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Bad Boys Pest Control Company cooperates with Christian New Life Association to help people recoverin. Oct 22, 2021 472
Man makes nightmare discovery after spotting something while washing his car; Les Stagg was told the hornetseason had 'gone crazy' and could last until November and December -Pest control experts say they are facing calls every day. By, Daniel Windham & Graeme Murray Sep 27, 2021 449
Giant rats 'the size of cats' invading British homes through our toilets, expert warns; Pest control expert Andrew Dellbridge says giant rodents "the size of cats" are on the loose in Norwich -with infestations driving clients out of their home and invading properties through the toilet. By, Ryan Fahey Sep 27, 2021 419
Rats invading homes through toilets as one shocked woman finds pest in bathroom; Andrew Dellbridge, head of Ace Pest Control, has seen rats 'as big as cats' in Norwich with rodents becoming 'bigger and braver', forcing one couple in the city to leave their home. By, Matthew Dresch Sep 24, 2021 471
Malaysian pest control providers tread carefully amid C-19 pandemic. Sep 1, 2021 931
Toxicity of the Jaburetox peptide to the multi-host insectpest Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae. Didone, Dielli Aparecida; Lopes, Fernanda Cortez; Martinelli, Anne Hellene Souza; Ceccon, Cassia Can Report Sep 1, 2021 6224
Re-examination of morphological variations in the female internal genitalia of Helicoverpa armigera and Helicoverpa zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) for identification and pest management. Amano, Takayuki; Nomura, Masashi Report Sep 1, 2021 2571
Tadweer signs new contracts for pest control in Al Ain. Aug 30, 2021 429
Report any case suspected to be due to harmful use of pesticides, says pest control board. Jul 23, 2021 458
Proper fertilization and pest and disease management in coffee plants. Jul 23, 2021 784
Unsettled weather could cause influx of wasps in UK homes this summer; Aviva warns that nearly 13,000 wasp infestations were dealt with by a pest control service between April and October last year and we could see another surge. By, Vicky Shaw Jun 28, 2021 249
Pest control service rejected over cost. Jun 11, 2021 247
Pest control call-out fees to be scrapped; Council to bin charges for a year in war on vermin. JUDITH TONNER Jun 9, 2021 406
Praise for pest control workers. Jun 5, 2021 223
Toxicicity and histological changes caused by insecticides in Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) eggs. Soares, Walyson Silva; Junior, Salmo de Melo Davi; Fernandes, Maria Elisa de Sena; Souza, Edmilson A Report Jun 1, 2021 3652
Switching from rice wine to pest control. May 20, 2021 265
Residents could face fees for council pest control services. May 18, 2021 202
Short Communication - Efficacy of Naturally Occurring Chemicals for the Integrated Control of Varroa destructor (Anderson and Trueman) in Honeybee Colonies. Report May 16, 2021 2054
DAIL'S FULL OF CRAP... AND IT COST TAXPAYER [euro]73K TO CLEAR IT OUT; Pigeon dropping listed in bill for pest control at Leinster House. KEN FOXE May 9, 2021 469
Rentokil Initial sees Pest Control return to organic growth as it prepares for disinfection activities to taper off. Apr 23, 2021 329
Waynes Acquires Kirkland's Pest Control. Apr 13, 2021 183
Waynes Acquires Kirkland's Pest Control. Apr 13, 2021 163
EcoClear signs pest control distribution agreement with Nutrien Ag Solutions. Apr 6, 2021 164
Halle Capital Management Launches Pest Control Firm Rockit Pest, Which Acquires Spencer Pest Services. Apr 5, 2021 194
Halle Capital Management Launches Pest Control Firm Rockit Pest, Which Acquires Spencer Pest Services. Apr 5, 2021 165
Huge rat infestations could hit pubs and restaurants when they open after lockdown; Pest control experts say calls to report rodents have risen, and fear that this will only increase when businesses reopen as existing Covid restrictions are lifted. By, Robin Cottle Mar 29, 2021 446
TOP NEWS: Rentokil Hygiene, Pest Control units help boost 2020 revenue. Mar 4, 2021 366
