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Govt to investigate cases of forced religious conversions, PM's aide says. Nov 22, 2020 535
Govt to investigate cases of forced religious conversions, PM's aide say. Nov 22, 2020 535
Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe 'thinks he'll go to heaven' after Covid diagnosis; The notorious murderer, who killed 13 women and attempted to kill seven more, has reportedly said he thinks he would go to heaven after his religious conversion meant he "found god" several years ago. By, Abigail O'Leary Nov 8, 2020 444
Ben Pol's mother shocked by son's sudden conversion to Islam. Nov 2, 2020 307
Pakistan: Bill against forced religious conversions to be tabled again. Oct 14, 2020 689
Ataturk was wise to turn Hagia Sophia into a museum. Alper Ali Riza Jul 5, 2020 1011
'I went cold. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was surreal. I knew something had happened to me. That was the moment the seed was sown...' Barnstorming back-rower Emyr Lewis played 41 times for Wales and enjoyed triumphs for both club and country. Rugby correspondent SIMON THOMAS catches up with the legend who was rescued from bitterness by an extraordinary experience... Jul 4, 2020 2827
The new life of a Welsh rugby legend; FEATURE; Barnstorming back-rower Emyr Lewis played 41 times for Wales and enjoyed triumphs for both club and country. Rugby correspondent Simon Thomas catches up with the legend who was rescued from bitterness by an extraordinary experience... Jul 4, 2020 2913
Muslim dad 'beats and burns daughter for converting to Christianity from Islam'; WARNING:GRAPHIC IMAGES -Rehema Kyomuhendo, 24, reportedly decided yo convert after listening to Christian radio programmes while isolating in her aunt's house in east Uganda with her Muslim sheikh dad. By, Ryan Merrifield May 28, 2020 341
Tanasha Donna attends her first Iftar after converting to Islam. Apr 27, 2020 206
Joined in prayer: On Good Friday, remember every person of faith who calls Abraham 'father.'. Gallagher, Patrick Apr 1, 2020 1490
Forced conversion. Sheraz Zaka Mar 27, 2020 1121
Second to nun; Follow in Trixie and co's footsteps after show's former chapel home receives a truly spectacular religious conversion. Mar 22, 2020 369
Second to nun; Follow in Trixie and co's footsteps after show's former chapel home receives a truly spectacular religious conversion. Mar 19, 2020 368
Second to nun; Follow in Trixie and co's footsteps after show's former chapel home receives a truly spectacular religious conversion. Mar 19, 2020 369
Second to nun; Follow in Trixie and co's footsteps after show's former chapel home receives a truly spectacular religious conversion. Mar 19, 2020 369
Second to nun; Follow in Trixie and co's footsteps after show's former chapel home receives a truly spectacular religious conversion. Mar 19, 2020 369
Second to nun; Follow in Trixie and co's footsteps after show's former chapel home receives a truly spectacular religious conversion. Mar 19, 2020 364
Second to nun; Follow in Trixie and co's footsteps after show's former chapel home receives a truly spectacular religious conversion. Mar 19, 2020 356
How Do I Find My Authentic Self? Shapiro, Rabbi Rami Column Mar 1, 2020 1227
Drawing young women to religious life: Vocation teams concentrate on creating serendipitous events, 'genuine encounters'. Stockman, Dan Feb 7, 2020 1997
Hamza to speak about his journey to Islam in Dallas. Jan 24, 2020 279
Hamza Ali Abbasi to speak about his journey to Islam in Dallas. Jan 23, 2020 294
Jennifer Grout: Moroccans Generosity Was Behind My Conversion Into Islam. Dec 29, 2019 309
'Awesome without Allah': Helping Muslims Leave Islam. Hersey, Jon Dec 22, 2019 1500
