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Ford to test Geofencing Speed Limit Control system. May 26, 2022 191
Sidus Space Picks L3Harris Mission Critical Operations Center Software for LizzieSat Constellation. May 26, 2022 263
Sidus Space Picks L3Harris Mission Critical Operations Center Software for LizzieSat Constellation. May 26, 2022 264
Sidus Space Picks L3Harris Mission Critical Operations Center Software for LizzieSat Constellation. May 26, 2022 250
Aker Solutions to Provide Subsea Production System for the Halten East Development. May 25, 2022 153
Preventing hand-foot-mouth disease outbreak a must: health ministry. May 25, 2022 411
NRZ sweats over poor signal control system. May 25, 2022 751
Ford trials 'geofencing' tech for automated slowing of vehicles. David Leggett May 25, 2022 521
Gas utilities struggling to control system losses. May 25, 2022 190
REPLY Extends Presence in Banks and Insurance in Germany. May 24, 2022 255
REPLY Extends Presence in Banks and Insurance in Germany. May 24, 2022 253
Transport for London's Elizabeth line opens with Siemens Mobility's digital technology. May 24, 2022 326
ABB launches next-generation mine hoist control system drawing on 130 years of expertise. May 24, 2022 365
How a China vs Japan air war would be fought. admin May 23, 2022 934
Career counselling: questions and answers. May 23, 2022 596
Pratt & Whitney Canada Selects H55 as Battery Technology Collaborator. May 20, 2022 677
Hong Kong's East Rail Line extension opens with Siemens Mobility CBTC technology. May 19, 2022 311
Covid-wracked N. Korea may greet Biden with 'imminent' missile test. Reuters News Service May 18, 2022 672
Veoneer inks camera deal with BMW. Graeme Roberts May 18, 2022 169
Marotta Controls Opens Workspace for Business Functions in Parsippany, New Jersey. May 17, 2022 188
Marotta Controls Opens Workspace for Business Functions in Parsippany, New Jersey. May 17, 2022 175
Cemtrex reports Q2 EPS (20c) vs. 13c last year. Financial report May 17, 2022 387
Brum boffins' breakthrough into body's 'memory cells'. May 16, 2022 204
Thrust on jt efforts to protect maize from armyworm attack. May 16, 2022 439
TAG Video Systems offers to take control of media with MCS. Vijaya Cherian May 15, 2022 418
Wearable Power Assistant Robot Sensor Signal Prediction Algorithm and Controller Design. Li, Gang; Ren, Guoheng May 14, 2022 9425
Southwest played larger role developing Boeing 737 MAX training, WSJ reports. May 13, 2022 161
Yoon offers to send COVID-19 vaccines to N. Korea. May 13, 2022 612
Debut World Utilities Congress ends on successful note. Conference notes May 12, 2022 755
ICS market to cross $12bn by 2026. May 12, 2022 419
Siemens deploys artificial intelligence at Baltics' newest, most energy efficient data center. May 12, 2022 398
North Korea confirms first case of omicron variant of COVID-19. May 12, 2022 186
Assessment of particulate matter (PM) in ambient air of different settings and its associated health risk in Haripur city, Pakistan/Avaliacao de material particulado (MP) no ar ambiente de diferentes configuracoes e sua associacao com o risco a saude na cidade de Haripur, Paquistao. Asghar, K.; Ali, A.; Tabassum, A.; Nadeem, S.G.; Hakim, S.T.; Amin, M.; Raza, G.; Bashir, S.; Afshan May 11, 2022 7359
Wartsila to enable Eastaway's EEXI compliance through Power Limitation Solutions. May 10, 2022 245
Gas utilities struggling to control system losses. May 9, 2022 644
Further Improvement on Stability Results for Delayed Load Frequency Control System via Novel LKFs and Proportional-Integral Control Strategy. Liu, Xingyue; Shi, Kaibo; Tang, Lin; Tang, Yiqian May 9, 2022 6583
Artificial Intelligence Technology Based on Deep Learning in Building Construction Management System Modeling. Wang, Hongbo; Hu, Yan May 9, 2022 5895
Considering the Characteristics of Traffic Risk Factors and the Method of Establishing a Flexible Traffic System. Chen, Lingling; Zhang, Yuanyuan May 9, 2022 7417
Application of Neural Network in the Stability of Biped Robot and Embedded Control of Walking Mode. Zhang, Jianrui; Yuan, Zhaohui; Geng, Huan; Dong, Sheng; Zhang, Fuli; Li, Jingchao May 9, 2022 6542
No wheat smuggling from K-P: Barrister Saif. May 8, 2022 176
Copper Adsorption Using Hydroxyapatite Derived from Bovine Bone. Kong, Lingchang; Liu, Xin; Lv, Guocheng; Liu, Tianming; Zhang, Peijun; Li, Yuxin; Chen, Bin May 6, 2022 6172
Analysis of Human Reliability in Fever Clinics during the Epidemic Based on the DEMATEL Method. Lin, Ange; Chen, Xiongfeng May 5, 2022 4014
Crisis Analysis and Prevention and Control of Financial Leverage Imbalance in Shareholder Equity Pledge Based on the DANP Model. Fang, Fang May 5, 2022 4968
