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Contributing to a positive image of the profession.

Many CPAs are concerned about the profession's image. They expect the Institute to mount a public relations effort explaining what CPAs do and why we are important to the nation's economy. While the Institute is working to meet that need and to emphasize members' integrity, objectivity and competence, there is much the individual CPA can do to present a positive picture. We need to tell our story to our families, our friends, our neighbors and our associates.

CPAs work in a variety of occupations - each of which involves the financial well-being of those we serve. As independent auditors, we are licensed to give users a basis for relying on financial information. But our background, training and experience enable us to do much more.

Many of us are tax professionals. We help individuals and organizations comply with the tax laws today, and we also help them plan for tomorrow; tax and financial planning help many achieve their lifelong goals.

Moreover, because we understand accounting and information systems, we are able to help businesses and other organizations succeed. Smart people with good ideas can't always make it on their own; they often need financial and managerial advice, and that's what we provide.

The scope of our activities has expanded over the years because those who use our expertise respect the contribution we make. Regardless of employment - whether in public practice, industry, education or government - we are involved with a variety of activities critical to the success of our nation and our economics system.

So let's be proud to be CPAs, proud of our profession, proud of ourselves and proud of what we do. And let's share that pride with those around us. In that way we can do our part to contribute to a positive image of our profession.
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Title Annotation:certified public accountants
Author:Schenck, Philip
Publication:Journal of Accountancy
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Date:Apr 1, 1992
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