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Control gauge of blown film below the die lip.

A novel approach to die-based control of blown film gauge splits the die between the spiral mandrel and lip, inserting a ring with electrical cartridge heaters between the two. This PreCon (precision control) gauge-control ring from Kuhne GmbH in Germany allows the number of layers (one to seven) and the exit diameter of the die to be changed without dismantling the gauge-control unit. PreCon will be shown for the first time at the K 2004 Show in Dusseldorf this month. It's retrofittable. U.S. office is American Kuhne, Norwich, Conn. Tel: (860) 886-7745 * PTDirect: 365UB
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Title Annotation:Extrusion
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Oct 1, 2004
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