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Continuous-wave Tuneable Laser System.

Contract Award Notice or Call Off from Framework: The University is seeking a Contractor for a continuous-wave, single-mode, near-IR tuneable laser system for high resolution molecular absorption spectroscopy.The primary use of the laser will be as the tuneable component of a difference-frequency generation (DFG) system, where the output of tuneable laser will be mixed in periodically-poled Lithium Niobate with the output of a cw-NIR 1064 nm Fibre laser to generate mid-IR. This will be used to probe (in vacuum) the gas-phase products of reactions at liquid surfaces, primarily via absorption on C-H stretch vibrations.The production of the molecules will be pulsed and will need to measure the Doppler lineshapes of the individual transitions. As a result, the laser radiation needs to be step-scanned over the individual rotationally resolved transitions e.g. stepping in 50 MHz increments and holding at each step for 5-10 s over a line that is approx. 1-2 GHz FWHM. Therefore, a narrow linewidth, medium power single-mode laser with a suitable linear scan range is required.The dynamics of the reactions involved will result in a wide range of product rotational and vibrational states being populated, and therefore a broad overall wavelength tuning range, without needing to change optics within the laser, is required so that the laser can rapidly move from one transition to another.The system will be part of a fully computer controlled experimental apparatus, so it is required that there is the appropriate automated control for tuning, preferably with Labview integration and TCP/IP connectivity.If the laser is a cw-Ti:Sa, an appropriate pump laser and pump beam alignment optics will be required.Specifications: Power output: > 500 mW at peak of tuning curve Tuning range: 725-975 nm, without change of optics Linewidth: 25 GHz Amplitude noise: ).

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Nov 19, 2016
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