Kuwaiti causes stir after converting to Judaism. Ramadan Al Sherbini, Correspondent Dec 19, 2019 262
A Black Convert Saves Judaism in Small-Town Indiana. Deutch, Gabby Dec 18, 2019 264
BJP MP accuses Missionaries of Charity of religious conversion in Jharkhand. ANI Nov 30, 2019 257
SLF manager dismisses rumour that debts will be settled if students convert to Islam. Nov 26, 2019 236
UP law panel submits report to CM to check forcible religious conversion. ANI Nov 21, 2019 309
The Church In North Gujarat. Nov 11, 2019 1417
How an Anglican priest became a Catholic saint. Oct 15, 2019 836
How an Anglican priest became a Catholic saint. MARK ANDREWS Oct 15, 2019 854
An ongoing conversion: Across the religious spectrum, many view environmentalism as an important part of their faith. Here is just one perspective. Oct 1, 2019 513
George Kurian appeals Shah to order NIA probe in religious conversions of Christian girls in Kerala. ANI Sep 24, 2019 339
Catholic school boy considered conversion to Judaism after being refused baptism; The boy's mother believes she has 'failed him'. Sep 19, 2019 568
Sinead O'Connor apologises for 'white people' jibe after converting to Islam; Singer Sinead O'Connor has backtracked over her previous remarks, claiming she was reacting to Islamophobia. Sep 9, 2019 488
Sinead O'Connor steps out with son, donning traditional hijab after conversion to Islam; The Irish singer appeared last night on The Late Late Show in Dublin in a red abaya and matching hijab after she was spotted with her look alike teenage son. Sep 7, 2019 347
Task force formed by HR ministry against forced conversions of religious believes. Sep 4, 2019 192
Reconciliation with the Jews prayer passes first reading. Gardner, Matt Sep 1, 2019 529
Himachal passes bill against religious conversion. Aug 30, 2019 319
He Posed as a Righteous Jewish Convert for 19 Years, then Wrote a 2,000-Page Anti-Semitic Screed. Aug 8, 2019 918
Jharkhand CM expresses concern over religious conversion of tribals. Aug 5, 2019 245
Jharkhand CM on religious conversion of tribals: No one can eradicate their identity. Aug 5, 2019 241
Anglican Church of Canada No Longer to Pray for Conversion of Jews. Aug 5, 2019 275
Subtle religious conversion of Orang Asli children still going on in schools, say experts. Jul 27, 2019 778
Kelantan names 27-year-old 'community icon 2019' for converting Orang Asli to Islam. Jun 28, 2019 282
Rights group: Why is UKM involved in Kelantan Orang Asli's religious conversion? Jun 23, 2019 397
Already/Never: Jewish-Porcine Conversion in the Middle English Children of the Oven Miracle. Pareles, Mo Jun 22, 2019 10256
American woman dies 9 days after converting to Islam. Jun 21, 2019 130
Religious conversions of Kelantan Orang Asli? Stop preying on the weak, Muslim preachers warned. Jun 21, 2019 728
Report: Kelantan religious council aims to convert Orang Asli to Islam within 30 years. Jun 21, 2019 627
A Journey to Judaism on Pointe. Lansky, Chava Pearl Jun 18, 2019 164
Survey finds that 52% of Israelis want it to be Easier to Convert to Judaism. Jun 6, 2019 283
Moradabad: Bajrang Dal workers stall event, allege religious conversion. Jun 3, 2019 258
Colonized thinking insidious within prayer books. Miller, Catherine Jun 1, 2019 673
Prayer for reconciliation with the Jews up for first hearing at General Synod. Kidd, Joelle Jun 1, 2019 628
'Islam convert let Yazidi slave, 5, die of thirst'. Apr 10, 2019 311
Commission to probe girls' forced conversion to Islam. Apr 3, 2019 920
Travelling with the Idea of Taking Sides: Indonesian Pilgrimages to Jerusalem. Lucking, Mirjam Report Apr 1, 2019 11815
Ulema say Islam doesn't allow forced conversions. Mar 31, 2019 569
The Spiritual Journey of Wallace Stevens: How an Atheist Professor Nudged a Post-Christian Poet toward Catholicism. Glendon, Mary Ann Mar 22, 2019 6605
