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Controlling the amount of lubricant you need.

A Bielomatik automated lubrication system that controls precisely the amount of lubricant released without overspill to rotating and moving parts is a standard feature on many of the packaging machines designed and built by Kliklok-Woodman.

Chosen for its precise auto-lube release, the Bielomatik system enhances the smooth trouble-free performance of Kliklok-Woodman equipment and also eliminates much of what would normally be routine manual maintenance, saving on time and preventing oversight of such an important function.


Cleanliness coupled with reliability is naturally a core machine design criteria for the industries served by Kliklok-Woodman and this is maintained throughout with the integration of a single line, Bielomatik systems delivering lubrication directly to where required without overspill and without polluting the surrounding area.

Predominantly for the food industry, Kliklok-Woodman's range of durable and efficient packaging equipment includes top load carton/tray forming, horizontal end load cartoning, carton closing, automatic product handling, wrap-around sleeving, bagmaking and end-of-line machinery.

Within a Bielomatik system arrangements for discharge of the lubrication vary depending on the Kliklok-Woodman machine, however, in the main, most take advantage of Bielomatik piston metering valves to control release of lubricants from a small storage tank, using either electrically or pneumatically operated pumps.

After each discharge of a precise quantity of lubricant, the metering valves recharge automatically, ready for the next lubrication cycle.

Kliklok-Woodman engineers have taken full advantage of the Bielomatik system ensuring that where component lubrication is necessary, frequent, small measured dosing, applied as the machinery is moving, is far more effective and it has a tremendous cost advantage. End users benefit since there is virtually no maintenance, the life-cycle of a machine is extended since the Bielomatik system helps reduce component wear and there is a very real cut in lubricant usage compared with traditional manual methods of lubrication; and it eliminates that 'forgotten occasion' when multiple point manual greasing is overlooked.

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Comment:Controlling the amount of lubricant you need.(PACKAGING)
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Mar 1, 2008
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