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Control and constraint in e-learning; choosing when to choose.


Control and constraint in e-learning; choosing when to choose.

Dron, Jon.

Information Science Publishing


340 pages




Dron (computing, mathematical, and information sciences, U. of Brighton, UK) considers the way that individuals learn and specifically how an online learning environment can affect the learning path. He describes how networked learning environments should be constructed to give control to learners, and synthesizes theories about learner control, autonomy, self-direction, adult leaning, and other concepts into a single theory of transactional control from a systems perspective. The book is intended for educators and others interested in theory of e-learning, creators, facilitators, and developers, with each section directly relating to these groups. The first puts forth a framework for understanding educational systems in terms of choice and constraint, and how to view them from different perspectives. This is followed by application of the framework to e-learning situations and modes, such as electronic publication, assisting learners in finding resources, asynchronous and synchronous discussion, and integrated environments. The book ends with a section on designing social software, Web 2.0, types that use the author's principles, and possible problems. It does not cover how adults learn or transactional control in terms of database management.

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Date:Nov 1, 2007
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