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Continuing education quiz.


ABA Bank Marketing provides continuing education credit to members who hold the CFMP designation. The following quiz reflects the content of this magazine. The quiz has been pro-approved by the ICB for 1.0 hour of continuing education credit. The ABA Bank Marketing online continuing education quiz allows you to earn up to 10.0 hours of continuing education credit annually by passing the quizzes that are connected to each issue of ABA Bank Marketing. Each quiz will consist of 10 questions taken directly from the articles in each issue. To receive your 1.0 of CE credit, you must correctly answer seven out of the 10 questions.

To take the quiz, please go to and click on the Members Only button on the left-hand side of the page. After you log in, select "Continuing Education Online Quiz" from the "Member Services Options" menu. Once you have completed the quiz, you will receive immediate notification of the results, which can be printed and saved for your records. If you have any questions, contact ICB's Continuing Education Manager at

Remote Possibility

by Dave Reim

1. A good prospect for free or heavily discounted remote deposit service is

[] A loyal business that has been with the bank for many years.

[] A high-volume business that will save money for the bank through discontinued courier fees.

[] A prospect whose business is desirable to the bank.

[] An existing customer who has unusually large account balances.

2. The best approach for cross-selling in connection with remote capture is:

[] Using data obtained through RDC to target prospect for other services.

[] Develop a direct marketing campaign just for RDC clients.

[] Making in-person business calls to client back offices.

[] Maintain telephone contact with RDC customers.

All About 'Smarketing'

by Jack Hubbard

3. The most valuable thing that marketers can do to help salespeople on a particular campaign is to provide:

[] A strong advertising backup.

[] A resources guide explaining the campaign.

[] Background information on the bank.

[] Actionable information.

4. An effective "leave behind" for business customers is:

[]A set of testimonials from other customers in the same line of business.

[] A publication listing the advantages of using the bank.

[]A brochure explaining the bank's brand and business philosophy,

[]Educational material of general interest to business people.

Back to Basics

by Lee Wetherington

5. The reason for monitoring the websites where most of your visitors come from is so you can:

[] Adjust the meta-tag values accordingly.

[] Learn how to adjust your website ads.

[] Develop a profile of your website visitors.

[] Check if any phishing attacks are taking place.

6. A visitor to your banks' website ideally should be able to find what they are looking for within the following number of mouse clicks:

[] One.

[] Two.

[] Three.

[] Four.

[] Five.

Starbucks Vs. Dunkin' Donuts

by Rebecca Marek and Nick Miller

7. Creating a customer experience involves all of the following activities EXCEPT for:

[] Designing and staging even the smallest details.

[] Treating all customers the same.

[] Rehearsing employees to ensure that they perform their roles.

[] Managing details of the process daily.

8. The point where most banks fall short in their development of customer experience is:

[] Developing strategy.

[] Targeting the right customer segment.

[]Executing, measuring and adjusting.

[] Choreographing customer interactions.

Living with Anti-Spam Rules

by Kristine M, Becker

9. Once an e-mail marketer obtains the consent of the recipient to receive marketing messages, the sender does NOT have to provide:

[]A valid physical address of the sender.

[] A clear notice of the opportunity to opt-out.

[] A clear identification that the message is an advertisement.

[] A functioning opt-out mechanism.

10. If an e-mail marketer has an established business relationship with a recipient and the marketer wishes to send a commercial message to the recipient, the sender:

[] Need only provide a valid postal address for itself.

[] Need only provide a clear identification that the message is an advertisement.

[] Must comply with all four of the CAN-SPAM Act's requirements.

[] Does not need to comply with any of the CAN-SPAM Act's four e-mail marketing requirements.
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