Hatred between Belief and Faith: Conversion in The End of the Affair and Till We Have Faces. Little, Brent Critical essay Mar 22, 2019 8988
Book Claims Trump was 'Baffled' by Ivanka's Conversion to Judaism. Mar 21, 2019 453
Prayer of reconciliation with the Jews. Poole, Ian Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2019 171
Catholicism: A journey to the heart of the faith. Feb 16, 2019 1117
Childcare institutions in Odisha indulging in acts of religious conversion: NCPCR. Feb 5, 2019 504
Why was Jesus baptized? Pitt, David A. Jan 1, 2019 532
Why I wanted to become a Catholic priest - Charlyboy. Dec 4, 2018 638
Joy: metanoia in action. Mcglone, Mary M. Column Nov 30, 2018 771
John Allen Chau: Police trying to recover body in stand-off with Sentinelese tribesmen; Indian authorities endured a tense face-off with endangered Sentinelese tribesmen who used arrows to kill American missionary John Chau who went to North Sentinel Island to convert inhabitants to Christianity. Nov 25, 2018 421
Neo-Nazi Moved to Israel in 'Judaism Conversion Bid'. Nov 13, 2018 627
No, Sinead O'Connor Has Not Converted to Hinduism Days After Converting To Islam. Nov 2, 2018 274
Sinead O'Connor announces conversion to Islam. Oct 27, 2018 157
Sinead O'Connor announces conversion to Islam. Oct 27, 2018 170
Buddhist dad wins court bid to cancel ex-wife's unilateral conversion of kids to Islam. Oct 16, 2018 905
Dubai-based Filipino-Emirati man narrates journey to accepting Islam. Sep 23, 2018 228
Listen: When John McCain Hilariously Announced He Was Converting to Judaism. Rosenberg, Yair Aug 27, 2018 187
A journey to Hajj that changed Islam in America. Aug 20, 2018 531
'Muslim hating' woman filmed by friend tying up and hitting man with hammer in humiliating attack; Emma Stoery and Lois Evans have been locked up for the mean and shameful assault on the vulnerable victim, an Islam convert. Aug 12, 2018 335
Will convert you to Islam: Owaisi to accused who cut Muslim man's beard. Aug 6, 2018 243
Becoming true disciples: It's time to rethink RC1A. Macalintal, Diana Aug 1, 2018 1691
Matli policeman helps Hindu family to convert to Islam. Jul 4, 2018 238
Pentecostals and Roman Catholics on Becoming a Christian: Spirit-Baptism, Faith, Conversion, Experience, and Discipleship in Ecumenical Perspective. Brief article Jul 1, 2018 125
Mass Conversion To Christianity: A Case Study Of Chuhra Community In Sialkot Distric (1880-1930). Case study Jun 30, 2018 8550
Retracing Jewish child refugees' journey to Britain. Jun 23, 2018 362
26 expat women convert to Islam in Oman during Ramadan. May 30, 2018 144
'No one deserves to die like that': Family of Sinead Wooding speak out on harrowing murder trial for the first time; Relatives of mum who was brutally murdered tell how 'control freak' boyfriend drew her in, made her convert to Islam then killed her with a female accomplice. May 26, 2018 1375
'Please... forgive us': story of my return to the church. Lambert, Don Essay May 18, 2018 942
Michele Bachmann Apologizes for Calling on Jews to Convert to Christianity. May 15, 2018 231
Five Hindu families convert to Islam. May 10, 2018 142
Five Hindu families convert to Islam. May 10, 2018 133
Woman accuses husband of forceful religious conversion in Haryana. Apr 6, 2018 197
Standing together with our Jewish sisters and brothers. Apr 1, 2018 620
Felt no pressure while converting to Islam: Usman Khawaja's wife-to-be. Mar 19, 2018 341
Over 3,000 people from 69 nationalities convert to Islam in UAE. Mar 12, 2018 557
Agra: Slum dwellers allegedly asked to convert to Christianity. Mar 10, 2018 266
Why do non-Muslims convert to Islam?. Mar 9, 2018 106
Dundee Law killer's Islam conversion. Feb 28, 2018 140