'Two-tier' system for pest control criticised. ALEX METCALFE Local democracy reporter @Mecs_LDR Feb 26, 2021 478
Some tips on pest management and fertilization. Taculao, Patricia Bianca S. Jan 6, 2021 717
RESCUE Smarter Pest Control[R]. Jan 1, 2021 490
The effectiveness of field pest management and culling at harvest for risk mitigation of two fruit flies affecting citrus in China. Xia, Yulu; He, Jiayao; Liu, Hui; Xiao, Fulian; Xiao, Linzuo; Ma, Xingli; Lu, Guocai; Lin, Zhushan; P Report Dec 1, 2020 5121
Effect of natural and artificial diets on protease activity in the midgut of Spodoptera cosmioides and Spodoptera eridania (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae. Rocha, Francelina Aparecida Duarte; Merino-Cabrera, Yaremis Beatriz; Pereira, Eliseu Jose Guedes; Za Report Dec 1, 2020 4768
Field capture of male oriental fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) in traps baited with solid dispensers containing varying amounts of methyl eugenol. Shelly, Todd; Kurashima, Rick; Fezza, Thomas Report Dec 1, 2020 2254
Chinese firms invest in mango pest control. Nov 16, 2020 625
Kalro promotes organic pest control methods for food safety. Nov 1, 2020 350
What Bugs Your Bees in Winter? Burlew, Rusty Nov 1, 2020 1203
Cash-for-rats seen as a source of income in Pampanga town. Oct 24, 2020 529
Council bosses of 'rat capital' insist there's no longer a problem in Sunderland; This is despite calls to spend [pounds sterling]10,000 on pest control. By, Chris Binding Sep 28, 2020 951
ShieldTec offers premium sanitation, deep cleaning and pest control services. Sep 15, 2020 651
Pest control work is kept secret from competitors; council secrecy upheld by information commissioner. ED OLDFIELD Local Democracy Reporter Sep 12, 2020 423
Efficacy of Management and Monitoring Methods to Prevent Post-Harvest Losses Caused by Rodents. Krijger, Inge M.; Gort, Gerrit; Belmain, Steven R.; Koerkamp, Peter W.G. Groot; Shafali, Rokeya B.; Report Sep 1, 2020 8975
Dilemmas in the Management of Liminal Rodents--Attitudes of Dutch Pest Controllers. A.A.Gerwen, Maite M. van; Nieuwland, Joachim; Lith, Hein A. van; Meijboom, Franck L.B. Report Sep 1, 2020 9795
Assessing genetic diversity of three species of potato tuber moths (Gelechiidae, Lepidoptera) in the Ecuadorian highlands. Fu, Zhen; Carrillo, Carmen I. Castillo; Rashed, Arash; Asaquibay, Cesar; Aucancela, Rodrigo; Camacho Report Sep 1, 2020 4714
Effects of Infertility by Cabergoline on Serum Sex Hormones and the Inter-and Intra-Sexual Social Behaviors of Female Rattus losea. Jiao Qin; Qian-Qian Su; Quan-Sheng Liu Report Aug 31, 2020 5870
Fox Pest Control raises $10,000 for Operation Underground Railroad. Submitted by Luci Peterson Aug 4, 2020 400
Boost Biodiversity with Regenerative Agriculture: Produce healthy food and manage pests by focusing on soil health and promoting biodiversity. Lundgren, Jonathan Jul 25, 2020 1425
Pest control experts trap slot on TV show. Jul 24, 2020 485
Horror as rat found hiding in baby's cot amid surge in rodent invasions on lockdown; Mike Flynn, the boss of Heron Cross-based Alpha Pest Control, was called out by a worried father who spotted the rat scuttling across the upstairs landing and heading into the toddler's bedroom. By, Hayley Parker Jul 2, 2020 430
Government: Pest control firm's [pounds sterling]108m PPE contract issued 'in error'. Poppy Wood Jul 1, 2020 931
Farmers bomb FG over 13bn approval for pest control. Jun 19, 2020 550
Nigeria approves N13b for pest control in 12 northern states. Jun 14, 2020 326
COVID-19: FG approves N13bn intervention fund for pest control. Jun 14, 2020 333
COVID-19: FG approves N13bn intervention fund for pest control. Jun 13, 2020 362
Tadweer launches pest control at Abu Dhabi sites. Jun 1, 2020 364
Lockdown driving rats into our homes as pest control reports spike in activity; Rodents are sneaking into houses in search of meals after restaurants closed, according to experts, as the British Pest Control Association reports an increase in activity. By, Neil Shaw & Chiara Fiorillo Apr 19, 2020 655
