and services. Vacuum and pressure pneumatic conveying systems are designed to work efficiently with all types of plastic resins. On-the-press, self-contained vacuum loaders and central conveying systems service up to 24 individual delivery points. Bulk material storage silos and railcar unloaders are sold as basic equipment packages or as a completely designed, engineered and installed plant system. Self-contained vacuum loaders convey up to 1200 lb/hr at conveying distances approaching 60 ft. Central inplant, conveying systems run up to 20,000 lb/hr at distances approaching 500 ft.

Omni III microprocessor controls feature alarms to monitor the system's performance and flexibility to control several individual systems through one central controller. A wide range of material vacuum receivers, featuring modular construction, allows the flexibility to handle material requirements of everything from critical applications of small injection molding machines to high-throughput extrusion lines.

Railcar unloaders with single- or double-blower vacuum/pressure systems are available to accommodate conveying distances exceeding 1000 ft.

Quick Material Change Systems are now available to facilitate rapid changeover. Material or color changes, including hygroscopic materials, can be accomplished in minutes. Equipment is available for individual machines as well as for large central systems. Changeover operation can be manual, or fully automatic by employing a specially designed AMC Valve. The AMC-1 microprocessor controls an entire system, directing the flow of materials from as many as 16 sources to 12 destinations.


Designs and manufactures pneumatic and mechanical handling systems for powders, pellets, regrind, small parts and other dry materials. Systems range from simple up-and-in hopper loaders assembled from standard components to complex microprocessor-controlled distribution and batch weighing systems for multiple ingredients. Check-sieving, sizing and separation of ferrous contaminants can be incorporated in-line.

Standard system components include bulk-bag unloaders, bag-dump stations, feedbins, various types of receivers, electric and pneumatic vacuum power sources, a wide selection of filtration devices and controls ranging from on/off switches to computer-compatible, microprocessor-based panels with illuminated system displays.

A full line of heavy-duty industrial vacuum-cleaning equipment is also offered for wet and dry operations powered by electricity or compressed air. Portable models, high-capacity material recovery systems, and custom-designed multiple outlet systems with central vacuum source are available.


Offers gantry cranes and accessories for use in materials handling, which load and unload everything from raw materials to finished products to and from storage units, trucks, railroad cars, and barges. Cranes range from 3/4- to 15-ton capacities with heights from 4 to 24 ft and spans to 35 ft.


Provides pneumatic rail unload and machine-load conveying systems for powder or pellets, including vacuum pump packages, filter systems, vacuum receiver chamber level control switches, RJ-5 powder filters, virgin/regrind receivers, and pellet receivers. Standard options include NEMA 1 or NEMA 12 disconnects (fused or nonfused on the pump), sound enclosures, and stainless steel construction. Internal check valves are standard in all receivers from common line systems.

Company also offers a weight blender with a capacity range from 600 to 5000 lb/hr. Up to six ingredients can be processed. Microprocessor controls offer up to 80 different formulas.

In addition, company offers turnkey engineering and installation services.


Designs, manufactures and installs integrated materials handling systems for the conveying, loading and storage of plastics. These systems can include computer-controlled interfacing, automated storage and retrieval systems, automatic guided vehicles, belt and roller conveyors, power-and-free conveyors, screw conveyors, and more. Company also provides services such as concept engineering, computer simulation, training, maintenance monitoring, and turnkey commissioning.


Manufactures complete pneumatic materials handling systems, including individual and central vacuum-loading systems, continuous vacuum/pressure unloading/loading systems for rates of up to 25,000 lb/hr. Sizes range from 1 through 100 hp conveying systems for free-flowing materials.

Also offered are individual venturi-type loaders, the PowdrPump semidense-phase powder conveyor, and a complete line of smooth wal-welded, bolted, and galvanized corrugated storage silos and related accessories.

Vacuum power unit systems feature multi-pump, multi-station, microprocessor-based off-the-shelf industrial grade programmable controls with single, 10- and 26-station configurations. BlowBack, a patented nonreversing valve with pulse-jet, for maintenance-free filter cleaning extends motor and blower life.

Company will provide complete turnkey installation services, including startup and training seminars.


Offers the following materials handling pneumatic systems:

* Blow-tank (medium-velocity) system for abrasive, heat sensitive or friable products. Standard units are available in capacities from 7 1/2 to 500 cu ft and constructed of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

* TransVair product-pump (dense-phase system provides low-velocity system for powders and granular materials when product degredation must be avoided. Powered by compressed air, system is automatically controlled to deliver up to 6000 lb/hr capacity.

* Closed-loop (dilute-phase) system for hazardous chemicals, hygroscopic materials and dusty products. System is adaptable to edge-trim conveying applications and for use with rotary knife cutters, reduction mills, and other machinery that requires an air draw for proper operation.

* Centrifugal-blower (dilute-phase) system, which can be a positive-pressure, negative-pressure, negative/positive pressure, or closed-loop system. System is limited in static pressure capability and to short distances.

* Combination negative/pressure system (dilute-phase) for use where there are multiple material-entry points and multiple delivery points. Applications include drawing materials from several points for batching before entering processing, and unloading from several points such as railcars with delivery to bulk storage.

* Negative pressure (dilute-phase) system suitable for conveying material, especially toxic material, from a number of inlet points to a single discharge point.

* Positive pressure (dilute-phase) system for conveying a product from a single entry point to one or more destinations. System uses minimum air quantity to move material over long distances.

Company also offers cyclone collectors, bulk bag-handling systems, bag-handling equipment, blenders and diverter valves.
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