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Contracting for help.

Contracting For Help

Export Management and Trading Companies An Important Resource

Making the decision to export doesn't necessarily mean doing it alone. A company can engage the services of an intermediary firm and save itself a lot of time and effort on the learning curve. Export management companies, export trading companies, and international consultants offer - for a fee overseas expertise and contacts.

There are more than 2,000 EMCs in the United States, most of them small and specialized. "And there are not many in the country's interior," says Vernon Markham of Little Rock-based Marco International, a local EMC.

When choosing an EMC, a company may want to use one which focuses on a certain area. For example, the Price Companies in Monticello, which manufactures and distributes lumber mill equipment, uses an EMC located in the Pacific Northwest that specializes in the wood products industry.

EMCs and ETCs differ slightly. EMCs are usually paid on a sales commission basis, while ETCs often take title to goods and sell to the foreign buyer for a profit.

Most intermediaries require the U.S. manufacturer to sign a long-term contract. Marco International usually asks for a three- to five-year commitment from its customers.

The groups and agencies on our resource list (see Experts on Exports, Arkansas Business 12-10-90 or 12-17-90) can help you locate a EMC or ETC that's right for your company. For additional information, consult the following:

The Directory of Leading U.S. Export Management Companies -- This book is available from Bergano Book Company, P.O. Box 190, Fairfield, CT, 06430. Cost: $37.50. Also check with your local bookstore. Export Trading Company Guidebook -- For this publication, or more information, contact the Office of Export Trading Company Affairs, U.S. Department of Commerce. Phone: 377-5131.
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Date:Dec 31, 1990
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