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Controlled/Modified Atmosphere Packaging of Foods.


Edited by Aaron L Brody Besides the editor, eight other contributors were involved in writing this book which tackles a subject receiving great attention at this time. Strangely enough it is not particularly new but its widespread application to food products is. Originally its worth was noted back in the 1950s but at time there was no obvious application potential. However, in the last five years or so there has been great interest in this field. Developments have occurred in the use of packs using a mixture of gases, those with reduced pressure, etc.

In a way this topic has had an unusual history in that it has been kept under wraps. Until very recently the information on the work done was not freely available simply because those companies who had invested money in developing the ideas quite rightly kept the knowledge to themselves. However, that became less of a problem when the regulatory agencies started to look at the process. At that stage a lot more information became public knowledge. For the sake of the industry this is all to the good but it does mean that a lot of the history of the subject has been lost. For instance, the introduction of low oxygen conditions in relation to food products does raise the problem of what happens to anaerobic fermentations that could be encouraged but all this is, as they say, history and so this book is something of a tribute to the unsung pioneers of this technique.

Following an introduction by the editor, the other nine contributions address the following topics: Modified atmosphere/vacuum packaging of meat, Modified atmoshpere packaging of poultry and related products, Modified atmosphere packaging of seafoods, Modified atmosphere packaging of horticultural commodities, Individual seal-packaging of fruit and vegetables in plastics film, Modified atmosphere packaging of bakery products, Modified atmosphere packaging of precooked foods, Oxygen absorbers, and Microbiological safety of modified/controlled atmosphere/vacuum packaged foods.
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Author:Binsted, Howard
Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Mar 1, 1990
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