Computing Cluster and Intelligent Sensor Network in the Analysis and Application of College Students' Physical Exercise Behavior. Zhu, Lei May 5, 2022 6300
Control Algorithm for Trajectory Tracking of an Underactuated USV under Multiple Constraints. Wang, Hongbin; Dong, Jiao; Liu, Zhikun; Yan, Li; Wang, Shiqi May 5, 2022 6076
Prevention and Detection Research of Intelligent Sports Rehabilitation under the Background of Artificial Intelligence. Huang, Qiong; Wang, Fubin May 4, 2022 6620
Deformation Characteristics and Control Technology of Roadway in Water-Rich Soft Rock. Lin, Weiguo; Cheng, Jianliang; Li, Dalei; Dang, Haibo May 4, 2022 4049
Estimation and Identification of Nonlinear Parameter of Motion Index Based on Least Squares Algorithm. Qin, Hong May 2, 2022 5832
Online Anomaly Detection of Industrial IoT Based on Hybrid Machine Learning Architecture. Guo, Jia; Shen, Yue Apr 30, 2022 6842
Model Optimization of Agricultural Machinery Information Control System Based on Artificial Intelligence. Wang, Chunhang; An, Zhe; Jairueng, Supalux; Ruekkasaem, Lakkana; Jayasudha, M.; Singh, Bhupesh Kumar Apr 30, 2022 4668
Effects of Tick-Control Interventions on Tick Abundance, Human Encounters with Ticks, and Incidence of Tickborne Diseases in Residential Neighborhoods, New York, USA. Keesing, Felicia; Mowry, Stacy; Bremer, William; Duerr, Shannon; Evans, Andrew S., Jr.; Fischhoff, I Report Apr 30, 2022 6313
Cryptocurrency exchange head indicted for leaking military secrets to presumed N.K. spy. Apr 28, 2022 271
Vietnamese scientists successfully restore expired satellite. Apr 28, 2022 250
FAA started investing $1B of Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding in air traffic control. Apr 28, 2022 289
Vietnamese scientists successfully restore expired satellite. Apr 27, 2022 242
AZANS Introduces New Air Traffic Control System at Zangilan Airport. Apr 26, 2022 299
Azerbaijan, UN agency eye joint food security co-op. Apr 26, 2022 192
Irrigation and Drainage Dept: All flood control system infrastructures in KL operating well. Apr 26, 2022 303
Effect of Hysteroscopic Polypectomy Combined with Mirena Placement on Postoperative Adverse Reactions and Recurrence Rate of Endometrial Polyps: Based on a Large-Sample, Single-Center, Retrospective Cohort Study. Shen, Yanli; Feng, Wenguang; Yang, Jing; Yi, Jinling Report Apr 26, 2022 6207
Integrated-Hybrid Framework for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Microscopic Traffic Flow Modelling. Jafaripournimchahi, Ammar; Cai, Yingfeng; Wang, Hai; Sun, Lu; Weng, Jiancheng Apr 26, 2022 10097
Egypt IPP Kahraba to get new power gear from WEnrtsilEn. Apr 25, 2022 509
Exploration on Elderly Accessible Information Interaction Design Using Fuzzy Control. Peng, Hui Apr 23, 2022 5426
Artificial Neural Network-Based Planting Arrangement of Smart City in Green Ecological Environment. Meng, Qingsong; Wang, Shufeng Apr 22, 2022 5077
Ngige Accuses ASUU of Snubbing FG Renegotiation Panel. Apr 22, 2022 639
Automatic Intelligent Control System Based on Intelligent Control Algorithm. Huang, Zishan Apr 21, 2022 5730
Research on Supply Chain Cost Control Method of Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprise Based on Improved IQC Algorithm. Shang, Yang Apr 21, 2022 6165
Etihad Airways may transfer A321neo to Air Arabia Abu Dhabi. Apr 19, 2022 335
Lethal and Sub Lethal Effects of Plant Extracts and Green Silver Nanoparticles against Culex pipiens. Abdul Jabbar, Muhammad Tariq, Asim Gulzar, Tariq Mukhtar and Tayyaba Zainab Apr 17, 2022 4141
General Bajwa Has An Ambitious Vision Of Normalising Relations With India. Will He Succeed? Apr 16, 2022 809
Mathematical Modeling and Optimal Control of Underground Ventilation and Air Conditioning in Station. Zheng, Lei; Li, Gang; An, Junfeng; Lou, Feipeng Report Apr 16, 2022 7382
Engineering an 'invisible cloak' for bacteria to deliver drugs to tumors. Apr 15, 2022 968
Exercise and Rehabilitation of Chronically Ill Patients Assisted by Small Digital Bio-Pulse Sensors. Zhang, Fan; Wang, Feng Apr 15, 2022 7798
Neural Networks Application for the Data of PID Controller for Acrobot. Danh, Nguyen Cong Apr 14, 2022 4824
Air cargo control unit at IIA to be upgraded. Apr 14, 2022 347
Meshing Mechanism and Simulation Analysis of Silent Chain Based on Rigid-Flexible Intelligent Dynamics Technology. Ding, Song Apr 13, 2022 7259
Ethiopia lifts 3-year ban on Boeing 737 Max after 2019 crash. Apr 12, 2022 196
World-first AI autonomously runs chemical plant. Apr 11, 2022 1191
Indoor Smart Design Algorithm Based on Smart Home Sensor. Zheng, Ruili Apr 11, 2022 6294
Application of Adaptive PID Temperature Control Algorithm under Spatial Thermal Model of ALD Reaction Chamber. Liu, Zhenqiang; Lei, Jinhui; Chen, Yan; Xia, Yang; Feng, Jiaheng; Ming, Shuaiqiang; Mao, Wa Apr 11, 2022 5981