Why lockdown is driving rats into our homes; Pest control experts have seen a rise in the number of calls for help. By, Neil Shaw Apr 19, 2020 695
Population Dynamics and Life History of Locusta migratoria tibetensis Chen in Lhasa River. Jyoti, Bhandari; Shali, Yasen; Zehua, Zhang; Xiaoho, Yao; Jiang, Deng; Yaling, Zhang; Cuiling, Wang; Report Apr 10, 2020 6753
Sub-lethal Dose Reponses of Native Polyhydroviruses and Spinosad for Economical and Sustainable Management of Spodoptera litura in Pakistan. Ahmad, Jam Nazeer; Mushtaq, Rashid; Ahmad, Samina Jam Nazeer; Malik, Mubasher Ahmad; Manzoor, Mujahi Report Apr 10, 2020 6951
Biological Degradation of some Synthetic and Bio-Pesticides Sprayed on Cauliflower Crop. Akbar, Muhammad Faheem; Haq, Muhammad Abdul; Ahmad, Imtiaz; Viliana, Vasileva; Sultan, Amjad Report Apr 10, 2020 5133
Efficacy and Feasibility of Various IPM Tools against PoD Borer (Helicoverpa armigera) of Chickpea in Thal Regions of Punjab. Abbas, Muneer; Ramzan, Muhammad; Hussain, Khalid; Ghaffar, Abdul; Hussain, Niaz; Irshad, Muhammad; K Report Apr 10, 2020 3933
Short Communication - Grape Infesting Mite Tetranychus urticae Koch. Resistance to Acaricides. Patil, Chandragouda M.; Udikeri, Shashikant S.; Karabhantanal, Shreeshail. S. Report Apr 10, 2020 3004
A Little Hops How-To: Get firsthand advice on starting and maintaining a small-scale hops farm. Herbert, Jason Apr 1, 2020 2198
China to help Pakistan establish comprehensive pest control system: Spokesperson. Mar 10, 2020 338
RAT DROPPINGS FOUND IN HOSPITAL X-RAY MACHINE; 100 pest control callouts to facility in past four years. DARRAGH MCDONAGH Mar 9, 2020 305
Why do the cockroaches keep coming back? All you need to know about pest control in the UAE. Huda Tabrez, Digital Content Specialist Feb 27, 2020 706
US Pest Control Company Killingsworth Enviromental Positions for Growth with Acquisitions. Feb 7, 2020 242
US Pest Control Company Killingsworth Enviromental Positions for Growth with Acquisitions. Feb 7, 2020 246
Not in My Backyard: Public Perceptions of Wildlife and 'Pest Control' in and around UK Homes, and Local Authority 'Pest Control'. Baker, Sandra E.; Maw, Stephanie A.; Johnson, Paul J.; Macdonald, David W. Report Feb 1, 2020 20850
Pest Control Chemicals Market 2020 : Manufacturers Analysis,Applications,Demand by Regions & Forecasts to 2024. Jan 21, 2020 893
Call-outs to deal with rats and mice plummet after fees for council service triples; In April 2019, pest control charges increased from [pounds sterling]40 to [pounds sterling]120 when dealing with rats, mice, cockroaches and bedbugs. Elizabeth Bradfield Jan 21, 2020 243
Eon Luxe Now The #1 New Release In Pest Control Category On Amazon Online Store. Jan 14, 2020 572
Research report explores the Pest Control Services Market will grow at 5.4% CAGR by 2016 - 2026 End. Jan 8, 2020 737
High price to rid jail of rats, flies and gulls "Maybe the best investment would be in a prison cat" Prison: PS12k spent on pest control. TAMSIN GRAY Jan 3, 2020 393
Insect Pest Control Market Outlook: Investors Still Miss the Big Assessment. Dec 19, 2019 959
HARVEY'S Pest Control Provides Top Tips to Prevent Bugs from Spoiling the Holiday Season. Dec 14, 2019 408
Pest control firm Rentokil crowned best UK employer. JESS CLARK @jclarkjourno Nov 26, 2019 353
Global Pest Control Services Market Report, 2019 with Forecasts Through 2020-2025. Report Nov 20, 2019 900
UK-Based Rentokil Initial Acquires Florida Pest Control. Nov 5, 2019 152
UK-Based Rentokil Initial Acquires Florida Pest Control. Nov 5, 2019 162
Rentokil Initial acquires Florida Pest Control. Nov 2, 2019 213
Rentokil Initial Buys Florida Pest Control For Undisclosed Amount. Nov 1, 2019 177
Award Winning All American Termite and Pest Control Services Offers Best of its Kind Pest Control Services in DeLand Florida with "Giving Back Program". Oct 29, 2019 695
Pest Control Product Bill to streamline agrochemical industry. Oct 28, 2019 568
Bayer Cropscience and BASF Lead the Pest Control Market. Oct 15, 2019 1038
