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HVAC UV Germicidal Irradiation UV-C Fixtures. Rodgers, Brian; Saputa, Dean Jan 1, 2017 2067
Simplified procedure for calculating exhaust/intake separation distances. Petersen, Ron L.; Ritter, Jared Report Jul 1, 2016 10024
A good sign for cleaner air. Sep 1, 2014 215
Variable volume DOAS fan-powered terminal unit. Int-hout, Dan; Wilbar, Lilli Aug 1, 2014 2460
Evaluation on the validity of the assumptions underlying C[O.sub.2]-based demand-controlled ventilation by a literature review. Lin, Xingbin; Lau, Josephine; Yuill, Grenville K. Report Jan 1, 2014 4189
Application of heat pump-driven two-stage desiccant wheel system in office buildings. Tu, Rang; Liu, Xiaohua; Zhang, Tao; Jiang, Yi Report Jan 1, 2014 3695
Breathing and cross-infection risk in the microenvironment around people. Nielsen, Peter V.; Zajas, Jan; Litewnicki, Michal; Jensen, Rasmus L. Report Jan 1, 2014 3353
Effect of chemical reactions in the personal micro-environment on inhaled air quality. Russo, Jackie; Khalifa, H. Ezzat Report Jan 1, 2014 3291
Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) in hospital HVAC decreases ventilator associated pneumonia. Leach, Timothy; Scheir, Robert Report Jan 1, 2014 4010
Air balancing area factors. Int-Hout, Dan Sep 1, 2013 1467
Deal with manure & then don't suck. Lstiburek, Joseph W. Jul 1, 2013 2674
Assessment of impacts produced by anthropogenic sources in a little city near an important industrial area (Modugno, Southern Italy). Amodio, Martino; de Gennaro, Gianluigi; Marzocca, Annalisa; Trizio, Livia; Tutino, Maria Report Jan 1, 2013 6639
Seasonality and dynamic spatial contagion of air pollution in 42 Chinese cities. He, Zhanqiong; Sriboonchita, Songsak; He, Min Report Jan 1, 2013 15833
Working to improve the air in Mexico. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 267
Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) - design vs. actual operation (are aggressive energy targets achievable?). Burbank, Jason J.; Marmaras, Justin M.; Kosanovic, Dragoljub B. Report Jan 1, 2013 3631
Methods for effective room air distribution: Part two. Int-Hout, Dan Dec 1, 2012 2967
DOAS, radiant cooling revisted. Hastbacka, Mildred; Dieckmann, John; Bouza, Antonio Dec 1, 2012 1744
Methods for effective room air distribution: part one. Int-Hout, Dan Nov 1, 2012 2623
Demand--controlled ventilation for commercial kitchens. Schrock, Derek; Sandusky, Jimmy; Livchak, Andrey Nov 1, 2012 3705
Fuming about air quality. Mulholland, Jane Sep 22, 2012 1162
A simplified combined displacement and personalized ventilation model. Alain, Makhoul; Kamel, Ghali; Nesreen, Ghaddar Report Aug 1, 2012 6783
Thermal bridge redux. Lstiburek, Joseph W. Jul 1, 2012 1106
Influence of filter fiber material on removal of ultrafine and submicron particles using carbon fiber ionizer-assisted intermediate air filters. Shi, Bingbing; Ekberg, Lars E.; Truschel, Anders; Gusten, Jan Report Jan 1, 2012 3553
Impact of moving objects on contaminant concentration distributions in an inpatient ward with displacement ventilation. Mazumdar, Sagnik; Yin, Yanggao; Guity, Arash; Marmion, Paul; Gulick, Bob; Chen, Qingyan Report Sep 1, 2010 4546
VFD application for constant volume air-handling units. Cho, Young-Hum; Liu, Mingsheng; Wang, Gang; Wang, Jinrong; Rauscher, Timothy Report Jul 1, 2009 2115
CO City Posts Signs Suggesting Turning Off of Idling Cars. Brief Article Feb 17, 2004 146

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