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Control flow diversion systems for aseptic processing.

Scientists at the National Center for Food Safety and Technology (6502 S. Archer Rd., Summit-Argo, IL 60501) have evaluated new ways to more effectively monitor and control flow diversion systems during the aseptic processing of food products. They also evaluated on-line sensors and technologies to more easily monitor and control the processing conditions used in the manufacture of food, as well as validated techniques for monitoring and controlling the processing conditions used in the manufacture of food products.

Researchers completed studies monitoring the performance of a flow diversion valve (FDV). No changes in the leak detect valve (LDV) temperature or LDV pressure were observed when there was a 1.5-mm defect in the product gasket at various initial pressures. Using a 5-mm or 10-mm defect in the product gasket, LDV temperature decreased as the FDV pressure increased.

At low initial steam pressures (0.013 bar to 0.040 bar), the LDV pressure decreased at first and then increased as the FDV pressure was increased. At medium initial steam pressures (0.66 bar to 1.33 bar), the LDV pressure decreased as the FDV pressure increased.

Investigators found that the size of defect in the gasket and the differential between FDV pressure and steam seal pressure in the LDV affected the temperature and pressure of the steam seal area. On-line temperature and pressure sensors were able to detect defects as small as 5 mm in a steam seal gasket of an aseptic pasteurization system.

Further information. J. Schlesser; phone: 708-728-4161; fax: 708-728-4177.
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Comment:Control flow diversion systems for aseptic processing.
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Date:May 1, 2000
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