Orkin Acquires Bay Valley Pest Control. Oct 11, 2019 189
Orkin Acquires Bay Valley Pest Control. Oct 11, 2019 199
Aman Pest Control Now Offers Free Quotes Online For Its Pest Control Services in Bristol and Other Areas. Oct 10, 2019 556
Sharjah, Ajman launch clampdown on illegal pest control. Afkar Abdullah Oct 9, 2019 677
All American Termite and Pest Control Offers the Best Pest Control Services in Debary Florida. Oct 7, 2019 645
Go-Forth Pest Control Named 27th Fastest Growing Company in North Carolina Triad. Oct 2, 2019 370
Hello Autumn: Colder Weather Causes Critters to Find Refuge, Go-Forth Pest Control Offers Professional Solutions. Sep 25, 2019 433
Global Insect Pest Control Market 2025: What will be Changes in Investment ratio with Opportunity Analysis?? Sep 20, 2019 1031
North America Pest Control Market Report 2019-2025. Report Sep 18, 2019 727
Triad Business Journal Fast 50 Award: Go-Forth Pest Control Honored for Growth Third Year in a Row. Sep 18, 2019 324
Global Pest Control Market Report 2019-2025. Report Sep 17, 2019 551
United States Pest Control Market Size, Trends & Forecasts Report 2019-2023. Report Sep 17, 2019 948
Global Pest Control Market Services Procurement Intelligence Report 2019. Report Sep 13, 2019 628
Go-Forth Pest Control Acquires Intersect Pest Control in China Grove, NC. Sep 11, 2019 311
$27.5 Bn Pest Control Market by Type, Pest Type, and Application - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast 2018-2025. Industry overview Sep 5, 2019 596
Go-Forth Pest Control Purchases New Office in Charlotte, NC. Sep 5, 2019 314
MME carries out pest control and cleanliness drives. Sep 5, 2019 181
Pest control 10 years after FDA's Egg Safety Rule; Pest management has become an important function in egg production and processing to ensure a safe and valuable product for consumers. Dreyer, Jerry Sep 1, 2019 1222
Inc. Magazine Names Go-Forth Pest Control One of the Fastest Growing Companies in the Country. Aug 29, 2019 455
prices digest. Aug 24, 2019 146
A-Action Pest Control Announces Winner of $1,000 College Scholarship Program. Aug 23, 2019 216
Pest Control Solutions Market Projection By Key Players, Status, Growth, Revenue, SWOT Analysis Forecast 2025. Aug 20, 2019 405
New Study Shows That Bug Bombs Are Ineffective; Go-Forth Pest Control Offers Other Effective Solutions for Pest Control. Aug 11, 2019 452
Wasps on the hunt for sugar could pose a risk during summer holidays, experts warn; The British Pest Control Association has urged families and businesses in Teesside to act now. Aug 11, 2019 511
Global Pest Control Market Expected to Generate a Revenue of $33.13 Billion During the Forecast Period, 2016-2026. Aug 7, 2019 655
10 Poison-Free Ways to Rodent-Proof Your Home: How can I rid my home of rodents without using chemicals? Kabell, Brian Aug 1, 2019 654
NHS pest control spend reaches PS300k mark. Jul 2, 2019 266
NHS board's pest control spending tops PS340,000; Health: North East MSP says NHS Grampian hit with costs it can ill afford. Jul 1, 2019 407
Queen's horror after rats seen 'running through Buckingham Palace kitchen'; The vermin problem has left the royals at the Buckingham Palace baffled and staff had to called in pest control squad. Jun 23, 2019 299
The latest in pest control: If you can't beat them, eat them! Jun 12, 2019 360
Organic pest control company in Anaheim prevents unnecessary exposure to harmful bug poison. May 23, 2019 610
Residents feel cheated by ineffective pest control treatments. May 16, 2019 621
Abu Dhabi residents feel cheated by ineffective pest control treatments. May 16, 2019 621
Models to Assess the Effects of Nonsmooth Control and Stochastic Perturbation on Pest Control: A Pest-Natural-Enemy Ecosystem. Tan, Xuewen; Qin, Wenjie; Tang, Guangyao; Xiang, Changcheng; Liu, Xinzhi Apr 30, 2019 6079
SPOTTED LANTERNFLY: A Pretty (Destructive) Invader. Antolos, Emma Apr 1, 2019 1222
Fighting Plant Infections. Manser, C. Brief article Apr 1, 2019 344
