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Control of spin is the key to perfect shots.


SOMETHING that intrigues most club golfers is the somewhat elusive backspin.

Week-in week-out on TV, we see the world's top players hitting wedge shots into the green and the ball taking one or two hops forward and then fizzing back across the putting surface.

The key is controlling the spin. The more control you have of the spin on your golf ball, the more control you are going to have of your shots.

This is true in all areas of your game. The spin is created by the angle of attack and speed with which the club head strikes the golf ball.

With pitch shots, the ideal result is for the ball to bounce once or twice and stop.

With short bump and run shots from the edge of the green, you want the ball on the ground and rolling as soon as possible with a consistent roll.

An interesting point to highlight is what type of spin you impart onto the golf ball with your chip shots and the effect it can have.

To do this, colour half your golf ball with a permanent marker. Play a few chip shots with the coloured ball and note how the ball reacts both through the air and when it lands.

Does it react the same each time? What you are looking for is to be able to see the two halves clearly as the ball flies through the air and will still be obvious when rolling on the green.

This will occur as a result of the ball being struck square on by the club face and the spin (end over end) is consistent.

If however, the colours become blurred, then it would suggest a poor swing path and can cause an inconsistent result.

Practice with your coloured balls, and see if you are able to create some consistent spin that will in turn, lead to more consistency with your chipping.

As for the back spin and creating more control in your short game, an investment in some new specialist wedges can be beneficial.

Current wedges on the market include: Vokey Spin Milled Wedges by Titleist, Taylor Made Z TP Wedges and the Callaway X C-Grind.

They are just a few of the best around.

These clubs are generally made with softer forged steel and with special grooves.

They give you more feel and control around the greens, maybe even a little bit of back spin!
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Apr 10, 2009
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