Top court to hear who has power to decide four Sarawakians' conversion out of Islam. Feb 26, 2018 1588
"Before I became a Christian, I attended the Greater Chicago Billy Graham Crusad. Feb 22, 2018 376
Conversion of Muslims: Three arrested over attack on journalists. Feb 14, 2018 155
Kochi yoga centre in soup over religious conversion, molestation. Feb 8, 2018 107
Simplified: The Federal Court's groundbreaking Indira Gandhi judgment. Feb 1, 2018 1822
Federal Court: Islam requires convert to consult spouse before changing child's faith. Jan 31, 2018 809
German far-right politician resigns after converting to Islam. Jan 25, 2018 348
Removal of prayer for conversion of the Jews to be revisited at General Synod. Folkins, Tali Jan 1, 2018 773
"The highest achievement of man:" Evelyn Waugh Preaching Divine Purpose through Temporal Creations. Salenius, Maria Critical essay Dec 22, 2017 6127
Sikhs in Pakistan 'being forced to convert to Islam'. Dec 17, 2017 275
Rajasthan HC sets guidelines for religious conversion. Dec 15, 2017 206
"Noxious Weed": Persecution in the Development of Korean Christianity. Yu, K. Kale Dec 1, 2017 10549
Eight prisoners convert to Islam in Dubai. Nov 30, 2017 153
Filipino prisoners convert to Islam in Sharjah. Nov 20, 2017 116
Romero speaks in the here and now. Sison, Antonio D. Column Nov 3, 2017 854
Jamaat-ud-Dawa: Converting Kuffar at Home, Killing Them Abroad. Fair, C. Christine Nov 1, 2017 8759
I'm grateful for the Crown's conclusion that my client is an idiot, not a terrorist; EX-SOLDIER'S LAWYER TELLS COURT.. Islam convert's drunken threats sparked alert. Sep 23, 2017 327
Former Bluebird Mulryne becomes a Catholic priest. Jul 12, 2017 328
THE END OF THE AFFAIR: A MODERNIST CONVERSION NARRATIVE. Hartwig, Heidi Critical essay Jun 22, 2017 4911
Young British Islam convert held in Syria pleads for release so he can see his mom. Jun 3, 2017 307
At World's End: Islam's Long Journey to Japan. May 30, 2017 1273
Binman 'fixated' on terrorism jailed; ISLAM CONVERT TOLD HIS WIFE HE WANTED TO BOMB RAF BASE. May 20, 2017 302
Apostasy and repentance in early medieval Zoroastrianism. Kiel, Yishai; Skjaervo, Prods Oktor Essay Apr 1, 2017 13648
Israeli Convert to Islam Arrested Trying to Join ISIS. Mar 2, 2017 707
Lindsay Lohan 'Inshallah' Instagram Post Stirs Islam Conversion Rumors Again. Feb 24, 2017 398
Conversion Bogey. Feb 20, 2017 1602
Lindsay Lohan Confirms Islam Conversion, 'Mean Girls' Sequel? Feb 13, 2017 530
Faith-based volunteering can pave a path to vocations. Daniels, Kristen Whitney Feb 10, 2017 1407
Is Ivanka Trump Really Jewish? Jan 27, 2017 1102
a[euro]Online Conversion' Helps Fulfill a Longtime Dream, but Controversy Dogs the Process. Jan 24, 2017 1368
Rumor About Lindsay Lohan Converting To Islam Dismissed. Jan 17, 2017 227
Follow me. McGlone, Mary M. Jan 13, 2017 883
The Church that never fell: Reconsidering the narrative of the Church, 100-400 CE. Otto, Jennifer Essay Jan 1, 2017 16113
Sabbatai Sevi's Conversion to Islam. Sisman, Cengiz Dec 22, 2016 260
Muslim Refugees In Germany Are Converting To Christianity. Dec 9, 2016 483
SA passes law banning conversion to Islam for under 18 Non-Muslims. Nov 25, 2016 563
Announcing the coming. McGlone, Mary M. Nov 18, 2016 811
Christian Jordanian journalist announces conversion to Islam on Facebook. Oct 13, 2016 278
Write a sacred image: when artists create an icon, they engage in a centuries-long sacramental and theological practice. Their work reveals the unseen face of God. Ryan, Jonathan Travel narrative Sep 28, 2016 1204
97 inmates in Sharjah convert to Islam. Sep 26, 2016 126
On faith and fanaticism: converts from Judaism and the limits of toleration in late imperial Russia. Schainker, Ellie R. Report Sep 22, 2016 12303