Agri-Pulse Communications expands its coverage into the West Coast states including 2,500 subscribers in California now receiving localized Agri-Pulse content through agreements with the California Assn of Pest Control Advisors (CAPCA) and FMC. Apr 1, 2019 123
Field Efficacy of Selected Synthetic and Botanical Insecticides against Lepidopterous Borers, Earias vittella and Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), on Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench). Javed, Mudassar; Majeed, Muhammad Zeeshan; Sufyan, Muhammad; Ali, Sajjad; Afzal, Muhammad Report Dec 31, 2018 7826
Effect of Infested Shoot Removal and Light Trap on Brinjal Shoot and Fruit Borer (Leucinodes orbonalis G.) Infestation on Brinjal Fruit Solanum melongena L. Yousafi, Qudsia; Afzal, Muhammad; Aslam, Muhammad; Abid, Allah Ditta Report Dec 31, 2018 2873
Authority Brands Acquires Outdoor Pest Control Franchisor Mosquito Squad. Dec 12, 2018 284
Authority Brands Acquires Outdoor Pest Control Franchisor Mosquito Squad. Dec 12, 2018 290
Is condo association responsible for mice, pest control? Oct 27, 2018 772
Rapid Response Lowers Eradication Costs of Invasive Species: Evidence from Florida. Alvarez, Sergio; Solis, Daniel Report Oct 1, 2018 4566
Never allow unlicensed pest control, Abu Dhabi authorities warn. Sep 20, 2018 513
Suburban pest control company's growth built on vision -- and bedbugs. Sep 20, 2018 552
Getting the bugs out 'Visionary' finds success in pest control company. Sep 17, 2018 1062
Tadweer carries out pest control drive across schools in Abu Dhabi. Sep 1, 2018 312
Evaluation of copper hydroxide as a repellent and feeding deterrent for Cuban brown snail (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Pleurodontidae). Capinera, John L. Report Sep 1, 2018 3179
Assessment of barrier materials to protect plants from Florida leatherleaf slug (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Veronicellidae). Capinera, John L. Report Sep 1, 2018 8400
Omtatah challenges 16% VAT on farm pest control products. Aug 25, 2018 454
Reading-based pest control company continues expansion, acquires company in Seattle market. Aug 20, 2018 175
Millions spent on pest control help keep UAE malaria-free. Jun 25, 2018 699
Revealed: Boro's 'rat capital', the postcode where most bedbugs live, and the worst place for wasps; A Freedom of Information request has revealed the postcode areas which council pest control are called out to most. Jun 10, 2018 221
Rodent-Proof Raised Garden Bed. Instructions Jun 1, 2018 891
Dubai ramps up pest control investment for Ramadan. May 29, 2018 379
Pensioner vows to 'release 16 captured rats' at council office over pest control row; Fred Foreman said he has found 16 of the rodents in his garden in three months. May 29, 2018 384
Rollins acquires Guardian Pest Control in the UK for undisclosed amount. May 18, 2018 145
Top Plants for COMPANION PLANTING: You can use plants in specific combinations to repel pests, control weeds, and boost your garden's overall health. Pleasant, Barbara Apr 1, 2018 2074
Pest Prevention Fence. Iorg-Walters, Emily Brief article Apr 1, 2018 134
Pest control in healthcare. Apr 1, 2018 1118
Doha Pest Control clash with Nakheel in Workers' Cup final. Mar 21, 2018 343
Coventry pest control receives more call outs over cockroaches. Mar 19, 2018 741
Doha Pest Control, Nakheel reach Workers Cup final. Mar 12, 2018 381
Rollins Acquires 2 UK Pest Control Services to Expand Growth. Mar 2, 2018 242
Rollins Acquires 2 UK Pest Control Services to Expand Growth. Mar 2, 2018 252
Rollins purchases AMES Group And Kestrel Pest Control in the U.K. Feb 28, 2018 114
Response of Azadirachta indica against Bemisia tabaci Gennadius (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) and Amrasca biguttula Ishida (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) on Cotton Cultivars. Report Dec 31, 2017 3343
Toxicity, Antifeedant and Sub-Lethal Effects of Citrullus colocynthis Extracts on Cotton Bollworm, Helicoverpa armigera (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Gulzar, Asim; Maqsood, Ather; Ahmed, Munir; Tariq, Muhammad; Ali, Muhammad; Qureshi, Rahmatullah Report Dec 31, 2017 4988