Research on Electrical Automation Monitoring System Model of Power Plant Based on CAN Bus. Chen, Shu-chun Apr 11, 2022 6855
Research and Application of Haar Wavelet Transformation in Train Positioning. Wang, Pengfei; Diao, Xiuhui Apr 11, 2022 8422
Russia continues moving troops to regions bordering Ukraine - General Staff. Apr 10, 2022 226
FAO Announces Support to Cambodia on Assessment of National Food Control Systems. Apr 8, 2022 395
Bahrain's navy receives sixth warship. Apr 7, 2022 219
In Klang Valley, crowd control system helps to monitor visitors at Ramadan bazaars (VIDEO). Apr 6, 2022 332
Boeing 737-10 Max could face costly delays as key lawmaker opposes waiver. Apr 6, 2022 168
A Reinforcement Learning Based Traffic Control Strategy in a Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram Region. Zheng, Lingyu; Wu, Bing Apr 6, 2022 8139
Evonetix Granted Patent for Technology Enabling Thermally-Controlled DNA Synthesis. Apr 5, 2022 202
PM hails Egypt's Drug Authority for obtaining WHO's 'Maturity Level 3' designation. Bassant Mohammed Apr 4, 2022 295
Cohesive DS-PID and FQL Control Mechanisms to Enhance the Performance of the Electric Vehicle System. Subramanian, A.P. Siva; Sutha, B.S.; Britto, K.R. Aravind Report Apr 1, 2022 8362
An Analysis of Patient Movements during Sustained Combat Operations in the US Central Command: Implications for Remote Support Capabilities. Shaw, Terence W.; Chung, Kevin K.; Wilson, Ramey L.; April, Michael D.; Pamplin, Jeremy C.; Gillespi Apr 1, 2022 3172
Valve position sensors: making the right choices: If you think that valve position sensors are uninteresting devices and that there's little to choose between them, read on, says Andy Walker of ifm electronic. Apr 1, 2022 863
Republic Airways Seeks Applicants for Paid FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Training Program. Apr 1, 2022 345
Parker Aerospace Chosen by Sikorsky-Boeing for Entrant With Hydraulics and Flight Controls. Apr 1, 2022 267
Republic Airways Seeks Applicants for Paid FAA Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Training Program. Apr 1, 2022 359
Parker Aerospace Chosen by Sikorsky-Boeing for Entrant With Hydraulics and Flight Controls. Apr 1, 2022 281
New Evidence that Biometric Data Systems Imperil Afghans: Taliban Now Control Systems with Sensitive Personal Information. Mar 31, 2022 1239
Waypoint Tracking Control for Autonomous Mobile Sampling and Dissolved Oxygen Enrichment of Unmanned Surface Vehicle. Yuan, Jian; Liu, Hailin; Zhang, Wenxia Mar 31, 2022 4519
Effect of Strong Mining on the Fracture Evolution Law of Trick Rise in the Mining Field and Its Control Technology. Li, Zhaolin; Wang, Lianguo; Ding, Ke Mar 31, 2022 5339
Research and Implementation of Intelligent Home Pension System Based on Speech and Semantic Recognition. Xie, Guokun; Hao, Sen; Zhang, Peipei; Wang, Ningning Mar 30, 2022 3701
SPMSM Sensorless Control System Based on ASMO. Cao, Yu; Liu, Chuang Mar 30, 2022 4063
Optimization of Sorting Robot Control System Based on Deep Learning and Machine Vision. Feng, Changyong; Nie, Guanghua; Naveed, Quadri Noorulhasan; Potrich, Erich; Sankaran, K. Sakthidasan Mar 28, 2022 5054
A Person-Based Adaptive Traffic Signal Control Method with Cooperative Transit Signal Priority. Lee, Wei-Hsun; Wang, Hsuan-Chih Mar 27, 2022 8086
Development and Testing of TRACE/PARCS ECI Capability for Modelling CANDU Reactors with Reactor Regulating System Response. Younan, Simon; Novog, David R. Report Mar 27, 2022 12112
Application of Artificial Intelligence Computing in the Universal Design of Aging and Healthy Housing. Shu, Quanfa; Liu, Hui Mar 26, 2022 5039
NGN Bahrain gets ISACA training organization accreditation. Mar 26, 2022 430
IATA Grants Air Peace Fourth IOSA Certification. Mar 25, 2022 297
Automatic Control Model of Power Information System Access Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology. Jiang, De Yong; Zhang, Hong; Kumar, Harish; Naveed, Quadri Noorulhasan; Takhi, Chandan; Jagota, Vish Report Mar 25, 2022 4594
Multidimensional Heterogeneous Network Link Adaptation Based on Mobile Environment. Li, Wenfeng Mar 24, 2022 9929
Former Boeing 737 Max test pilot acquitted on felony charges. Mar 24, 2022 356
Summer holidays to Spain, Portugal and Italy could be hit by flight delays; Tourists jetting to Mediterranean resorts could be massively inconvenienced as planes are diverted to avoid French airspace. By, Brett Gibbons Mar 24, 2022 302
Summer holidays to Spain, Portugal and Italy could be hit by flight delays; Tourists jetting to Mediterranean resorts could be massively inconvenienced as planes are diverted to avoid French airspace. By, Brett Gibbons Mar 24, 2022 302
