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Contouring and highlighting.

All of us may have heard"contour" and"highlight" a million times but did you know that there's a particular way of doing these based on the shape of the face? In fashion, not every style of clothing fits everyone. Similarly, there is no single method of contour and highlight application that fits everyone.

Contouring is using a darker shade to apply shadows on the face to make them appear thinner, smaller, or lifted. Highlighting, on the other hand, is using lighter shades to accentuate and emphasise parts of the face you wish to highlight.

When you consider the shape of the face when you contour and highlight, the result will look more proportional and flattering. The first important step is to know your face shape. Next? Learn to contour and highlight like a pro. So what's your face shape?

1. Heart Shape

This applies to diamond shapes as well. This face shape tends to have a wider structure from temple to temple, with a narrower chin. It's best to apply the darker contour shade on the tips of your forehead and below the cheekbones. Maintain the shadow just below your cheeks to balance out your face shape. You can also apply a bit of shadow on your chin to soften the point. Highlight the middle of your forehead and middle of your chin to broaden these naturally narrow areas. Don't forget to highlight under your eyes too.

2. Oblong Shape

This face shape means that the length between your forehead and chin is longer than the width of your cheekbone points. Oblong shapes don't have major points on jaws, chin and hairline. Contour just below your hairline to make your forehead smaller and evenly distribute the shadow on the sides of your forehead. Bring the contour on your cheeks maintaining a downward stroke and finish it off by contouring your jawline. This face shape should really focus the contour on your jawline, because this will bring out the structure of your face shape. Highlight below the points you've contoured to emphasise the structure shadows you created.

3. Round Shape

This shape has no major points on your jaw, chin, or hairline. It tends to be equally distant from forehead to chin and cheek to cheek. This is my favourite face shape to contour and highlight. Basically, apply contour shades on both your temples to make these wider areas appear narrower. Contour also below your cheekbones while making a way down to your jaw line to give the illusion of a slimmer face. When using a highlighter, lightly apply it to where you want emphasis but make sure not to over do it.

4. Square Shape

This shape has the same width from temple to temple and jawline to jawline. Contour the sides of your forehead to make your hairline appear narrower and under your jaw bone to reduce the sharpness of your face. Also, gently apply shadow starting from your ears down to the middle of your cheeks for that perfect angled shape. Highlight under your eyes and along the brow bone to brighten your eye area. Make sure to highlight the tips of your nose too for that extra definition.

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Publication:Qatar Tribune (Doha, Qatar)
Date:Jan 24, 2016
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