Employee of departmental store dies due to pest control fumigation. Dec 24, 2017 120
Employee of departmental store dies due to pest control fumigation. Dec 24, 2017 120
Man dies after pest control fumigation in Karachi superstore. Dec 24, 2017 258
Hamriyah Municipality warns against illegal pest control firms. Dec 4, 2017 366
Canine Critter Control. Orem, Helen Brief article Dec 1, 2017 137
Landefensor announces 15% discount on pest control products. Nov 22, 2017 162
Cockroach Home Sweet Home. Sagall, Richard J. Brief article Nov 1, 2017 169
Maintain hygiene, avoid illegal pest control services. Oct 3, 2017 340
Scent away the critters. Marohn, Cleo Brief article Oct 1, 2017 141
Research highlights. Downing, Jim; Thompson, Debbie Report Oct 1, 2017 1968
Can't Buy Me Bugs: Why exterminate them when you can eat them? Waltner-Toews, David Sep 22, 2017 1878
Natural Allies: Renewing ancient methods of controlling bugs--with bugs. Sep 22, 2017 691
The economics of managing Verticillium wilt, an imported disease in California lettuce. Carroll, Christine L.; Carter, Colin A.; Goodhue, Rachael E.; Lawell, C.-Y. Cynthia Lin; Subbarao, K Report Sep 1, 2017 4827
Keep a chemical-free home orchard. Shaw, Mary Lou Aug 1, 2017 516
'Founder of pest control in the emirate' steps down after 40 years of service in Dubai. Jul 31, 2017 1084
Councils in top three for most pest control callouts for mice. Jul 29, 2017 251
Rollins to Purchase Northwest Exterminating Pest Control Business. Jul 26, 2017 283
Rollins to Purchase Northwest Exterminating Pest Control Business. Jul 26, 2017 291
Family Pest Control Now Offering High Caliber Bug Removal in San Antonio, Texas. Jul 7, 2017 227
Family Pest Control Guiding Clients on Ant Removal in San Antonio, Texas. Jul 7, 2017 225
Regulation status of quarantine pests of rice seeds in the economic community of West African States (ECOWAS). Bachabi, F; Gumedzoe, YMD; Maroya, NG; Ayenan, MAT; Saidou, A; Sere, Y Report Jul 1, 2017 4557
Organic slug control. Slape-Hoysagk, Susan Jun 1, 2017 472
Colorado to survey spread of phylloxera. Conference news Jun 1, 2017 112
The perils of poor pest control practices in the UAE. May 29, 2017 613
San Antonio Exterminators Family Pest Control Highlight Pest Removal Services. May 26, 2017 226
Ant Removal and Control Experts Family Pest Control Explain Common Ant Entry Points Around the Home. May 26, 2017 251
Masa, the pest control leader. Apr 1, 2017 132
Continuous breeding of fossorial water voles in northwestern Spain: potential impact on apple orchards. Somoano, Aitor; Ventura, Jacint; Minarro, Marcos Report Apr 1, 2017 8774
Biological activity of Calotropis procera Ait on mortality and haemogram of Schistocerca gregaria (Forskal, 1775) and Locusta migratoria (Linne, 1758). Kaidi, Narimen; Amroun, Celia; Hocine, Djedjiga; Doumandji, Salah Eddine; Ghezali, Djelloul Report Apr 1, 2017 3556
Rentokil Initial Acquires Georgia, US Pest Control Firm Allgood. Feb 9, 2017 291
Rentokil Initial Acquires Georgia, US Pest Control Firm Allgood. Feb 9, 2017 302
A Holling Type II Pest and Natural Enemy Model with Density Dependent IPM Strategy. Wang, Xia; Tian, Yuan; Tang, Sanyi Report Jan 1, 2017 7879
Modeling and Analysis of Integrated Pest Control Strategies via Impulsive Differential Equations. Chavez, Joseph Paez; Jungmann, Dirk; Siegmund, Stefan Report Jan 1, 2017 12486
Family Pest Control in Stone Oak, TX, Announces Winter Pest Control Services. Nov 10, 2016 303
A better lure to detect & control an avocado pest. O'Brien, Dennis Nov 1, 2016 593
Effects of Bio-organic Fertilizer on Soil Microbiome against Verticillium dahliae. Report Oct 31, 2016 7854
U.S. Sales of Pest Control and Repellents to Remain Strong through 2021. Oct 23, 2016 566
Masa, the pest control leader. Oct 1, 2016 132
Dubai Municipality reveals Eid pest control works. Sep 28, 2016 299
The Game Shoots Video For 'Pest Control' Diss, Says 'F--- Meek Mill'. Sep 24, 2016 354
Pest Control Company Serving Jackson, TN, Works with Web Marketers to Boost Online Visibility. Sep 18, 2016 373