Summer holidays to Spain, Portugal and Italy could be hit by flight delays; Tourists jetting to Mediterranean resorts could be massively inconvenienced as planes are diverted to avoid French airspace. By, Brett Gibbons Mar 24, 2022 302
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Surveying and Mapping Trajectory Scheduling and Autonomous Control for Landslide Monitoring. Liao, Shifang; Ye, Manzhu; Yuan, Rongcai; Ma, Wanzhi Mar 24, 2022 8878
Yokogawa, JSR in key AI chemical plant operations milestone. Mar 23, 2022 1029
FAA training specialist testifies former Boeing 737 Max pilot lied. Mar 22, 2022 714
Onward in Montgomery County: MONTGOMERY COUNTY ABS PLANS FOR AN INNOVATIVE AND EQUITABLE FUTURE. Sherwin, Melissa Mar 22, 2022 2159
Taiwan Air Force requests datalink equipment for forthcoming US-made SeaGuardian drones. Mar 21, 2022 174
Earf-YOLO: An Efficient Attention Receptive Field Model for Recognizing Symbols of Zhuang Minority Patterns. Wang, Xin; Yan, Jingke; Qin, Qin; Wang, Qin; Cai, Jingye; Deng, Jianhua; Wang, Jun Report Mar 21, 2022 8862
Investigating Contributing Factors on Aggressive Driving Based on a Structural Equation Model. Xu, Wenxiang; Wang, Junhua; Fu, Ting; Sobhani, Anae; Nabavi Niaki, Matin Mar 20, 2022 8430
The parts 'that improve the world'. Mar 20, 2022 686
India's DRDO builds 7-storey complex in Bangalore in 45 days. Mar 19, 2022 188
Intelligent Light Control System Based on Zigbee. Wang, Xinxin; Wang, Lijun Mar 19, 2022 6302
Enhanced Image Processing and Fuzzy Logic Approach for Optimizing Driver Drowsiness Detection. AlKishri, Wasin; Abualkishik, Abdallah; Al-Bahri, Mahmood Mar 19, 2022 7158
Multi-stakeholder discussion on addressing and countering the world drug problem at the sixty-fifth Commission on Narcotic Drugs. Mar 18, 2022 499
Gogoro unveils new SuperSport electric two-wheeler in Taiwan. Mar 17, 2022 222
Philanthrocapitalism and the Erosion of Democracy. Mar 17, 2022 366
A Review of the Digital Twin Technology in the AEC-FM Industry. Hosamo, Haidar Hosamo; Imran, Aksa; Cardenas-Cartagena, Juan; Svennevig, Paul Ragnar; Svidt, Kjeld; Mar 17, 2022 10650
Govt tightens fiscal discipline for all ministries, divisions. Mar 16, 2022 404
Stress Evolution Mechanism and Control Technology for Reversing Mining and Excavation under Mining-Induced Dynamic Pressure in Deep Mine. Wang, Jiyu; Wang, Fangtian; Zheng, Xigui Mar 15, 2022 6773
FAST Logistics partners with tech innovator. Mar 15, 2022 300
Optimal Control of Whole Network Control System Using Improved Genetic Algorithm and Information Integrity Scale. Ma, Xiaoya Mar 14, 2022 5892
Experimental Study on the Reliability of an Active Unloading System for Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Columns. Wang, Yongquan; Li, Tianfu; Dong, Kaifa; Guo, Zhengxing; Fu, Jing Mar 11, 2022 5708
IAEA loses control over systems that monitor nuclear material at Chornobyl, Zaporizhzhia NPPs. Mar 10, 2022 402
GAMI Announces Localization of Electro-optical Monitoring System "Zarqa Al-Yamama". Mar 9, 2022 199
ZF receives approval to rename Wabco India. Mar 9, 2022 264
NetJets to buy 150 Lilium eVOTLs and plans to operate them as charter aircraft. Mar 8, 2022 284
Tadweer highlights major milestones in 2021. Mar 7, 2022 1187
Bulgaria Is Setting Up Single Border Control System, Transport Minister Says. Mar 7, 2022 248
ICS Vulnerability Disclosures Grew 110% Over Last Four Years. Mar 6, 2022 612
Pyongyang confirms second spy satellite test. Mar 6, 2022 166
N. Korea says it conducted another 'important test' for 'reconnaissance satellite' development. Mar 5, 2022 412
An Embedded Linear Model Three-Dimensional Fuzzy PID Control System for a Bionic AUV under Wave Disturbance. Lyu, Da; Su, Haoqin; Li, Yun; Zhang, Zijun; Long, Hao; Zhao, Junbo Report Mar 4, 2022 8794
How far can radiation travel as UN assures nuclear material was NOT released in Ukraine; Fears over nuclear warfare have continued to simmer ever since Russia invaded Ukraine a week ago. But how far can the radiation from these powerful weapons travel? By, Malvika Padin Mar 4, 2022 611
Evolved S-AWC system of the Eclipse Cross won RJC Technology of the Year for 2022 in Japan. By: Times News Service Mar 3, 2022 293
Pleasure palace is sure to be a hit with friends and family. Mar 3, 2022 546
Predefined Time Synchronization Control for Uncertain Chaotic Systems. Liu, Yun; Zhu, Fang Mar 3, 2022 3054
Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology; Volume 62, 2022. Mar 1, 2022 166
An improved sliding mode control for reduction of harmonic currents in grid system connected with a wind turbine equipped by a doubly-fed induction generator. Bouraghda, S.; Sebaa, K.; Bechouat, M.; Sedraoui, M. Report Mar 1, 2022 6444