French Jews are Converting to Islam and Even Joining ISIS. Sep 16, 2016 310
Kuwaitis of bygone era brave arduous journeys to reach Islam's zenith. Sep 8, 2016 358
Conversion of Jews prayer 'perpetuates anti-Semitism'. Sep 1, 2016 393
164 expats convert to Islam every day. Jul 20, 2016 119
Church planting and church growth in western Europe: an analysis. Paas, Stefan; Vos, Alrik Report Jul 1, 2016 3743
Islam does not allow forced conversion of non Muslims: Zafarul Haq. Jun 18, 2016 429
Facing up to privilege requires conversion. Curran, Charles E. Essay Jun 17, 2016 1591
250 expats convert to Islam in Ramadan - IPC. Jun 11, 2016 145
Three Poems for Shavuot about Ruth, a Moabite Woman Considered to Be the First Convert to Judaism. Dreifus, Erika Jun 9, 2016 128
Enclaved teen's conversion to Islam should not be politicised, Photiou says. May 4, 2016 531
Trump 'Very Supportive' of Daughter's Conversion to Judaism. Apr 14, 2016 334
21 inmates convert to Islam in Sharjah. Apr 5, 2016 154
Tony Khalife says yes to his son being gay but refuses to let him convert to Islam. Mar 17, 2016 167
transgender tara: i found church and it saved my life; ...but health worker has to defend her views after converting to Catholicism. Jan 31, 2016 567
"These are a swinging bunch of people": Sammy Davis, Jr., religious conversion, and the color of Jewish ethnicity. Davis, Rebecca L. Jan 1, 2016 11603
Convert to Islam jailed for MP threats. Dec 31, 2015 114
UAE centre helps 2,200 people convert to Islam. Dec 29, 2015 330
Boob Tube: Jenna Jameson's Conversion to Judaism, Wedding, Will Be a Reality TV Show in Israel. Zalman, Jonathan Oct 28, 2015 126
Myanmar restricts religious conversions. Oct 1, 2015 135
A research symposium Menno Simons, The Blasphemy of Jan van Leiden: When and why was it written? Stayer, James M.; Isaak, Helmut; De Bakker, Willem Report Oct 1, 2015 15188
Cardinal condemns legislation. Brief article Sep 25, 2015 220
Converting to Judaism Changed How I Feel About My Body. Beverly, Deborah A. Jul 16, 2015 165
ISRAEL - July 5 - Israeli Cabinet Rejects Measure To Ease Jewish Conversions. Jul 11, 2015 408
Tottenham striker Emmanuel Adebayor appears to convert to Islam in ceremony; The Spurs hitman was thought to have been a practising Christian until recently, uploading images of himself with a priest to Facebook. Jul 7, 2015 177
12 convert to Islam at Ramadan lecture. Jun 28, 2015 582
When I became a Muslim... Jun 18, 2015 448
Protestant conversion and social conflict: the case of the Hmong in contemporary Vietnam. Ngo, Tam T.T. Jun 1, 2015 10239
Imprisoned journalist beaten in prison for conversion to Christianity. May 13, 2015 544
Bulgaria Marks 1150th Anniversary of Conversion to Christianity. May 2, 2015 182
Books to save your soul: from Dante's Divine Comedy to two new memoirs of faith. Dreher, Rod Essay May 1, 2015 2486
Wow! Walk with Peter on a journey of discovery. DeWolfe, Laurence May 1, 2015 668
Asking over the back fence: an idea to bring new people to church. Farris, stephen Apr 1, 2015 595
Religious conversion; Former church being transformed into condominiums. Nugent, Karen Mar 23, 2015 749
How an Irish Convert to Judaism Celebrates St. Patrick's Day. Rivka, Gavriela Mar 12, 2015 210
Islam Wants to Convert Rome. Mar 11, 2015 1105
Why are They Converting to Islam?. Feb 12, 2015 105
Burma's Religious Conversion Bill: Major Setback for Religious Freedom and Human Rights. Jan 24, 2015 694
Forced conversion of Muslims to Hindusim. Jan 22, 2015 642
Holy Moly! Liam Neeson: "I'm NOT converting to Islam". Jan 14, 2015 513
The Christian minority under serious threat. Brief article Jan 1, 2015 260
La conversion al islam como estrategia de cambio y diferenciacion en la modernidad. Sarrazin, Jean Paul; Rincon, Lina Jan 1, 2015 10805