San Antonio-Based Family Pest Control Offer Free Quotes for Bed Bug Removal Services. Sep 15, 2016 259
UAE\ s FM sector looks to standardise pest control. Sep 14, 2016 528
Warning on pest control scam threat; NEWS WIRE. Sep 13, 2016 189
Masa, the pest control leader. Sep 1, 2016 132
Color analysis of Andean Blackberry (Rubus Glaucus) by the addition of Chlorpyrifos through colorimetry. Salazar, Jorge Eliecer Buitrago; Sandoval, Olga Lucia Ramos; Hurtado, Dario Amaya Report Sep 1, 2016 3975
Novel Embedded System Based Species Recognition System for Pest Control. Achala Perera, T.A.S.; Collins, John Sep 1, 2016 3740
Rosemary slug barrier. Barnett, Melinda Brief article Aug 1, 2016 170
Managing for soil health can suppress pests. Hodson, Amanda; Lewis, Edwin Report Aug 1, 2016 5250
Growing for the future: Collective action, land stewardship and soilborne pathogens in California strawberry production. Lloyd, Margaret; Gordon, Tom Aug 1, 2016 1786
Reynolds Pest Management, Inc Celebrates 25 Years in the Pest Control Industry. Jul 28, 2016 463
San Antonio Pest Removal Company Family Pest Control Offering Swift Response to Record Setting Bug Populations. Jul 27, 2016 236
Town centre pub is closed following 'pest control issues' .. Jul 22, 2016 284
Over 1,800 pest control requests received in June. Jul 18, 2016 145
Rentokil Acquires US Pest Control, Turf Products Distributor Residex for USD 30m. Jul 13, 2016 154
Rentokil Acquires US Pest Control, Turf Products Distributor Residex for USD 30m. Jul 13, 2016 151
Rare bird eggs destroyed by pest control. Jul 11, 2016 106
US Pest Control Company Rollins Acquires UK-based Safeguard. Jul 5, 2016 212
US Pest Control Company Rollins Acquires UK-based Safeguard. Jul 5, 2016 224
Moles & voles: unseen and uninvited, these co-conspirators can disrupt our landscapes. Ross, Gary Noel Jul 1, 2016 1730
Mosquito Mike[R] Now Offering Additional Pest Control Services for Tyler, Texas and Galveston, Texas Area Home and Business Owners. Jun 22, 2016 392
Shock as cockroach call-outs on the rise; Infestation warning after pest control reports 50% surge. Jun 21, 2016 340
The big bug hunt. Dore, Jeremy Brief article Jun 1, 2016 172
Characteristics of the built environment and the presence of the Norway rat in New York City: results from a neighborhood rat surveillance program, 2008-2010. Johnson, Sarah; Bragdon, Caroline; Olson, Carolyn; Merlino, Mario; Bonaparte, Sancia Report May 25, 2016 6710
San Antonio Bed Bug Removal Experts Family Pest Control Begin New Campaign to Highlight Health Hazards of Bed Bugs. May 15, 2016 227
San Antonio Bed Bug Removal Company Family Pest Control Announce Manager Has Achieved Associate Certified Entomologist Status. May 13, 2016 624
Beware, illegal pest control could cause even deaths. Apr 28, 2016 373
Demand for pest control surges as cockroaches multiply. Apr 22, 2016 470
Deal snapshot: ORKIN ACQUIRED SEVEN US PEST CONTROL FIRMS IN 1Q16. Apr 8, 2016 157
Orkin Acquired Seven US Pest Control Firms in 1Q16. Apr 8, 2016 303
Orkin Acquired Seven US Pest Control Firms in 1Q16. Apr 8, 2016 348
Scorpion Removal Experts Family Pest Control Begin Campaign to Prepare San Antonio Homeowners for Spring Insect Season. Apr 6, 2016 229
Protect your garden and yard from burrowing critters. Weaver, Alec Apr 1, 2016 875
Nylons for tomatoes. Jones, L.P. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 217
Potential evaluation of certain conventional pesticides on fourth instar larvae of Cotton Leafworm, Spodoptera Littoralis (Boisd.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) under laboratory conditions. Abdien, Salma A.; Ahmed, Mohamed A.I.; AbduAllah, Gamal A.M.; Din, Hosam A. Ezz El- Report Apr 1, 2016 2934
San Antonio-Based Bed Bug Control Experts Family Pest Control Now Offering Guidance on the Hazards of Bed Bugs Around the Home. Mar 17, 2016 227
All Star Pest Control Announcing Special Bite Barrier Mosquito Service in Charlotte. Mar 11, 2016 370
Allelopathy for the pest management. Nazir, Usman; Ehsanullah; Anjum, Shakeel Ahmad; Farooq, Ayesha Mar 6, 2016 760
Rollins Acquires Australian Pest Control Firm. Mar 4, 2016 212