Improvement of voltage stability for grid connected solar photovoltaic systems using static synchronous compensator with recurrent neural network. Kumar, T. Praveen; Ganapathy, S.; Manikandan, M. Report Mar 1, 2022 6092
Decoupling Control of Six-Pole Hybrid Magnetic Bearings. Liu, Gai; Huan, Junqi; Zhu, Huangqiu; Zhao, Chenyin; Ma, Zhihao Report Mar 1, 2022 3917
Cynalytica announces delivery of first SerialGuard cybersecurity solution to US gas pipeline operator. Feb 28, 2022 185
Cynalytica announces delivery of first SerialGuard cybersecurity solution to US gas pipeline operator. Feb 28, 2022 187
PAST WINNERS. Feb 28, 2022 1266
The Research of the Overlapping Decentralized Guaranteed Cost Hybrid Control Method for Adjacent Buildings with Uncertain Parameters. Xu, Qinghu; Zhen, Xuezhi; Ruan, Xiang; Liu, Yutao; Shi, Xianzeng; Man, Dawei; Kang, Xiaofang Feb 27, 2022 5590
Live aerial footage for paramedics. Feb 26, 2022 189
CFM and Airbus to pioneer hydrogen combustion technology. Feb 24, 2022 425
Ukrainian military facilities attacked, Russia goes on the offensive. Feb 24, 2022 171
A Novel Trajectory Tracking Control with Modified Supertwisting Sliding Mode for Human-Robot Cooperation Manipulator in Assembly Line. Wang, Xingyu; Wang, Anna; Wang, Dazhi; Liu, Zhen; Qi, Yufei Feb 22, 2022 7618
Analysis of Cybersecurities within Industrial Control Systems Using Interval-Valued Complex Spherical Fuzzy Information. Alothaim, Abdulrahman; Hussain, Shoukat; Al-Hadhrami, Suheer Feb 22, 2022 8511
Development of Robust Guaranteed Cost Mixed Control System for Active Suspension of In-Wheel-Drive Electric Vehicles. Jin, Xianjian; Wang, Jiadong; Yang, Junpeng Report Feb 22, 2022 5746
Man-Machine Synergy Control for Pneumatically Powered Exoskeleton Based on Surface Electromyogram Signal. Jiang, Feilong; Liu, Hao; Li, Qingwei; Cao, Jian; Yin, Xiaoliang; Dong, Rui Report Feb 22, 2022 6237
Operational Scheduling of Behind-the-Meter Storage Systems Based on Multiple Nonstationary Decomposition and Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Price Forecasting. Deng, Zhuofu; Qi, Xianglong; Xu, Tengteng; Zheng, Yingnan Feb 21, 2022 9819
Estimation-Based and Dropout-Dependent Control Design for Aeroengine Distributed Control System with Packet Dropout. Xu, Yun; Pan, Muxuan; Huang, Jinquan; Zhou, Wenxiang; Qiu, Xiaojie; Chen, Ye-Hwa Feb 21, 2022 7888
ZANU PF regime a pathetic victim of its own delusional thinking and propaganda. Feb 21, 2022 1329
Career counselling: questions and answers. Syed Azhar Husnain Abidi Feb 21, 2022 485
Metro trains taken off early due to dispute. Feb 20, 2022 443
Leonardo to bring full offering of unmanned systems at Umex. Feb 20, 2022 557
Staff dispute brings weekend shutdown for Metro network; SYSTEM WILL BE CLOSED TONIGHT UNTIL SUNDAY AM. MIKE KELLY and DANIEL HOLLAND Reporters Feb 19, 2022 620
Staff dispute to shut down Metro network tonight. MIKE KELLY AND DANIEL HOLLAND Reporters Feb 19, 2022 633
Tyne and Wear Metro to shut down across entire network on Saturday evening amid control room dispute; The last trains will stop running at around 6pm on Saturday and normal service will not resume until 9am the next day, due to a shortage of critical staff. By, Mike Kelly & Daniel Holland Feb 18, 2022 701
PlayBox Neo introduces enhanced Multi Playout Manager. Staff Reporter Feb 17, 2022 305
Economical internet service via satellite on the cards. Feb 16, 2022 287
FAA should have taken action against Boeing for selling 737 Max jets. Feb 15, 2022 203
Azerbaijan, EU reach preliminary agreement on sheep wool export - Food Safety Agency. Feb 15, 2022 196
LG to launch new wearable air purifier. Feb 14, 2022 278
Research on Intelligent Control System of Indoor Greening Based on Wireless Sensor Network. Su, Chen; Wang, Zhen Feb 11, 2022 6136
Sliding Mode Control of Underactuated Nonlinear Systems Based on Piecewise Double Power Reaching Law. Yue, Congcong; Yu, Haisheng; Meng, Xiangxiang Feb 11, 2022 6574
Research on Robot Fuzzy Neural Network Motion System Based on Artificial Intelligence. Hu, Jie Feb 9, 2022 7557
Graded Control Technology of Oil Stability and Water Control in Fracture-Pore Carbonate Reservoirs. Zhao, Wenqi; Zhao, Lun; Li, Junjian; Hou, Jue; Guo, Xuejing Feb 8, 2022 4970
Multiobjective Metaheuristic Load Control Algorithm for Interaction between Smart Home and Humans. Chi, Hao; Kang, Sang-ug Report Feb 8, 2022 6164
Nonlinear Observation and Control of Series Active Power Filters in the Presence of Voltage Sags. Abouelmahjoub, Younes; El Beid, Said; Abouobaida, Hassan; Chellakhi, Abdelkhalek Feb 8, 2022 6945
A guide to BAICS. Feb 8, 2022 402
Grupo Antolin and ennomotive seek innovators for computer vision system to control leather quality for premium car interiors. Feb 3, 2022 154
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Feb 2, 2022 18936