Preaching rhetorical invention: Poeta and Paul in the Digby Conversion of St Paul. Hubert, Ann Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 9065
Ghar Vapasi Different from Forcible Conversions. Dec 22, 2014 2460
Eight more Hindus convert to Christianity amid raging conversion row. Dec 21, 2014 469
Shah favours law to stop religious conversions. Dec 12, 2014 383
BSP, Congress question PM on religious conversion. Dec 10, 2014 543
ISIS Ferguson Game: Asks Protesters To Convert To Islam Before Sending Militants. Dec 1, 2014 492
IS Jihadi: Convert to Islam and we'll help fight riot cops. Nov 28, 2014 428
Paris Prosecutor Says Latest Islamic State Beheading Video Includes 22YearOld French Convert to Islam. Nov 17, 2014 179
Knesset approves bill to ease converting to Judaism for easier emigration to Palestine. Nov 3, 2014 210
Conversion to Ahmadiyya in Indonesia: winning hearts through ethical and spiritual appeals. Burhani, Ahmad Najib Nov 1, 2014 11805
Love Jihad and the Roots of Hate. Oct 20, 2014 2539
IS, Al-Qaeda tarnishing image of Islam, says Belgian convert. Oct 7, 2014 398
For One Convert to Judaism, the Days of Awe Mark a Renewed Commitment-This Year More than Ever. Blomquist, C.A. Sep 23, 2014 152
Muslim attacked his girlfriend after row over gelatine sweets; Relationship strained after conversion to Islam meant he refused to celebrate Xmas. Sep 8, 2014 434
Sign of reconciliation and conversion? Differing views of power--ecclesial, sacramental, anthropological--among hierarchy and laity. Morrill, Bruce T. Essay Sep 1, 2014 13754
What might Bernard Lonergan say to Bruce Morrill? Mudd, Joseph C. Essay Sep 1, 2014 4793
Reconciliation and the church: a response to Bruce Morrill. Flanagan, Brian P. Essay Sep 1, 2014 5240
The Islamic State blow up two Yazidi Shrines, and kill 70 Yazidis after refusing to convert to Islam. Aug 4, 2014 183
ISIS forces Iraqi Christians to convert to Islam, pay protection tax or die. Jul 19, 2014 156
I was taking drugs, drinking & smoking but I was empty inside.. it was around this time Allah Most Great showed me the way; 'Paddy Jihadi' tells of conversion to islam. Jul 8, 2014 907
I was taking drugs, drinking & smoking but I was empty inside.. it was around this time Allah Most Great showed me the way; ULSTER JIHADI TELLS OF CONVERSION TO ISLAM. Jul 8, 2014 1065
ULSTER'S FREEDOM FIGHTER; family devastated as man JOINS REBELS IN SYRIA 25-yr-old 'ready to die' in Middle East war after his conversion to Islam He told mum he was going on holiday to Turkey. Jul 2, 2014 1175
Annie Jonas Wells: Jewish daughter, Episcopal wife, independent intellectual. Gensheimer, Cynthia Francis Essay Jul 1, 2014 21229
10 convert to Islam at New Muslim Forum. Jun 30, 2014 434
Western Women and Islam: Embracing and Negotiating Muslim Identity. Jun 30, 2014 11931
Rebirth pangs: conflicting conversion morphologies in Baptist believers' churches. Leonard, Bill J. Essay Jun 22, 2014 8272
Burma: Religious Conversion Law Threatens Religious Freedom. Jun 13, 2014 862
Israel Rejects Africans' Request to Convert to Judaism. Jun 11, 2014 493
The Nazi Doctor Who Got Away With Mass Murder, Fled to Cairo, and Became a Muslim. Mikics, David Jun 9, 2014 273
Woman to Face Death Row After Converting to Christianity, Finds Freedom; British PM David Cameron Calls Verdict 'Barbaric'. Jun 3, 2014 373
Conversion to Islam and interfaith marriage in "Sabah", Malaysia. Sintang, Suraya; Hambali, Khadijah; Baharuddin, Azizan; Ahmad, Mahmud; Nor, Mohd Roslan Mohd; Kadir, Jun 1, 2014 9608
A Jewish Convert's Shavuot Recipe: Baked Sea Bass With Old Bay. Friedman, Marcia May 30, 2014 189
Jewish Convert To Islam Convicted For Inciting Terror. Apr 29, 2014 403
