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Continuous production of meat and fish mousses.

Continuous Production of Meat and Fish Mousses

Some years ago Mondomix Holland BV were approached by Japanese companies asking whether they could supply a continuous aerating system for the production of fish mousse.

To be able to market these fish leftovers as a value-added product, Mondomix supplied several continuous processing systems for the production of fish mousse.

During the filleting of fish, small pieces and leftovers are treated as downgraded product, whilst, in reality, it is good quality fish.

To process the pumpable fish product into a stable fish mousse, Mondomix worked together with the Dutch company DMV, who developed the DP-71 whipping/stabilizing agent. To prepare the pumpable fish premix, fish pieces are chopped and mixed in the cutter. The slurry is mixed with salt, water or ice, oil emulsion, herbs and spices and the whipping agent. This premix is then transported to the buffer tank, and from this stage there are two processing possibilities:

Post-filling sterilization process

From the buffer tank, product is pumped through the Mondomixer continuous aerating system and immediately filled and sealed in cans. The sterilization is carried out by heating for 45 to 50 minutes at around 230F in retorts.

Pre-filling sterilization process

This is where product from the buffer tank passes through a pasteurization/sterilization process that is achieved by using scraped surface heat exchangers prior to continuous aeration and filling of the cooled product under aseptic conditions.

These new products have been introduced in the market as delicacies, as starters on the menu in restaurants or in airline meals. The spreadable mousses, even at low temperatures, are pleasant on toast or in sandwiches. For further information please contact Mondomix at PO Box 98, 1394 ZH Nederhorst Den Berg, The Netherlands, fax: +31 2495-3099.
 Table : Postfilling heat Pre-filling heat
 treatment treatment
Investment in lower higher

the processing equipment
Finished product - structure - excellent
quality slightly damaged product quality
 - loss of overrun - physical
 in time 'ageing' of the
 foam after 3-6
Product shelflife 12 months at 4-6 weeks at
(depending on heat ambient temperature refrigerated
treatment) temperatures
Packaging retortable any rigid

This table shows the different parameters involved

For further information please contact Mondomix at PO Box 98, 1394 ZH Nederhorst Den Berg, The Netherlands, fax: +31 2945-3099.

PHOTO : A typical fish mousse product
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Title Annotation:Mondomix Holland B.V.'s production process
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Date:Nov 1, 1991
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