Modeling, Control, and Experimental Verification of a 500 kW DFIG Wind Turbine. Aykut, Ozan; Ulu, Cenk; Komurgoz, Guven Feb 1, 2022 4845
Power System Topology Proposal of a High-Altitude Pseudo-Satellite: Sizing Method, Power Budget Modeling and Efficient Power Control. Seddjar, Abderrahmane; Kerrouche, Kamel Djamel Eddine; Khorchef, Nassima Report Feb 1, 2022 5998
Active Disturbance Rejection Control Applied to a Three-Phase Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System. Boukhriss, Ali Report Feb 1, 2022 4828
NEC Develops Autonomous Mobile Robot Control Technology. Feb 1, 2022 363
NEC Develops Autonomous Mobile Robot Control Technology. Feb 1, 2022 354
NEC Develops Autonomous Mobile Robot Control Technology. Feb 1, 2022 362
Wireless pump monitoring and control for reservoirs: How would you expect to monitor water levels at a group of water reservoirs dispersed over a large area reservoir and control water pumps accordingly? Ian Loudon spoke to PWE about what is needed for industry to overcome these challenges. Loudon, Ian Feb 1, 2022 599
Designing Active Disturbance Rejection Control of Permanent Magnetic Spherical Actuator Based on Nonlinear Extended State Observer. Guo, Xiwen; Liao, Xianda; Wang, Qunjing; Wen, Yan; Wu, Tao Report Feb 1, 2022 5244
Control of Acoustic Extinguisher with Deep Neural Networks for Fire Detection. Wilk-Jakubowski, Jacek Lukasz; Stawczyk, Pawel; Ivanov, Stefan; Stankov, Stanko Report Feb 1, 2022 6221
Design of Prediction-Based Controller for Networked Control Systems with Packet Dropouts and Time-Delay. Wang, Zhaohong; Huang, Jia; Chen, Caixue; Fukushima, Seiji Report Jan 31, 2022 5412
Research on the Cooperative Control Method of Intermittent Bus Lane and Downstream Intersection. Zheng, Guorong; Zhang, Mingyan Report Jan 31, 2022 3828
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jan 31, 2022 14286
Safety Effects of Connected and Automated Vehicle-Based Variable Speed Limit Control near Freeway Bottlenecks considering Driver's Heterogeneity. Li, Ye; Shi, Yuntao; Lee, Jaeyoung; Yuan, Chen; Wang, Baojie Jan 30, 2022 9778
A GMM-Based Secure State Estimation Approach against Dynamic Malicious Adversaries. Zhu, Cui; Wang, Zile; Zang, Zeyuan; Li, Yuxuan; Zheng, Huanming Jan 29, 2022 5011
Efficiency and Reliability Analysis of Self-Adaptive Two-Stage Fuzzy Control System in Complex Traffic Environment. Wang, Mingzhi; Wu, Xianyu; Tian, He; Lin, Jie; He, Meimei; Ding, Liuqing Jan 27, 2022 5556
Research on the Technology of Small Coal Pillars of Gob-Side Entry Retained in Deep Mines Based on the Roof Cutting for Pressure Unloading in the Lower Key Stratum. Yang, Yongjie; Zhang, Yang Jan 27, 2022 8111
Air Astana passes eighth IATA operational safety audit. Jan 27, 2022 170
Airbus's C295 technology demonstrator of Clean Sky 2 makes its maiden flight. Jan 26, 2022 481
Croatia opens door to export of beef to Japan. Jan 24, 2022 274
Metro bus service to airport to start from March 23. Jan 22, 2022 409
South Korea offers $251.6m loan to finance railways signalling system in Egypt. Bassant Mohammed Jan 22, 2022 296
The Gravel Packing Length Determination Method and Influencing Factors Analysis in Deepwater Horizontal Wells. Huang, Hui; Wen, Min; Xing, Xuesong; Qiu, Hao; Hou, Zening; Zhou, Shengtian Jan 18, 2022 5167
NTDC rehabilitated high power transformer at 500 kV grid station Sheikhupura. Jan 17, 2022 233
Consumers decry overcharging. Jan 17, 2022 244
NTDC rehabilitates high power transformer at 500 kV grid station Sheikhupura. Jan 17, 2022 221
11,000 brick kilns converted into environment-friendly technology in Punjab, says ministry. Jan 17, 2022 447
NTDC rehabilitates high power transformer at 500 kV grid station Sheikhupura. Jan 17, 2022 221
NTDC rehabilitates high power transformer at 500 kV grid station Sheikhupura. Jan 17, 2022 216
Development of Machine Learning Methods in Hybrid Energy Storage Systems in Electric Vehicles. Chen, Tzu-Chia; Ibrahim Alazzawi, Fouad Jameel; Grimaldo Guerrero, John William; Chetthamrongchai, P Report Jan 15, 2022 5414
China's Shenzhou 13 astronauts manually fly cargo ship for emergency docking test. Jan 14, 2022 308
Yokogawa steps up cybersecurity for OpreX Control. Jan 13, 2022 576
Realization of Super-Large-Diameter Slurry Shield Passing through Settlement-Sensitive Area Based on Unreinforced Disturbance Control Technology. Liu, Dongshuang; Liu, Xinrong; Zhong, Zuliang; Han, Yafeng; Xiong, Fei; Zhou, Xiaohan Jan 13, 2022 5266
Process Plant Upgradation Using Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) Criteria. Bai, Dongqiao; Yang, Qi; Zhang, Jian; Li, Shouzhi Jan 13, 2022 9382
