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Continuous-feed mixing.

The patent-pending Silcolease continuous-feed mixing machine for silicone release coatings is said to enable paper, film and foil release converters to achieve improved productivity and production quality. The Silcolease machine brings to the industry a completely automated process that continuously provides fresh material to the coating head. Installed at a silicone release liner converter in the U.S., the Silcolease coating machine is said to have been running successfully at a continuous line speed of 1,500 feet per minute. The Silcolease machine utilizes the company's solventless thermal technology coating products and is designed to improve the coating on its substrates by eliminating the need to manually batch mix. The company offers label and release liner companies pilot coating machines, as well as readily available technical teams and fully-equipped laboratories. (Rhodia Silicones)

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Publication:Rubber World
Date:Apr 1, 2001
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