A Black Classical Singer and Convert to Judaism Embraces the Negro Spirituals Heard at Some Passover Seders. Russell, Anthony Apr 7, 2014 101
St. Louis Congregation Seeks to Convert Jews to Christianity. Wilf, Lily Mar 12, 2014 150
Never Forsaken. Schneider, Patricia Mar 1, 2014 628
A global community: is there an 'other?' Or is there only 'we?'. Scrivens, Mona Essay Mar 1, 2014 1863
Liam is Taken with Islam but is no convert. Feb 26, 2014 139
Hindus in Pakistan angered over forced conversions to Islam. Feb 17, 2014 331
Forcing people to convert to Islam un-Islamic : Imran Says TTP should refrain from violence. Feb 15, 2014 280
We bind ourselves to the one who, in the binding, sets us free. Feb 14, 2014 1206
Governor KP appreciates narratives of those converting to Islam. Feb 11, 2014 462
The miraculous medal: origin, history, circulation, results. Aladel, M. Feb 1, 2014 467
L'chaim, Natalie! Portman's been spreading the good news - her husband's converting to Judaism! Jan 29, 2014 242
Natalie Portman's Husband Benjamin Millepied to Convert to Judaism. Wilf, Lily Jan 29, 2014 161
Andrew Marvell's 'The Coronet': doubleness, conversion, and meditation. Cousins, A.D. Critical essay Jan 1, 2014 6132
Freezing of assets of Islamic NGOs 'open door' to conversions of poor Muslims: Brotherhood. Dec 27, 2013 314
Ellison explains how and why he became a Muslim. Dec 13, 2013 828
Tila Tequila, Convert to Judaism, Poses as Sexy Hitler Atop Auschwitz. Leibovitz, Liel Dec 9, 2013 110
A Dip in the Mikveh Became One of the Most Meaningful Parts of My Conversion to Judaism. Abramson, Leigh McMullan Dec 3, 2013 138
Ecclesial conversion after Vatican II: renewing "the face of the church" to reflect "the genuine face of God". Rush, Ormond Essay Dec 1, 2013 8906
Bernard Lonergan and the recovery of a metaphysical frame. Ormerod, Neil Essay Dec 1, 2013 10129
Conversion of monasteries to Islam gathers pace in Turkey. Nov 26, 2013 317
Simon Cowell to Convert to Judaism for Girlfriend Lauren Silverman? Nov 14, 2013 311
Ka Freddie considers converting to Islam to be able to marry young GF. Nov 2, 2013 1543
Many people from different nationalities convert to Islam. Oct 25, 2013 248
More residents from different nationalities convert to Islam. Oct 24, 2013 317
Muslim prison gangs bullying UK inmates to convert to Islam. Oct 21, 2013 149
Not great deeds, but great love. Jalsevac, John Column Oct 1, 2013 832
An unexpected gift of chronic illness. McGee, Teresa Rhodes Sep 27, 2013 760
Imran claims to convert four non-Muslims into Islam. Sep 16, 2013 211
Imran claims to convert four non-Muslims into Islam. Sep 16, 2013 211
From the editor's desk. Schultenover, David G. Column Sep 1, 2013 967
Akram's `Islam-convert` Oz wife learning Urdu. Aug 22, 2013 139
Akram marries `Islam-convert` Aussie girlfriend in Lahore. Aug 22, 2013 185
Man convicted for converting. Brief article Aug 2, 2013 285
Malaysian Woman Wins Landmark Case Against Religious Conversion of Children to Islam. Jul 26, 2013 345
Malaysia: Controversial Religious Child Conversion Bill to be Withdrawn. Jul 6, 2013 409
Catholic theologians discuss conversion, dialogue with bishops. Manson, Jamie L. Jul 5, 2013 970
Continuing conversion: boundless love in God's alternative community. Livingston, Kevin Cover story Jul 1, 2013 1756
Malaysian Law of One Parent Consent for Child's Religious Conversion Draws Major Criticism. Jun 29, 2013 317
Eliezer Berkovits on conversion: an inclusive Orthodox approach. Ellenson, David Essay Jun 22, 2013 7312
Mom Wants Islamic Centre to Revoke Religious Conversion of Her Underage Children. Jun 8, 2013 418
Female American convert to Islam killed in Syria; parents want answers. Jun 3, 2013 148
Protestantizing the Catholic Church. Troide, Lars Essay Jun 1, 2013 761