A Low-Cost and Ultralight Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Borne Multicamera Imaging System Based on Smartphones. Yang, Huachao; Bian, Hefang; Li, Bin; Bi, Weihua; Zhao, Xingtao Jan 13, 2022 7523
Speed Sensorless Control Based on Initial Rotor Position Detection for EESM. Cai, Feng; Li, Ke; Sun, Xiaodong Jan 12, 2022 7726
Ukraine's apple exports to Ethiopia grows more than six-fold. Jan 11, 2022 160
A Novel Spherical Fuzzy Rough Aggregation Operators Hybrid with TOPSIS Method and Their Application in Decision Making. Huang, Chun-Nen; Ashraf, Shahzaib; Rehman, Noor; Abdullah, Saleem; Hussain, Azmat Report Jan 10, 2022 11200
Overlapping Decentralized Control Strategies of Building Structure Vibration Based on Fault-Tolerant Control under Seismic Excitation. Kang, Xiaofang; Li, Shuai; Xia, Guanghui; Xu, Qinghu; Man, Dawei; Shi, Xianzeng; Huang, Houxu Jan 10, 2022 7035
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Jan 10, 2022 13931
Zoomorphic Mobile Robot Development for Vertical Movement Based on the Geometrical Family Caterpillar. Attar, Hani; Abu-Jassar, Amer Tahseen; Yevsieiev, Vladyslav; Lyashenko, Vyacheslav; Nevliudov, Igor; Jan 7, 2022 10121
China talks for 'pra' fish exports on hold. Jan 7, 2022 543
FCTA To Strengthens It's Animal Disease Surveillance, Reporting System - Abubakar. Jan 6, 2022 335
A Study of the Spatial Effects of Financial Support and Economic Growth under Optimal Control of Nonlinear Generalized Complex Systems. Tang, Xuexue Jan 4, 2022 8303
Optimal System for Improved Internal Model Control of Argon-Oxygen Decarburization Process Based on the Piecewise Linear Model and Time Constant of Filter Optimization. Guan, Changjun; You, Wen Jan 3, 2022 4758
Block Molders Adopt Four-Point Agenda For 2022. Jan 2, 2022 268
Irrigation Minister, New Valley Governor discuss water projects in governorate. Daily News Egypt Jan 2, 2022 247
Quasi ZSI-Fed Sliding Mode Control-based Indirect Field-Oriented Control of IM Using PI-Fuzzy Logic Speed Controller. Tidke, Rekha; Chowdhury, Anandita Jan 1, 2022 6580
Fouani to Enter Nigerian Baby Diaper Market. Jan 1, 2022 597
Design, Implementation, Interfacing and Control of Internet of Robot Things for Assisting Robot. Karam, Zeyad A.; Neamah, Mustafa Abdulkadhim Jan 1, 2022 6152
Multivariable generalized predictive control of reactive distillation column process for biodiesel production. Cagatay, Mehmet Tuncay; Karacan, Suleyman Jan 1, 2022 7052
Inspection Equipment Ensures Quality: Quality control technology is adapting to a more automated, connected converting process. Katz, Steve Jan 1, 2022 2396
FACTS Inc. Jan 1, 2022 194
Navy Completes Initial Carrier Demo for MQ-25 Program: The Navy completed an Unmanned Carrier Aviation Demonstration UCAD) of its MQ-25 unmanned air system prototype in December aboard USS George H.W. Bush (CVN 77), laying the groundwork for future carrier-based unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations. Jan 1, 2022 619
Indirect field-oriented control of twin-screw electromechanical hydrolyzer. Zablodskiy, M.M.; Pliuhin, V.E.; Kovalchuk, S.I.; Tietieriev, V.O. Report Jan 1, 2022 4580
Power quality improvement in distribution system based on dynamic voltage restorer using PI tuned fuzzy logic controller. Reddy, S. Gopal; Ganapathy, S.; Manikandan, M. Report Jan 1, 2022 4559
Cortec develops alternative to nitrogen blanketing. Dec 28, 2021 445
Upper Egypt's energy control system project plays important role to achieve stable, efficient electricity distribution: JICA. Egypt Today staff Dec 27, 2021 520
Optimal Design of the Six-Wheel Steering System with Multiple Steering Modes. Bu, Haixiang; Li, Aijuan; Huang, Xin; Li, Wei; Wang, Jian Report Dec 27, 2021 9113
Influence of Spontaneous and Mechanical Ventilation on Frequency-Based Measures of Heart Rate Variability. Bubshait, Khlood; Alabbasi, Yasmine Dec 26, 2021 6652
Double-Fed Wind Power System Adaptive Sensing Control and Condition Monitoring. Peng, Jing; Yang, Peng; Liu, Zhiqi Dec 23, 2021 8744
Research on Hysteresis Modeling and Compensation Method of Giant Magnetostrictive Force Sensor. Wang, Chuanli; Shi, Rui; Yu, Caofeng; Chen, Zhuo; Wang, Yu Dec 23, 2021 7748
Sonalika Tractors launches Tiger DI 75 4WD tractor with superior CRDs technology in India. Dec 23, 2021 166
Manufacturer to create 85 jobs in PS10m investment; Welshpool company will start the expansion next year. OWEN HUGHES Business Correspondent Dec 22, 2021 543
Control Strategy of Microgrid Inverter Based on H[sub.∞] State Feedback Repeated Deadbeat Control. Xie, Ren; Guo, Yougui; Lan, Yonghong Dec 21, 2021 5397
Multiscenario-Based Train Headway Analysis under Virtual Coupling System. Pan, Jinyi; Peng, Qiyuan; Zhan, Shuguang; Bai, Jiaqi Dec 21, 2021 12157
Eco Innovation Group files patent application for the climate control technology PoolCooled. Dec 17, 2021 198