Rollins Acquires Australian Pest Control Firm. Mar 4, 2016 222
They're abundant; Pest control expert in warning armies of insects set to invade homes across Ireland; EXCLUSIVE. Feb 12, 2016 419
Family Pest Control Warns San Antonio Families of Bed Bug Hazards Inside the Home. Feb 10, 2016 213
Masa, the pest control leader. Feb 4, 2016 129
Pest Control Company in Rockland County, NY, Launches New Site as Part of Web Marketing Campaign. Feb 3, 2016 413
Masa, the pest control leader. Jan 1, 2016 129
Rats top league for pest control call-outs in region. Dec 26, 2015 546
Rats alive: Newcastle see increase in vermin as rodents roam free across the city; North East pest control officers have been called out to problems including Black Widow spiders and, bizarrely, earwigs. Dec 24, 2015 593
Family Pest Control Advising San Antonio Clients on How to Check Accommodations for Bed Bugs this Holiday Season. Dec 20, 2015 265
Family Pest Control Announces Seasonal Services for Autumn Lawn Care in San Antonio. Dec 3, 2015 229
How coffee berry borers survive on caffeine. O'Brien, By Dennis Dec 1, 2015 623
Masa, the pest control leader. Dec 1, 2015 129
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Massey Services Acquires Echoshield Pest Control. Nov 4, 2015 179
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Rentokil North America Acquires Chicago Pest Control Firm. Aug 28, 2015 294
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Southern Pine Beetle comes to New York--destructive tiny beetle discovered on Long Island. Cancelliere, Jessica Aug 1, 2015 1355
Hospitals need an operation; 5,000 call-outs for pest control to tackle vermin. Jul 5, 2015 573
Decision making in diamondback moth pest management strategies among cabbage farmers' in Cameron Highlands. Zurina, M.; Mohd Roff, M.N.; Azizan, A.; Idris, A.B. Report Jul 1, 2015 4735
4 tips for pest control on green roofs. Jul 1, 2015 375
Effect of Juvenile Hormone Analogue, Pyriproxyfen on Antioxidant Enzymes of Greater Wax Moth, Galleria mellonella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae: Galleriinae) Larvae. Sezer, Benay; Ozalp, Pinar Report Jun 30, 2015 3222
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Pro-Staff Pest Control Reveals Some Common Unknown Weeds Homeowners Need to Know About for the Summer. Jun 11, 2015 553
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Comparative Effect of Different Pest Control Practices on the Population of Sucking Insect Pests and Yield of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus). Hussain, Syed Agha Shah; Iqbal, Tanveer; Mamoon-ur-Rashid, Muhammad Report Apr 30, 2015 2213
Virginia Beach Pest Control Contractor Announces New Special for Virginia Beach Mosquito and Tick Service. Apr 29, 2015 336
Newcastle rats: City revealed as most vermin-infested place in Britain; Newcastle has the highest number of pest related issues to deal with per population, according to research by the British Pest Control Association. Apr 26, 2015 476
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Newcastle rats: Pest control expert says the number of city centre rodents is on the up; Rats are being spotted crawling up city centre alleyways and the number will continue to rise unless the city cleans up its act, an expert has warned. Apr 9, 2015 533
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Rentokil Buys Pest Control Firms in USA, Latin America. Mar 19, 2015 317
Rentokil Buys Pest Control Firms in USA, Latin America. Mar 19, 2015 330
Pest control service scrapped. Mar 17, 2015 146
Rentokil North America Acquires Buffalo Pest Control Company. Mar 4, 2015 250
Rentokil North America Acquires Buffalo Pest Control Company. Mar 4, 2015 259
Pest Control Company Rollins Acquires US Wildlife Management Franchisor. Mar 3, 2015 244
Pest Control Company Rollins Acquires US Wildlife Management Franchisor. Mar 3, 2015 251
CROPS ROTATION - A TOOL FOR MAINTAINING SOIL FERTILITY. Ahmad, Abrar; Wahid, M. Ashfaq Dr. Mar 1, 2015 868

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