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Continuing education test #107 * based on nursing homes April 2006.

How to use this self-study program

* Take the Pre-Test before you begin to read this issue of Nursing Homes/Long Term Care Management.

* After reading the articles, complete the Test and Evaluation Section.

* If your score is 70% or above, we will send you a certificate of completion and notify the state(s) that you indicate. If your score is less than 70%, you may retake the test.

* Please include your license numbers for each state (NHA licenses only).

* Tests will be graded and state boards notified within three (3) weeks of receipt.

* According to the ACHCA Code of Ethics, "Preservation of the highest standards of integrity and ethical principles is vital to the successful discharge of the professional responsibilities of all long-term care administrators." You are expected to complete this program according to these guidelines.

* Each Post-Test is approved for 2 CE Credits for nursing home administrators and 2.4 Contact Hours for nurses.

* Tests must be submitted within one year of the publication date.

* Not all states accept self-study programs for credit. Check with your state to confirm restrictions.



1. Loss of autonomy in the assisted living environment can result in all of the following except:

a. feelings of helplessness

b. loss of self-esteem

c. feeling of abandonment

d. depression

2. Which of the following is not presented as part of typical resident/family education on the pressure ulcer disease process?

a. risk factors

b. the effect of medications on healing

c. clinical symptoms of each stage of the wound

d. manufacturer's recommended use of the appropriate support system


1. When dealing with conflicts regarding residents' family members, according to Lieberman and Rudder ("Encouraging Resident Independence in Assisted Living"), it is best to:

a. Look at conflicts on a case-by-case basis.

b. Allow family members to make choices for competent residents.

c. Set up meetings with family members to discuss the importance of resident choice and control.

d. Keep the family members from learning the process the facility has developed for evaluating risk.

2. Which of the following, according to Merk ("F314 and Pressure Relief"), effectively redistributes pressure?

a. elbow protectors

b. sheepskin

c. heel protectors

d. gel mattresses

3. Osborn ("Healthcare for Your Facilities") says that a benefit of paper-based communications and walkie-talkies is that:

a. Staff know how to use them.

b. They collect data.

c. They provide reliable documentation.

d. Requests from staff are reported.

4. According to the results of Tellis-Nayak's research ("Are DONs an Endangered Species?"), DONs said the relationships they have that generate the most frustration involve:

a. residents

b. residents' family members

c. off-site regional managers

d. CNAs

5. According to Speser ("Designing for Spinal Cord Injury"), paraplegia accounts for approximately what percentage of spinal cord injuries?

a. 20%

b. 30%

c. 40%

d. 50%

6. According to Rose ("Managing and Mitigating Risk: An Administrator's View"), a risk-management committee should do all of the following except:

a. Address emergency situations.

b. Assess feedback for safety audits and self-evaluation.

c. Include only supervisory/management personnel.

d. Be known to the organization.

7. Under the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act, a facility with more than 50 employees must give how many days' notice to each of its employees before closing, according to Levy ("Plans and Considerations for Closing a Nursing Home")?

a. 14

b. 30

c. 60

d. 90

8. Stoil (View on Washington) notes that this Republican member of the House of Representatives, predicted to be in a hotly contested election this year, is an obstetrician:

a. Katherine Harris

b. Phil Gingrey

c. Robin Hayes

d. Heather Wilson

9. According to Willging ("A Professional Association Can Serve Society"), which of the following did the Health Facilities Association of Maryland not introduce as one of the essential components to the long-term care system?

a. provider focus

b. care coordination

c. data-driven management

d. adequate financing

10. Williams (Liability Landscape) recommends all of the following steps to maintain residents' oral health except:

a. Assess the condition of the resident's mouth.

b. Clean toothbrushes as needed.

c. Provide in-service training to staff.

d. Perform periodic dental audits.

11. How many times during the night do most people over age 75 need to go to the bathroom, according to Smith ("Learning to Live With F315 Incontinence Management")?

a. 0

b. 1

c. 2

d. 3

12. During the aging process, a woman's vaginal pH becomes:

a. more alkaline

b. less alkaline

c. more acidic

d. less acidic


The article on assisted living environments was:

______ very interesting

______ of some interest

______ of no interest

The information on the F314 guidelines on pressure relief was:

______ thought-provoking

______ interesting

______ of no interest

The material on increased CMS focus on incontinence was:

______ useful

______ mildly informative

______ of no interest

In understanding the material covered in this issue of Nursing Homes/Long Term Care Management, the ACHCA testing process was:

______ very helpful

______ somewhat helpful

______ not much help


1. c.
2. d.

(Circle the most appropriate answer)

 1. a b c d
 2. a b c d
 3. a b c d
 4. a b c d
 5. a b c d
 6. a b c d
 7. a b c d
 8. a b c d
 9. a b c d
10. a b c d
11. a b c d
12. a b c d
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