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Contract award paves way for agile Navy Recruiting, advances vision of RF2020.

The Sea Warrior program (PMW 240), within the Navy's Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS), is pleased to announce a contract award for up to $65 million to modernize key systems supporting the Navy Recruiting Command (NRC). The new Recruiting and Accessions Information Technology (RAIT) services contract helps lay the IT foundation for Recruiting Force 2020, a strategy that relies on agile, paperless technology to recruit quality applicants for America's Navy.

"The RAIT contract award is an important next step toward realizing the Navy Recruiting Force 2020 strategic plan of 'anytime, anywhere' recruiting," said Mr. Kevin Sullivan, NRC chief information officer. "One of the first task orders under the RAIT contract will be the PRIDE Mod (Personalized Recruiting for Immediate and Delayed Enlistment Modernization) Increment II, which focuses on a Navy enterprise solution for recruiting and accessing enlisted and officer active duty and Reserve candidates."

Currently, the management of NRC officer programs is a manual, paper-based process for both active duty and Reserve personnel across 14 officer program categories, each with specific candidate selection criteria and a unique set of detailed qualification forms. As a result, NRC's 38 officer program managers maintain standalone spreadsheets on their various designators and programs. In addition, the configuration of candidate forms--roughly 147--is managed separately by the Navy's 26 Recruiting Districts.

"The PRIDE Mod Increment II will change the manual application process into a data-driven process supported by workflow management and electronic forms. As a result, we anticipate the error rate for officer applicant processing, which is now around 35 percent, to decrease dramatically because of better data quality. Also, the time to enlist an applicant or commission an officer will be shorter, reducing the chance we'll lose good candidates due to a lengthy process," Sullivan said.

Under the RAIT contract, selected applications and systems will be migrated over time into common components that will yield a more flexible, interoperable solution for today's mobile and agile Navy recruiting force. The RAIT team has initially identified cross-cutting capabilities from nine legacy stove-piped systems for modernization and integration into several core web-based applications built on a services-oriented architecture. Examples of these capabilities are PRIDE Mod II to support officer and enlisted processing for active duty and Reserve forces, recruit marketing research and analysis, applicant medical waiver review, investigative data for applicant security clearances, and other key functions.

"The SOA-driven approach to RAIT modernization is the right course of action because it lets us leverage current applications as services; thereby, safeguarding our existing IT infrastructure investment," said Ms. Laura Knight, program manager the the Sea Warrior program. "The SOA has proven effective for the implementation of PRIDE Mod I, which was launched in May 2011. Recruiters in the field now have a web-based capability that enables a faster, more automated process to seek and admit future Sailors into the Navy."

PRIDE Mod's complex data exchange environment interfaces core recruiting, accessions, training and personnel applications. With PRIDE Mod Increment I successfully in operation, NRC seamlessly shares real-time accessions data with its business partners and key Navy human resources and training systems.

PRIDE Mod II will also support technical and data exchange requirements anticipated in 2013-2014 for the U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command (MEP-COM) Integrated Resource System (MIRS) enhancements. This includes the capability to capture personal identification about recruits such as fingerprinting and other biometrics.

The RAIT services contract was awarded Nov. 1, 2012, to Stanley Associates, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CGI Federal, Inc. It focuses on developing interoperable IT solutions to support recruiting and accessions business processes. The contract award was the culmination of a collaborative effort by the Sea Warrior program, PEO EIS, Navy Recruiting Command and the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command. The solicitation was a full and open competition as a single award indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract.


Please contact the PMW 240 public affairs office at (703) 604-0192 or email to

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Date:Jan 1, 2013
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