Stability Analysis of Multistage One-Step Multiderivative Methods for Nonlinear Impulsive Differential Equations in Banach Spaces. Long, Tao; Yu, Yuexin Report Dec 17, 2021 3200
Sensor Fault Diagnosis of Locomotive Electro-Pneumatic Brake Using an Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter. Gao, Dianzhu; Peng, Jun; Lu, Yunyou; Zhang, Rui; Yang, Yingze; Huang, Zhiwu Dec 16, 2021 5066
TPIPP chief Prachai pushes environmentally friendly ESG principles for next generation to build up business. Dec 16, 2021 1248
Dynamic Systems Enhanced by Electronic Circuits on 7D. Abdullah Hamad, Abdulsattar; Lellis Thivagar, M.; Bader Alazzam, Malik; Alassery, Fawaz; Mahmood Kha Dec 15, 2021 2795
Siemens to digitalise Oslo Metro control system. Dec 14, 2021 537
Optimal Connected Cruise Control Design with Time-Varying Leader Velocity and Delays. Liu, Lihan; Xue, Yi; Chen, Huamin; Wang, Zhuwei; Fang, Chao; Sun, Yang; Sun, Yanhua Dec 10, 2021 5823
Optimal Fitting Method of Nonlinear Simultaneous Equations Considering Structural Tensor Image Modeling. Zhu, Shiping Dec 9, 2021 3543
Macron calls for EU emergency response system to control borders. Reuters News Service Dec 9, 2021 344
Cortec unveils anti-corrosion pills. Dec 8, 2021 576
Future-proofing F&B production. Dec 8, 2021 507
Differential Evolution Algorithm-Based Iterative Sliding Mode Control of Underactuated Ship Motion. Yan, Huaran; Xiao, Yingjie; Li, Qinrong; Wang, Renqiang Dec 8, 2021 5499
Ha Nei metro trains put on trial speed run for elevated stations. Dec 7, 2021 351
Fisheries inspection carried out in Cyprus waters. Antigoni Pitta Dec 7, 2021 271
SES Government Solutions Announces New Unified Operational Network. Dec 7, 2021 244
SES Government Solutions Announces New Unified Operational Network. Dec 7, 2021 245
SES Government Solutions Announces New Unified Operational Network. Dec 7, 2021 235
Who does the UK electricity system actually serve? Jamie Driscoll Dec 6, 2021 655
Get switched on to a better system. JAMIEDRISCOLL The North of Tyne Mayor writes for you Dec 6, 2021 701
Aldi shoppers praise 'genius' £15 SpecialBuy churro maker as 'a dream'; One Aldi shopper said: "what dreams are made of". By, Elle May Rice Dec 6, 2021 283
Design and Performance Simulation of Computer Control System for Automatic Monitoring of Upper Computer Communication Operation State. Yang, Li; Zhang, Huitao Dec 6, 2021 6793
Cortec deploys innovative tech in key Croatian bridge project. Dec 3, 2021 735
Proserv and Houston's Trendsetter sign MoU to expand offering. Dec 2, 2021 424
Proserv, Houston's partner to expand subsea offering. Dec 2, 2021 429
Japan's Nissan Announces Creation of Lunar Rover Prototype. Dec 2, 2021 160
Universal identification and control of industrial manufacturing equipment as a service. Tessaro, Verena; Vic, Axel; Kruger, Jorg Report Dec 1, 2021 4365
Psychometric Properties of a Modified Balance Evaluation Systems Test. Pourmahmoudian, Pedram; Noraste, Ali Asghar; Daneshmandi, Hasan; AtrKarRoshan, Zahra Dec 1, 2021 9719
DIU Investing in Universal Remote for Autonomous Systems. Dec 1, 2021 319
Big Data-driven Decision-Making Processes, Real-Time Advanced Analytics, and Cyber-Physical Production Networks in Industry 4.0-based Manufacturing Systems. Rogers, Sarah; Kalinova, Eva Dec 1, 2021 4624
Implementation of a PID Type Sliding-Mode Controller Design Based on Fractional Order Calculus for Industrial Process System. Ayten, Kagan Koray; Dumlu, Ahmet Report Dec 1, 2021 4717
Control of the Automatic Voltage Regulator System with a Novel Stability-based Artificial Intelligence Method. Tabakh, Rahma; Tiryaki, Hasan Report Dec 1, 2021 3881
YAMAHA: HARMO SYSTEM. Dec 1, 2021 165
Capital police put sincere efforts to facilitate citizens: DIG. Nov 30, 2021 194
Analysis and Evaluation of CDPR Cable Sagging Based on ANFIS. Tho, Tuong Phuoc; Thinh, Nguyen Truong Report Nov 29, 2021 9397
A Novel Family of Exact Nonlinear Cascade Control Design Solutions for a Class of UAV Systems. Maya-Gress, Kristian; Álvarez, Jorge; Villafuerte-Segura, Raúl; Romero-Trejo, Hugo; Bernal, Miguel Report Nov 29, 2021 7266
Dragos continues expansion in Saudi Arabia. Nov 29, 2021 450
Kaspersky, Saudi Technology Control to combat cyberattack. Rahaf Jambi Nov 28, 2021 573
IDWP approves two projects for Islamabad Police. Nov 28, 2021 161
Islamabad Development Working Party approves 2 projects for capital police. Nov 28, 2021 382
IDWP approves two projects for Islamabad Police. Nov 28, 2021 159
IDWP approves two projects for Islamabad Police. Nov 28, 2021 161
Emergency Flight Control Based on the Fan Wing. Meng, Lin; Wang, Shuo; Chen, Ye; Gao, Yang Nov 28, 2021 5062

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