New Muslims say conversion is a long journey. May 20, 2013 947
'Islam convert' Bayern player 'furious' after getting beer-soaked despite warning after Bundesliga win. May 14, 2013 187
Vice Chairman of UK Deutsche Bank Declares his Conversion to Islam in Riyadh. May 5, 2013 101
Maritime partisans. Shlapentokh, Dmitry May 1, 2013 1393
Teen girls converting to Islam in bid to win Justin Bieber's gig tickets. Apr 23, 2013 126
Norway TV show asked girls to "convert to Islam" for... Apr 22, 2013 284
Did Justin Bieber Fans Convert To Islam For Tickets In Norway? [VIDEO]. Apr 18, 2013 356
Jethro the convert. Reiss, Moshe Essay Apr 1, 2013 2404
The great continuous conversion: understanding who and whose we are. Vissers, John Column Apr 1, 2013 591
"Such Fire Is Love": the Bernardine poetry of St. Robert Southwell, S.J. Shaw, Diana Marie Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 9683
Proclaiming Vs Proselytizing. Mar 17, 2013 1804
Prison piety: no taxpayer-funded evangelism behind bars. Boston, Rob Mar 1, 2013 1131
A criminal court in Beni Suef, Egypt, has sentenced a woman and her seven children to fifteen years in prison for converting to Christianity. Gajewski, Karen Ann Brief article Mar 1, 2013 102
Abbas Invites Ahmadinejad to Visit Ramallah Iran Institutes New Punishment: Public Amputations Israel Threatens to Deport African American Convert to Judaism. Feb 8, 2013 2072
Live the message of Islam, says Canadian convert. Jan 31, 2013 1613
Thousands convert to Islam in Dubai. Jan 23, 2013 382
Egyptian court sentences family to 15 yrs jail for converting to Christianity. Jan 17, 2013 227
The times of conversion. Kruger, Steven F. Essay Jan 1, 2013 9589
Alleged conversion trial postponed in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia trial on alleged conversion trial postponed. Nov 27, 2012 722
Family of five converts to Islam. Oct 31, 2012 561
Saudi court postpones conversion trial. Oct 14, 2012 364
Fadel Shaker sells off his songs to concentrate on religious conversion. Oct 9, 2012 159
Gay and Godly: coming to Jesus in James Baldwin's Go Tell It on the Mountain. Waitinas, Catherine Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 4853
Convert girl Manisha seeks court protection. Aug 13, 2012 128
Convert girl Manisha seeks court protection. Aug 12, 2012 128
Convert girl Manisha seeks court protection. Aug 12, 2012 128
Saudi runaway has reportedly left Sweden. Aug 5, 2012 405
25 Filipinos embrace Islam after lecture. Aug 4, 2012 1349
25 Filipinos embrace Islam after lecture. Aug 3, 2012 497
Christian and Muslim Tensions Rise in Gaza over Conflicting Kidnap Reports. Jul 27, 2012 507
'New home' for Anglicans. Brief article Jul 20, 2012 140
The Real Threat To Gaza's Christians: Forced Conversions Or Poverty? Jul 18, 2012 533
MLA attack betrays communal chinks. Jul 5, 2012 528
The problem of the prodigal in The Fair Maid of the West, A Christian Turned Turk, and the Renegado. Mabie, Joshua Essay Jun 22, 2012 8532
Reading the self, reading the Bible (or is it a Novel?): the differing typological hermeneutics of Augustine's Confessions and Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. Hinojosa, Lynne Walhout Critical essay Jun 22, 2012 10469
Eastern right: conservative minds convert to Orthodox Christianity. Dreher, Rod Jun 1, 2012 2026
Israel's High Court Affirms that Thousands of Jewish Conversions are Kosher. May 30, 2012 749
A Convert's Bible Stories. Blomquist, C.A. May 23, 2012 1335
Europe frets over converts to Islam. May 11, 2012 191
Iranian VP: European Leaders Fear Spread of Islam. Apr 22, 2012 209
Pak Hindus reject girl's claims of converting to Islam, marrying Muslim by her choice. Apr 16, 2012 205

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