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Watlow Electric Manufacturing has unveiled its microprocessor-based SCR Power Series controllers, which offer the latest technology in SCRpower control. The controllers can be used for oven and furnace manufacturing as well as applications in the heat treating industry, including: vacuum furnaces, aluminum melting, holding furnaces and large autoclaves. Features include: field-configurable phase-angle or zero cross firing for improved application flexibility on site; 50/60 Hz independent operation for usage almost anywhere; snap fitting on a premounted, removable mounting subplate for ease of installation; heater and control diagnostics capabilities to monitor actual heater and control performance and help eliminate initial startup problems; serial communications utilizing Modbus RTU protocol for remote control setup, computer control and monitoring of load status from a nearby computer station or control room; and single-and three-phase models from 60-245 amps.-Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co.
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Publication:Modern Casting
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Jan 1, 2000
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