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Controls upgrade coming next year.

Engel Canada Inc., Guelph, Ont., is rolling out its first injection machine control system to feature a touchscreen interface with graphical active touch area and PC-type control elements. The new CC 200 controller, to be introduced to North America in the spring of 2005, is said to help molders solve processing problems more easily and more efficiently than before.

A new sequence editor feature enables the operator to program even the most complex machine and robot sequences quickly and easily and without any special programming know-how. The user interface is designed so that a molding cycle can be configured step by step simply by stringing together a number of predefined symbols (with explanatory text, if desired J in the form of a flow chart. Operating sequences and parameters can be preset on an external PC prior to the actual production run and can be simulated on a "virtual machine."

Graphical displays of speed and pressure profiles can be set and modified in three ways: by raising or lowering values with adjusting keys, by inputting the values digitally (as in the current CC 100 system), or by touching the large graphic window with a finger or pen. The 32 MB compact flash disk memory can store up to 600 sets of mold data--20 times more than the conventional diskette of the CC 100. Tel: (519) 836-0220 * PTDirect: 819LR
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Title Annotation:KEEPING UP WITH: Injection Molding
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Jun 1, 2004
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